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Fucked My Tution Teacher And Her Daughter

hi , everyone how i fucked my tution teacher and her daughter after my 12th board exam result came

this is a first story for me . so please forgive if mistake has been done . if you interesed on me and if you wnat send the feed back to me.

my anme is mr . xxx ( name has been changed ) and her name was sujitha . i was going for tution from the childhood . i didn;t have any intention on both of them upto my 10th standard . i was good boy . and she was good wife for her husband and she was short in height . i was tall in height . she has good in figure . she was very beautiful . she will not look she was mother of two children .

as my 10th standard holiday over i went to school and i choosen the computer science group . my friends started to tell about sex and what is sex and i came to home and i search the net and after some refreshment . i have to go yhe tution . i was her in saree in pink color . my devil mind start the bad intention on her . after finishing my tution i came and masturbated in night . as i was fucking her .

days passed on my 11th standard quaretly exam came . its was computer science exam i didn’t know to use coding sheet . so i decisied to her daughter she was one elder to me . i ask her how to use it . she said wait she bend down to show the sample paper and i was watching it . at first i didn’t know i was see i a boobs as late i came to know that and she didn’t noticed it and she told me that paper was missing and i told her to search her again . she did it . but told her to do it because to see her boobs .

and i cam eto home and masturbated for her daughter this time . as i was fucking her . after 1 week i saw both of them together and my mind told me why you can fuck both beauty at same time . again i masturbated at night . as iwas fucking both of them together .

days passed on i entered my 12th standard i was busy in my studies . and the exam was coming near i had finished my exam and i started to play with friends and go moive and enjoying my holidays . the annoucement as came that the result is going to come next week .

result day came and i saw the result and i got good marks and i was so happy and my parents told . i buy sweet box give it to the tution teacher and i said yes . i decisied to go in evening and in evening i went to they house i saw the gate was locked and enquiry neghiour house they told everyone went out . i asked when they will return . they told they may return in late night . i told thanks and left the palce . my mind uoset that i can’t see them . i decisied to come tomorrow .

next day . i told my mom i was going to my tuition teacher house and i will going to moive with friends and i will come late .
i reached the house i was that the door was lock inside . i rang the door bell and my tution teacher opened the door she in saree .

which was in color of blue . she was very beautiful and i so exicted seeing her after her 1 month .

she told me to come inside and gave the sweet box and she handshaked me . i asked her about her husband and daughter and her son . her husband went to the office and her daughter went to college and her son went to native . so she only in the house and she told to sit in sofa . i saw tumbler with coffee and outside its started to rain . she went and turn off the tv . she also came sat in sofa and we were discussing a about my future .

after sometime she started to drink coffee and she forgoted me and she said sorry and she asked me i will drink coffee . i will said yes .

she went to kitchen and she brought the tumbler but it was empty i was shocked .

her: if u don’t mind the milk is over i will give half coffee from mine .

me: its okay .

her: she said i had sipped it already .

me: no problem its all the sutition .

her : she poured th half coffee and gave it to me .

me : i bought it and started it to drink it .

her : she asked me how is the coffee .

me : i said i was gud and taste .

her : she said taste because i sipped it .

me : i didn’t know to react .

her : ok it was just a joke .

me : ok i said bye and left and went out .

her : she followed me and said it was raining heavy why can stay for some more time .

me : i also didn’t have any other option so i informed my friends i can’t come for the moive .

me : we were chatting . suddenly the poer off .

her : she went to take the candile and she bend to light with the match stick and her saree falled

me : i saw her boobs in blouse in candile light .

her : she pulled her saree and asked me help her it was heavy rain and the house in dark so we can light in some other place also .

me : i was going front she was following me .

some how the water came inside and sliped and i went catch her she was back of me and i catched her . after i catched her i relasie that i was catching her boobs and i made her stand . i said sorry and she told its all so sutition . so i got confrims and we went bed room to light the candile . i went back of her and my cock was fully hard i pressed my cock on her ass . as i was taking acandile in her hand . she turned and smiled at me .

i got confirms more i went her and said i want to fuck you it was my dream . but she got angry and asked how dare you ask me like that .

i told her i catched your boobs and you also like it and i pressed my cock on your ass and you also like it . No one in house only we both and its raining outside and no can know what happen her . she was slient and thinking . i slowly i went near and catched her face i liplock her for 5 minutues and i lifted her and went to the bedroom . i kissed her all over her face and started to remove her dresses and started to suck her and she also started to enjoy it and slowly i went her pussy and started to lick it and she said you was man to lick my pussy evenwhen my husband didn’t done it .

after sometime i remove my dress and she saw my cock and what a big cock and she touch it . i told her to knee down and she did it . but she didn’t know why . i went her told her suck my cock . but she refused to do it . i pushed my cock to her mouth but she was not opening her mouth so htold will happen and told open and she did and i slow push inside her mouth first and then took out and after sometime she was enjoying and i slowly inserted my on her pussy and first slow stroke and fast stroke and she was moaning and i told her i am going to cum she said not in pussy and so i decisied to cum her mouth but refused and i told we should not waste cum its equal to baby and she opened i cumed and i told her i want fuck her ass hole but she told it too small and ur cock is so big and i make to say ok and fucked her asshole she was shouting and said to remove th cock.

the power has came and saw her beautiful naked baby . i said i am leaving that rain little slow and she want gift you for marks u got . i planned to fuck her daughter using this chance and i told u will not give and she told i promise u sweet heart and i said i want to ur daughter she told its impossible and i told u promised me

i told darling ur daughter good girl she need to know this also and she asked how and i told daughter will listen your words and i gave my phone and came . a week passed on i got phone her daughter is ready to fuck .

i said everything to her and i ask time and next morning i went she told she was in room go enjoy and i entered the she was nervous and i start to pressed her boobs and slowly i started to kiss and remove her clothes and pussy licking and she removed my clothes and i shocked she started to suck my cocks and i fucked her as i fucked her mother and she was vrigini its very diffcult and she also shouting and everything finished i went to mother and said thanks and i left

after i joined a college the tution teacher phone me and told come and i went there and i entered the house both the mother and daughter took me bedroom and started to remove clothes and stsrted to suck my cock and balls and started to kiss and mother sucked my cock i licke d her daughter pussy and then exchange her daughter sucked my cock and i licked her mother pussy and started to fuck and it still contiuing……..

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