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Giving My Female Friend Hot Sensual Massage

This is absolute real and happened between me and my female friend.

She is 5ft 5 inch, with good amount of fat at boobs and bumps and flat tummy. She is fair, with black medium long hair and black sparkling eyes. She works for s/w MNC and stays alone in PG.I know her before my marriage and we were quite close and use to go to movies and trips together with our friends or alone.

As her nature being exactly as mine, we were very close to each other as compare to others in group. I would have married to her but as she was already in relationship, I didn’t take things beyond friendship. We are were friends for almost 2 years when I got married. She became good friend of my wife too. Incidentally we changed our house which is very close to her PG. She use to come our house mainly on weekends and we all use to do TP and to cook & eat together.

In last summary my wife went home for delivery of our 1st kid and I was alone for almost 3 months. During 1st month I and my friend use to meet on weekends/ weekdays outside for lunch/ dinner. On one Saturday morning she called me to pick up her from jogging track as she has twisted her ankle was not able to walk without support. I went and took her to my place. As there was no swelling but little pain was there. I applied moove and put hot water bag on her ankle to get relief.

While I was applying moove I did some nice massage on her lower calf and ankle. As I was touching female after quite a long time, unintentionally I got hard and I started moving my hand bite on upper side which was easy due to her ¾ running short. She notices this, and asked me whether I am moving to other area with massage and gave mischievous smile. I smiled back and told her that I can give her nice full body message with oil not with moove.

Unexpectedly she said, she will love it as she didn’t had it ever. Now I was not sure what to do. Her pain was reduced and she was able to walk slowly. I asked her to go to bedroom and while I fetch our massage bed sheet and oil. I spread bed sheet and asked her to remove her clothes and lay down on stomach.

Now it was her tern to be surprised, she said why to remove cloths. I told because oil massage cannot be given with cloths on. She removed her T and running 3/4th with back towards me and lay down on her stomach. I could not see her facial expression but her back with bra and panty was good enough to tear my brief and short

She was wearing red bra and red panty with black collar. She was looking dam hot in this. I slowly put some oil on her back and started doing circular motions with flat hand. Though I am not expert in massage but had fair idea of it, so was doing well. After few stroke I could sense she is getting charged up as she hold her lower lips tight and closed her eyes.

I spread some more oil and increase area of massage by moving my hand upwards towards her bra. Without saying any word I remove her bra swiftly and started massaging her full open back. She didn’t said anything but tighten her lip further.

After 2 -3 mins I started giving strokes from her upper solder till upper waist. For going further down I was having no option but to remove her panty. I was sure if I ask her to remove she won’t agree so I took a chance and just pulled her panty in single stroke all the way out and immediately started massaging her butts. She opened her mouth but instead of word small moan came out.

Now I started doing long strokes all over her body which making her moan and breathing go higher. When she was at pick of it I asked her to turn around which she did without saying anything but her eyes were close and mine was wide open.

What a beautiful sight it is. I have seen few naked girls in my life but each one has her own charm. Her breast was full round with no sagging, brown areola and at center erect pink nipples. Tummy was supper flat with flow less skin. Her navel was well round and had a ring on it.

She had trimmed public hair, they were so small that I was able to see skin below it. Her pussy, with pink lips with brown colour edges were stick together forming a mountain. Her inner thighs were white like milk and her black public hair was forming proper triangle. As her legs were little apart so I can see than her pussy was total wet and pussy juice was slowly coming out. At the same time I can feel, I had supper hard making tent of my short and pre cum is just flowing like a river.

I might have stopped for a second to two, then gather my senses and before massage tempo brakes I put some oil her on navel and started my circular motions of flat tummy. Slowly I increased my hands reach and now I was touching base of her boobs. And in next moments was pressing her boobs and she was moaning. I really don’t know how that happened.

I continued pressing and massaging her boobs by both hand and suddenly she lift my right hand and put it on her pussy.

Without saying anything I started massaging top of her pussy. With every passing seconds my speed and pressure was increasing and so her moaning. In a flash of second I entered my middle finger deep in her pussy and started finger fucking her. She let out load moan and spread her legs and lifted her bumps.

As her pussy was total wet I was not feeling any resistance to my finger hence I inserted my index finger along with middle finger. Within few strokes she moaned a loud and arched her back. She had a massive orgasm and her juice was flowing all the way from my finger to palm.

I just kept pace of my finger fucking, she calmed down but her berating was high as before. Then I put pillow under bumps and spread her legs further. While continuing finger fucking her I just lowers my head and put my lips on her pussy top. She reciprocated it with further spreading her legs.

I started eating, sucking, licking her pussy in wild way and every passing seconds she was pushing my head further and further deep. This was the point, beyond which I cannot control myself. I removed my T and brief along with short in record time in my whole life. Without a though and wasting a mill second I pushed my penis in her wet oozing pussy in one single stock. Her pussy was tight fit for my penis and was really hot inside.

I immediately gone in to constant rhythms of medium speed. I held both her legs in my hand and spread them as much as possible. It allowed me to go further deep with long strokes. With every stroke she was moaning and her boobs were doing rhythmic dance.

After 2 -3 mins her pussy walls started to tighten up and putting pressure on my pennies. I increase speed and was stroking her more and more further possible. With a simultaneous loud moan from me and her we both came together.

I was ejaculating semen like flood, I could feel it’s much thicker and more in quantity than I do normally; may be because I was having sex after long time. I continued stroking even after this as my penis was still little hard. For me highest point in love making is to cum inside pussy without condom and to have few stock after it.

After few stock my penis lost all its hardness and I fall down on her held her tight. Surprisingly 1st time in my life I fucked a girl without smooch or kissing her boobs. But this was one of the best fuck in my life. We lied down like that for some time when she said can we have one more round…….

I said ok but before we do it, we need to clear few things 1st. I asked her what about protection as I had cum inside her and if she ok with we doing it again. She replied that she will take I-pile and she is dying to have 2nd round.

Guess what 2nd round lasted till Sunday evening with brake only when I went out to buy I pile and to order and take delivery of pizza. We had sex and only sex till Sunday evening with all sort of style I ever could imagine. 69, doggy, cow girl, revers cow girl, spooning, arching, had sex while standing, seating, bathing, eating, watching tv, while in half sleep. May be I narrate them next time till then enjoy reading and imagining.

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