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Fun With An Young Man In Bangalore

I’m Arjun,24,fair, 65kg, from mangalore. I don’t have any packs but I do exercises to be in good shape.. 10 days before Oct 10th, I had a work in Bangalore,so I packed everything and took a train to Bangalore.. After I reached Bangalore junction, I took a bus to madiwala. I already talked to one mansion located nearby for staying .. It’s a rush area with lot of companies and lot of working people from all zones.. I don’t want to mention name of mansion but anyone who is in and around madiwala can easily recognize the mansion.

When I reached there, I called the mansion guy and he told me how to reach the mansion. After 15 minutes I reached. Its good place to stay. At first I booked a single room for 2days. Now that guy told me that every room got filled but he planned some arrangements to stay with less money to pay for.. I am already tired from the long journey, so I don’t want to go outside and search any new place. I just accepted what he arranged.. When he took me to the room,one young man opened the door. Omg he is fucking damn hot.. Around 28, very fair, with 2-3 day beard ,good looking, well built body with pinky lips. I think he is north Indian Muslim.

Room is 2 sharing room with attached bathroom. After the mansion man left, we introduced ourselves. He introduced himself as shaikh. At first I didn’t see the room at all.. The room has one medium bed hardly enough for 2 people to adjust with 2 pillows. I asked him whether he will be comfortable or not. He said, he don’t have any problem sharing with me. We talked an hour about where we are from to now itself. It’s around 8p.M. He asked me to get ready to go outside for dinner. I just unpacked my things and toiletries and bathed. When I came out from bathroom

He was watching tv. Its a single room so whatever I do he can easily find out. I put my underwear and took my towel to rub my head. At that time he looked at me. I saw him watching me.. Now my dick got bigger and the bulge got bigger. Then I immediately took my clothes. We went to dinner outside and came around 10p.M

Around 10.30 I started to finished everything and went to bed by removing my shirt and pant and wore 3/4th. After a few minutes he switched off the tv and light and also he removed his t-shirt and pant and put a/c to 17 degrees.There was a small bulb in the room which gave me a nice view about his physique.His body is well built with little hair with his big bulge around 9″. We both have only 1 bed sheet.

So I left to him to use it. It is a new place so it was hard to sleep. The bed is congested so that here and there we touched each other. After sometime he placed his hand on me. I thought he slept and thought he didn’t have any motive to do so. His hands moved around from neck ,nipples and to crouch area. My feelings get high and I am aroused. It is full of a/c and don’t have bed sheet made me to come close to him.

Now he placed his legs on me. His thighs are so wide and thick. His manly hair and his perfume smell gave me an intense feeling. He now pressed his thighs on me and I can sense him. I didn’t give him any signs and I just show him I fell asleep. Now he come close and we both kind of lay one over another for sometime.

I now feel his cock pressing mine. He removed my trousers and underwear and his too.. We both rubbing one over another. We both know but we didn’t showed. He whispered me to do something.. Now I kissed his lips and bite it. Took his cock and masturbate it with heavy force. He can’t withstand the pain. He moaned and he grabbed mine.. I sucked his cock and his ass.

Now he turned me fingered my ass with lubricant. 5-10 minutes later,he inserted his 1 finger into it and make some massage. The pleasure I didn’t get it before. There was one exact spot, when his fingers tease it I am like get shocked really. He did it like 10-20 times. During every time I went like unconscious.

I did it to him too. And I inserted my 8″ cock into him fully. I fucked for 25 minutes and cum into his hole.. Then he did it with his thick,wide and large cock into mine. He turned me back and opened my asshole and put his cock into it.. He fucked at the same time he rubbed my whole body. He went inside me.

Then we kissed each other. We did it thrice during the night. He sucked my cock so nicely. We both had a wonderful night. We both grabbed one others cock,squeezing ,masturbating throughout the night.

We both cummed like 10-15 times and after that also we cant control our urges. I bit,licked him everywhere from top to bottom. He put his cock into mine and do nothing and we slept. On Oct 11 Sunday too we did it.. We bought heavy food items and ate..We did it in 4,5 positions. But we never talked, shared anything. We did it like we don’t know what happened between us.

Finally when I packed and get ready to leave, he forcefully gave me a lip to lip kiss so intensely and hugged me for 10 minutes like he is going to miss me.. We exchanged contact number and we both chatting in whatsapp now.. I am going to meet him next week. For any comments mail me

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