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How I Fucked My Priya Aunty

Hi, guys, my name is Karthick and am 24 living in Chennai. This is a story of priya aunty and me. Basically, I am a dancer and just now completed my engineering. So coming to the story her name is Priya 28, 5’6inches and have a sexy silky skin, very fair complexion. Her size is 34 32 34 isn’t it nice. Her husband is working in Canada. Recently we have shifted into a new apartment where there are 14 flats.

I don’t have any friends in the new place so I always stayed in the home. We are on the second floor where there is my Priya aunty house just opposite to my house. My mom and Priya aunty have became good friends. I always wondered how beautiful she is and how she is maintaining her structure like an actress. One day she came to my house to visit my mom that day Priya aunty was looking like an angel in her black saree with cut blouse.

My mom introduced me that she is Priya. She smiled at me and said hi Karthick and I said hello aunty. I went back to my room and closed the door and started jerking mine thinking of her. I released a huge cum.The very next day we got a call from my native that my cousin sister gave birth. So my parents went to my native.As it was my last semester exams going,they leave me and went to native.My mom told me to eat breakfast and dinner in Priya aunty home. When I heard that I was very happy. So many thoughts are running inside my mind.

The very next day morning I went to Priya aunty home and rang the bell. She opened the door and welcomed me with a cute smile. Then She was wearing red nighty with a low neck.I could able to see her cleavage.I am enjoying that moment. She prepared dosa for me. We both ate breakfast.

Me : thank you for the breakfast.

Priya : no need of thanks and all (with a smile), you have to eat for 2more days here make yourself comfortable.

Me : ok Priya aunty am leaving now,I’ll come for dinner.

Priya : don’t call me aunty just call me priya.I’m only 28.

Me : I thought you were 26. But how can I call Priya to outside?

Priya : she laughed at me and asked am I looking like 26?

Me : I said yes, you look like below 26 and you are looking beautiful and gorgeous.

Priya : she blushed and asked do you have gf ?

Me : no I got breakup and how about your marriage life?

She : she makes her face sad and said it going. Am feeling very lonely here.

Me : don’t worry, we will be there for you.How often uncle will be here ?

She : six months once he will come and he stayed here for 1 month.

Me : I got some courage and said that if I get a wife like you,I’ll never go to any place.

Priya : she asked me, ‘am I that beautiful’?

Me : yes you are gorgeous, any men will die for you. Even I have a crush on you.

Priya : she reacted nothing and said ok.She asked for my number and said come for dinner.

I was confuse about her acting. By 7pm I got a message from her ‘come for dinner after 8’. I replied nothing. I went to her place at 7.10pm,she opened the door. Omg what I was seeing, just now she took her bath and only wearing nighty and she invited me inside. I went inside a good aroma is came from her. I couldn’t control myself and said

Me : can I come later ?

She : why karthick ?

Me : I couldn’t control me. I love you so much.I hugged her,she resisted and said it is not good.

Again I hugged and kissed on her lips. This time she gave up and Priya aunty also responded. We lip locked for hardly 5minutes and broke the kiss. She said I love you too karthick from the first. As I heard that word from her. I remove her nighty she didn’t wear anything inside. My Priya aunty is naked in front of me.I pressed her boobs it was silky soft. She whispered in my ears ‘ am all yours’.

I sucked her boobs very hard,her nipples become erect. I sucked so hard. She stripped me and I also was naked. I asked for a blowjob.She took my dick in her mouth gave me a blowjob,I was in cloud nine. A lady giving blowjob for the first time.I said that am going to cum.She took all my cum in her mouth,she drank as well as. I kissed her navel and went down her pussy is clean shaved and waxed.

Its is pinkish on seeing this I kissed her juicy pussy. As she is already wet. I licked her pussy.Then I got an idea of applying Nutella in it.I applied some Nutella on her pussy.

I licked so hard for at least 10 to 15 mins,she cummed in my face I drank all juices,it was so tasty. Then I said its time for the fuck.I took my dick and try to insert into her pussy. It was so tight initially, then we make it. I fully inserted my dick inside her pussy. She was screaming like ahaaa aiyo ahhha valikudhu karthick(its paining). I didn’t care about that, I started increasing my speed.

We fucked about 15 mins I came inside her. That night we fucked 3 times,she reached orgasm 4 times. After that we had no time to fuck,she went to Canada.This is my first sex story,I need feedback about my story. Married, unmarried or unsatisfied aunty or girls can contact me for the private confidential sexual counters.

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