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My First Real Sex Story With My Maid

Hi everyone, today I will be sharing my real sex story with my cook. This happened in Bangalore a year ago. I am a 26-year-old good looking, working professional staying in Bangalore, now let me start with the story.

I used to stay in one of the apartments, it was 3bhk flat shared by two other people.

Once we moved in we decided to keep a cook and got a cook’s number from security people of the apartment and I called the number.

Her name was bina, then I inquired about the same and asked her to visit the place so that we could finalize everything, later the next day, she came home and since I was the only one present at that time, I spoke to her about all the details regarding what all she can prepare and what time would she come and how much she would charge per person, after talking to her I asked her for a day’s time so that I could decide with my friends next day I spoke to my friends and after finalizing I called her to tell and asked her to start to cook from the next day.

From that day all three of us started having homemade food and we really enjoyed food made by her, both of my other flatmates would work in night shift so they would be sleeping in the morning and I was the one who used to have daily conversations with the cook and told her what and how much to prepare.

Now let me explain her figure, she always used to wear saree and very well groomed, she had brown complexion she did have huge boobs.

She was very friendly, jovial and we both used to get along well with each other.

Then I slowly got to know about her family, she had two school going kids and she was a divorcee and she was working to help her kids go to school.

Since she was from Bangalore she knew Kannada and I used to ask her to teach me sometimes. Then one day I asked her the reason for her divorce, she told me that her husband was a drunkard and every day used to get random women home in the night and he had stopped loving her, she almost had tears in her eyes.

After this she really opened up to me and sometimes she used to come wake me up in my room and also make tea in the morning, I slowly got attracted towards her and just felt like grabbing her boobs and pressing them hard.

One weekend both my flatmates had gone on an office trip and I had told my cook to prepare food only for me the next morning, then I got a plan I decided since my friends were not there why not use this time to try with her. She comes home every day at 7 and used to wake me up so I woke that day at 6.45 and decided that today I would display her my 6 inches hard dick, I placed a camera so that it would capture her reaction and wore boxers so that it would be easy to display my tool.

I heard her opening the door, I closed my eyes and acted as if I am in a deep sleep, after some time she woke me up and saw her with one big smile on her face.

I got up and went to washroom and she went to kitchen, after I came back, took my camera to check and saw that as soon as she saw my dick she stopped in the doorway and was looking at it and then she looked out to see if there was anyone else at home, she came back and again was looking at my dick for some time and later woke me up.

This gave me signal and courage that she might be interested, after that I went to kitchen and started talking to her and she kept smiling, I asked her what happened and kept telling nothing then I again forced her to tell what happened, then she was shying and told me that your big mouse was visible when I came to wake you up.

Was I like that’s it ? You are shying for that? That is so common and told her that will happen a lot of times when she will come to wake me up and she said ok no problem. I told her to keep this between us and told tell this to other flatmates for which she agreed.

From then on onwards her behavior towards me changed a little bit and she used to call me for small things and I also started touching her whenever I got the opportunity, like every time she used to wash dishes I used to purposely go to wash hand by stand behind her and touching my hard dick to her. This seduction went on for some time.

One day she called me while I was in office and asked me if I had food and how was it, then she asked me why do I touch her, I was shocked to hear that and I told her I like you so I touch then she said it’s not good you should not do it and all that so I said sorry and I will not do it, from the next day onwards I started to keep quiet and not talk to her that much, then one day she asked me what happened why you not talking, so I said I will talk something or do something and you will feel bad so I stopped.

After some time she again called me that something bit her on her back and its itching, then I asked her should I help you and she said yes, so I stood behind her by touching my dick and started to itch her back and she said enough it’s fine and kept quite.

Later that day I again got a call from her and she told that nothing bit her and she simply said that, so I asked if you liked it she said yes and jokingly said that she liked the touch of my big mouse as well, after hearing this I was on cloud nine and got a hard on in office itself.

From that day onwards I always used to sleep without boxers and used to touch her ass and grab her boobs when no one was around, this continued for some time and the day came when both my flatmates were going back home on vacation for Diwali and I was so damn excited about it.

I had made all the plans and also got a pack of condoms, the next day morning after my friends left for vacation she came home and woke me up and asked me what to prepare I asked her to prepare bread omelet and tea, I then went to take bath and during bath I got an idea and called my cook, I told her that my hand is paining and need her help to apply soap on my back she said ok and I kept the door open, the thought of it itself game me a hard on and she was shocked to see it, but she smiled and applied soap on my back and left.

I finished my bath and went to the kitchen just wearing the towel and stood behind her and she did any insect bit her today and she said yes,all over my body.I grabbed her boobs from behind and started to press them and she was in my control now, I turned her around and started to kiss her and kept her one hand on my dick,

She was just enjoying it.Then I took her to my room and made her sit on my bed and asked her to suck my dick and she said no it’s not good, then I quickly played a porn and told her see it’s fine everyone does it, so she agreed and started to suck my dick, trust me, guys, it was out of this world, then later I asked her to remove saree but she was hesitant and just unhooked her bra then I lifted her saree and I was shocked to see that it was nicely shaved.

I lifted her legs and started to lick her clitoris this went on for 5 mins, she was moaning like crazy and was all wet by then, while I was licking her pussy she pulled my head and said please put your dick inside, I then wore condom, stood near the bed, spread her legs and put my dick in her pussy.

Then I grabbed her boobs and started fucking her like crazy, then I changed position to doggy and fucked for 10 mins and again went to missionary style now I sucked her boobs while fucking her and she finally got an orgasm, then I told her I am not yet done and asked her to suck my dick.

I removed condom cleaned it and she sucked it again and I finally reached my orgasm and released all my cum in her mouth, she was about to go to the washroom but I stopped her and made to swallow it. ;-p

Hope you guys like my story. Please mail me your feedback about how you felt after reading my story. And any ladies, married, unmarried, unsatisfied looking for discreet NSA(no strings attached) fun, please contact me.

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