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First Sex With A Bengali Girl On Birthday

Hello friends! this is Abhijeet here. I am from kolkata west Bengal and yes this is my first story. i am going to narrate a true life incident which took place due to mutual interest (which i found out later), in which i came out being the most beneficial person.

Well about myself, i am a 3rd year BCA student, aged 21, with slim built. I love to flirt and my sweet looks help me in the process. The actress of this story is Ayushi. Ayushi is a Bengali girl which is sweet and always chirping and perusing bachelor in architecture.

Her short height and cute looks makes every guy stare at her more than once. Her figure is just 34-30-34, but those boobs on her short height seems to be no less than 36-D. So without any further delay i should start the story.

My best friend is Aryan (name changed) who is mutual friend of ayushi and mine. They met on some social networking site and has been friend ever since. During their first meeting Ayushi was accompanied by her sister but as Aryan was alone he asked me to accompany her and that’s how we met and our friendship began.

Ever since then i have been trying different hook’s and crook’s to manage to get laid with her somehow. Recently Aryan had a fight with her and it managed to give me additional step to come close to her both emotionally and physically.

During our next meeting we met as usual and this time as we were only 2, I was on my bike. I managed to get her boobs brushed the back of my chest on multiple occasions. Though the first time it was unintentional but latter i did that willingly.

That day we spent 5-6 hours together, having lunch together with alcohol, which helped me in gaining her trust, and i managed to cross that just friends tag by giving her a hug and kissing her forehead before bidding her goodbye. Trust me friends, her boobs were surely the softest thing i have ever felt in my entire life.

That night while texting her, she shared some more reasons regarding why she broke up with her ex. She added that my hug and kiss on the forehead made her feel better which surely boosted me with some extra confidence and i took the opportunity to take this to next level of flirting.

Me:”really? don’t worry dear i would love to hug you tighter anywhere and will kiss you any day.”

She: “acha? am I that gorgeous that you have fallen for me or you just want to enjoy? ;)”

Me: “no dear, you are not meant for enjoyment. you are seriously pretty and yes even i enjoyed the feeling of hugging you.”

She: “What did you enjoy han? Naughty….. we are just friends abhi.”

Me: “yes i know we are friends, but we both are single too…. can i hug you virtually here in text? please?”

She: “okay but don’t do anything else…. ;)”

This was the green signal from her. I knew that she also is fine with everything. That night i hugged her, i kissed her forehead, we hugged each other and slept only in text messages, whereas in reality, i masturbated.

My birthday was coming in a few days and it gave me an opportunity to bed her. I have planned everything. As expected she called me up at midnight and wished me. I accepted it, and as a part of my plan I asked her for my gift. She said what do I want? I flirtingly said, I want you Ayushi.

Though the matter was laughed over n forgot, I made sure that the next day I invite her to my place for boozing party, where other friends of mine (nobody was to be there in reality) would come up.

Next day in the morning at around 11 when I reached to pick her up, she enquired about other friends, where I said that yes they must be coming too. On reaching my place, I went to the kitchen to fetch a glass of water for her and activated fake call on my no.

I received the call in front of her and acknowledged her that none of my friends are coming as one of their mother has fallen sick and all of them has rushed to hospital.

There were 2 bottles of beer, one bottle of vodka, and a half of black-dog whiskey. I told her let’s not waste it and start it. I unpacked the barbecued chicken that we picked up on the way, and started with beer, a bottle each.

By the end of vodka, we were sitting real close and I made sure that the pecks were so made that I gulp in less alcohol. She was a bit tipsy by that time and I holded her hand.

Me: thanx ayushi for coming. It means a lot.

She: its my pleasure abhi. I am enjoying it.

Me: I have a return gift for you.

She: let me see that.

Then took out a dairy milk silk roasted almond which was her favourite. I had kept that in the refrigerator. I added that I will only feed her that to which she agreed.

Soon I started feeding her that and you all know what happens when you eat sweet over alcohol. Before she could have lost her senses I hugged her tight and also kissed her. She was almost senseless at that time and I made sure that she feels it.

She was saying something which I didn’t care and I proceeded. kept on kissing her cheeks and forehead and then moved to her lips which tasted like chocolate.

We kissed for quite sometime and then I moved to her neck. We kissed till then she was in her senses but her resistance was negligible or it became so. I continued to kiss her neck and earlobe and soon I moved to her shoulder.

I kissed her shoulder and soon one of my hand was on her boobs over her top. Then opened her top the next moment and she was there in bra.

I sucked one of her boobs over her bra while I was pressing the other. I did this alternately and removed her bra too. Now it was the time for me to put my head deep between the two mountains and a valley and I didn’t delay it.

I sucked her boobs for quite sometime before moving onto the naval area. I kissed it, caressed it and opened her jeans. There she was expose thighs and in a panty. I removed the panty slowly and kissed it. I fingered her pussy and even licked it.

Till then there was a huge tent form in my pant. I undressed myself and I inserted inside her. There was some salad plates that I had to move away for perfect positioning. I insert inside her and her seal was broke with some extra efforts.

This was my story friends. In the next part I am going to narrate how did I manage to fuck her when she retrieved her senses. This is abhijeet signing off and waiting for your comments.

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