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Girlfriend Honeymoon Delight In Absence of Parents

Its my girlfriend honeymoon delight night. Me n my gf’s parents were out of town that day. We planned to de sex at my house. She came at around 6:30 to my home n was lokking stunning in short frock. O was mesmerized by her looks. I called her inside n closed the door. She didnt waste any time n started to kiss me passionately. I equally responded her.

I then took her into my arms n took her to my room. On the way we kissed each other. I placed her on the bed n started licking him from the legs she was fair like milk n i was too. I started licking her legs, thighs, tummy neck n everythng. Then I slowly removed her frock n she removed my clothes. Now she was in her panty n bra n i was in my underwear. She was too hot to handle. I then again started to lick her everywhere. She was moaning in pleasure.

The i slowly removed her bra. N her boobs were like heaven. Her nipples were pink n boobs size was awesome. I started sucking her right tit n was pressing her left tit. With her hand she was pressing me inside her. She then suddenly removed my underwear n my long dick was totally exposed. She smiled n pushed me on the bed. Then She sat on her knees started to suck my cock.

I then removed her panty which was totally wet. Her pussy was pink which got me crazy. I started to lick her vagina n she moaned. We then got in 69 position. I licked her vagina n she licked my dick. After some time i got her down n started to kiss her on lips n neck n ecerywhere. She then came near to my ear n whispered “fuck me my rider, just fuck me.” I got crazy n got down.

I licked her pussy again n got my dick into her hole. She moaned in pleasure. I started to speed up n she moaned louder like”ahhh uoohhh mmm fuck me ahh uoohhh ssss.” It got me more wild n i speed up. I was moving to n fro fast nn she moaned. Her boobs were shaking like hell. Like 20-25 min we did n i then ejaculated in her. Then we changed the position.

I layed on bed n she started to cares n suck my cock. I also moaned in pleasure. She took my cock to her throat n i was on the 9th cloud. Then She then sat on me, adjusted my cock n put it in her hole. She moved up n down n moaned. Her boobs were like… ahhh…. I pressed them n she moaned while moving.

She again got on her knees n rubbed my balls while sucking my cock. She was a pro at giving a blowjob. I didn’t want her to stop. Her lips were sliding over my thick cock. I was moaning in a muted way and whispered her that I was about to cum. She didn’t seem to bother.

I cummed in her mouth and she sucked every drop of it dry. Then she stood up with that cheekish smile. I then got her doggy style n fucked her more harder. I would deeply go inside her. Then we parted way. I kissed her again. Then i saw the time n it was 3:30 in the morning.

I thought “we are inseparable n she was one whom i always dreamed of.” I then proposed her in that state only n she said YES. I was so happy n she was also. She did sex again n got to sleep.

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