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Got Fucked By Old Guy In Bus For Money

Hey guys this is sayali. Just completed engineering this year now doing interior design course diploma of one year in pune. I am 21 year old. Am fair in color & height is 5.2 inch & figure is 34d-28-34 just trying too lose some weight.

I broke my virginity in the age of 18 too my cousin brother he is 6 year older than me. But after that it’s been long time I haven’t done sex .So lets start.

I had went too my uncle house because it’s been long I haven’t meet them almost a year pass. My uncle had two kids one is in 8th & another is in 10th. I had small plan for 8 days to meet all my relative. Main purpose was for going is too meet my grandma. She had a heart attack & was in hospital so to see hear.

When I reach their she was being back from hospital now she is well. I meet her and my all my relative who had came to see her & few of my childhood friend’s my dad was there. We spend good time.

Then I was leaving it on sunday all travels was book so my uncle arrange a ticket of a sleeper class bus but unfortunately I had to share a bed with a old guy. My uncle was trying to arrange a ticket with a lady but due to sunday all bus was book.

The bus was at 8 in evening. My uncle & dad with my little cousin brother had came too drop me.

My uncle had seen the old guy. He was almost 60 up. I said bye to my dad & uncle and kiss my little brother & when too my seat which was near window and the old guy was setting next to me. He was little fat guy almost 60% of bed he was setting.

The bus arrived we went out of the city. The old guy started talking too me where is I am from?? What I do?? Bla bla bla. But while talking to him was staring to my breast. I was wearing a white tight top & cotton black night pant.

After talking to him . He was a widow his wife pass away 10 year ago & he had come to visit at his daughter’s house . After some chit chat he went to sleep. He was sleeping onside facing to me. I was chatting with my bf. After an hour .I was feeling tired I look at the old guy he was deep in sleep.

So I took off my bra inside of my top (coz while sleeping I never wear bra) & put it in my bag. I went to sleep I have very few place to sleep so I adjust myself & I was also sleeping in the same way as the old guy.

After few min I notice that the old guy dick was rising & touching to my ass I was enjoying it I don’t have any wrong feeling for the old man. While the bus was moving the old man was came closer & closer to me. His dicks is going deep & deep inside my ass. He was sleeping so I was moving my ass slowly slowly after few min I went to sleep after an hour .

I was feeling that someone is touching my ass. I broke my sleep and notice that the old guy was moving his hand on my ass. He was musturbating from another hand I stop him. I said “shame on u I half the age of you & your trying to sex with me just look at your age you are almost my grandfather’s age”.

He said “please don’t shout I know but it was 10 year I haven’t had done sex & and I am so lonely. You’re so hot I couldn’t control myself to touch your ass. I can paid whatever amount you want”.

”just shut up..I am not any call girl & it’s not my problem that you are lonely or your wife pass away. Sorry for that but just control your feeling otherwise I will shout”. ”ok ok but at least tell me the amount so that I can pay u”.

He take out check-book feed amount of 1 lakh. I was just staring at him then his add one more zero which make 10 lakh’s & final amount he wrote 1 crore & said “that it I can pay you .I have lot of money sweetheart and all my children are earning very good”.

He fold the check and put in bags .

I ignore him and went too sleep . Facing towards him bus stop for lunch I went down for lunch . I saw the old guy looking for me . I was sitting alone he came near me and join me for lunch . Then I tried to ignore him .

I order for myself and old guy order the same after lunch the old guy leave the table . Ask for bill the waiter said your grandpa had paid the bill . I was shock for few min’s anyways . Was on the ways to bus the old guy was smoke in the corner .

I went inside the bus. Old guy had time to came so I took off my top wear my bra and wear my top back I adjust my boob’s over my top and I took off the check that he had put inside my bag is was looking original valid so I put it back. The bus started the old guy came back.

I said “you don’t need to pay for me my dad is still alive”. He said “oo you are still angry on me anyways it was my tip”. I return the check and some money  ”no no no I can’t take anything can happen until the journey is over” .

Stared for him for few second and put all thing’s back in my bag & went to sleeping position .Same thing again the old guy do after an hour he started touch my ass I was moving his hand away but still was trying after 10-15min .

I thought he’s paying me one crore at least I can do him a favor and in future we aren’t going to meet .

So I let him too play with me . So he understand he started pressing my butt in a rough ways I was hurting a lot but I let me continues he pull me closer and put his hand inside my pant to pressing my pussy . Oommgg he was doning it complete wild ways. Then he turn me towards him and started pressing my boobs.

Aaaaaaa his hand was so hard I barely can tore let him then him remove my top & my bra he started licking them .Then he pull me on him put his hand inside my butt hold me from another hand and licking my boobs. He become complete crazy after 10-15 min. He put me side and take his dick outside of this pants and said baby will you lick it.

I just smile at him and hold his dick and started moving it after few min’s I take it dick inside my mouth and stared lick it. He hold my head pull me towards his dicks until his cum .

I swallow the cum after few min I took off my pants and panty and went to 69 position I had learn this position from my brother anyways .I was licking him & he was licking mine’s. But my pussy need a dick.

I ask him that did he has condoms he reply no I was little scary but I was turn on so I don’t care of it I took his dick in my pussy . He started moving it slowly slowly after few min’s he cum he put me aside I said.

What happen grandpa tired. He became speech less. Bus stop at a place for tea the man shout tea/toilet. I cover my body with the blanket lying there. The grandpa unzip his pant and went outside. I just wear my pants and my top put my bra & panty in my bag and went outside. While leaving the bus in the front came wear the driver and a guy was seating while cross them he was staring at my boob’s. Because is was erotic and easy seen from my top .I went in the hotel all the guys over their staring at my boob’s someone was giving me the crap smile.

I finish my tea and went inside the bus. The old guy came back I was undressing myself. I had just remove my top the old guy say “my stop is about to came why don’t u came with me for one day”.

”sorry but my parent’s is waiting”..”ok” he grab me I went on him he was licking my boob’s while licking he said. Here is my card whenever the money will get over just came too me . I wear the top his place came he kiss me & went away.

I got complete naked where my bra & panty got dress up and went to sleep in morning the guys who was with driver came to me & said…Madam wake up and touching my boob’s. Madam he touch it 2/3 times after my eye was opening he said your city is about to come, please wake up. I said “ok” and he went away.

So over all this happens to me believe me or not. It is not imaginary or I had created in my mind.

After that incident I never went or call the grandpa. I create another account withdraw the check and still till this day I using his money . I had more story to share with you guys but I never get time. But don’t ask for no or any personal detail you know well I am not going to share it.

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  1. dear grate story ,. but i really want to chatt with you . and if you aloud then we will have good friendship and ferther sex to . i hope you like that and reply soon . good night sweet drims love

  2. story is just average, all imaginary. babe for 1 Cr, even the bollywood actresses or models will get laid. what the F***. By the way enjot ur imaginary money

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