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Fucked My Landlord’s Newly Wed Bahu

Hi this is Amay(name changed) from Bangalore working in an MNC have athletic built and fun loving lad.This is a true story about 2 years ago how I fucked my landlord’s newly wed bahu (Daughter in Law) anu (name changed)and made her my sex slave .Let me describe her

To start with I am a north indian guy having many casual relationships. This started when I relocated to bangalore two and half yrs ago when I joined a new company .I took a flat in which owner who hails from gujrat used to stay on ground floor and I was on 1st floor .My flat owner had 2 sons younger one was married last year . All men used to travel a lot for business purpose . Elder sister in law and mother in law used to go for kitty and kids school and anu was staying alone as she loved painting and cooking .

One weekend when I was on rooftop working on my laptop I saw her.She was a total delight to every eye her figure was 34 30 32 with a milky colour .She had most pinkish lips I had ever seen and that day she was wearing tight salwar kameez as she came to dry her clothes after was looking like a goddess. Her little visible naval ,her tight kameez with slight glimpse of cleavage and her wet hairs made me mad about her I wanted to cum in her pussy.

I started dreaming about her .After 10 days I went to give the rent and there she was all alone in her house as everyone was away for some family reasons. That day I introduced myself and we had a brief chat and came to know that we have a lot of things in common.

Slowly we started our chat in deep where we also spoke more about sex as well . She used to call me whenever she was alone and I used to work from home.Then we started talking and become her good friend in a month one day she said “your activities make me think that you desperately need my body..” then I was silent and did nothing and looked at her eyes..

Then she laughed and teased me my embarrassing look.. I was calm.. Then she patted my shoulder and said “what is there to hide between us?”.. I said “yeah.. Nothing much to hide”.And the lucky day came when I become her master.

Her family members were outside and the electricity went off. She called electrician and he told her that he will come next day .She called me and asked for help I offered her to stay in my flat till morning she was wearing a deep neck frock and leggings luked extremely sexy. After much no she agreed to stay with me .I prepared food for her and she helped me in that.Than I played some romantic songs and started creasing her while talking.She was also in mood that day and started giving me naughty smiles .

I took the signal at pushed her to the wall and gave her a tight smooch to which she started responding. We were licking each others tongue squeezing and sucking lips like there will be no tomorrow.I slowly opened her frock and inserted my left hand on her right boob and my right hand in her legging and started fingering and squeezing and smooching at the same time .She was moaning like awwwhh mmm and aaahh . In between but I used to grab her her mouth with my mouth.

Then I removed her frock and bra while fingering her and ahhh saw her milky boobs with pink nipples .Omg !!!! I started licking and squeezing her boobs with my both hands and biting them and creasing them . The she was moaning hard and started jumping with my each bite.I made her nude and fingered her 10 mins so that she cummed thrice .Each time she licked her breasts and licked my shoulders and I was slightly biting all over her .

Then I picked her up while smooching and took her to my bed room .Where I threw her on my bed and jumped on her and started licking all her body parts . She was moaning heavily like aahhh , ohhhh ufffmm, pleaaasse do it more my husband never does that aaaaahh …..

After some time she started begging me to fuck her hard . I spread her legs and inserted my rod into her pussy she was shouting to fuck and start licking my shoulders and kissing me and pressing my ass . Ufff that licking was making me more hornier and I then started to fuck her hard with my increased speed and made her cum 3 times .She was shouting to stop after her 2nd time but I was in no mood to leave her . I fucked her in doggy style and all possible styles made her to do crazy things .

After 25 mins I unloaded all my cum in her and kissed her very hard . I took rest for a while and tied her hands at her back and lift her now she was on my top and I was stroking from bottom meanwhile smooching ,licking and fucking .She was only making some sounds like ahhhh ……. Ummmm ….. Fuuucckk mmee more aammaaayh.. And hugging me tightly every time after another sessions I unloaded my cum all over her . She was tired and and slept with her hands tied .

I untied her and took her to for the bath and there she gave me a blow job and we slept for another hrs after bath session. I fucked her in the morning again and after that we had breakfast and she left .Since that day I used to fuck her every time when nobody was around .

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