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Gurgaon Beauty From Pub To Her Flat

Hi I am Manish working in a MNC situated in Gurgaon, I am an average look guy but damn romantic.

Its my first story about how i banged a girl whom I met in pub later on I came to know she is doctor in reputed hospital of Gurgaon.

Now coming straight on the story


(All name changed due to privacy concern except mine)

Dr Anjali : age between 27-29 years, vitals stats 34-30-32, height 5.4 feet – 5.6 feet, fair complexion with great assets.

Sikha: anjali’s friend.

Ritesh: my friend.

Manish: average look guy, fair complexion, 7 inch dick with 2-2.5 inch width.

After having an hectic and tiring day me and my friend ritesh decided to go pub situated near to my office at cyber hub Gurgaon, pub was awesome with superb ambiance. DJ was playing rock music when we entered and we made our way straight towards the bar area, ordered two 100 pipers 60 ml pegs on the rocks.

As we were drinking our pegs we both were exploring ambiance present at the pub, saw 5-6 girls dancing at one side and they were dancing like they are fully drunk, we shared smiling gestures.

After finishing our drinks we went to smoking chamber, after finishing it we ordered 2 pegs more and we both were sitting near the bar area only.

As I was busy in exploring out girls there somebody spilled out something on me, I turned around and saw a girl fallen on floor and a beautiful girl trying to make her to stand, I extended my hand for help.

And made that girl to sit on the couch provided by the pub. Firstly that beautiful girl said sorry on the behalf of her friend and thanks for help her, i said no issue its ok, c asked us to join them, afterwards i came to know they were from the same group of gals whom we saw dancing at one corner.

I asked her for drink she nodded her neck with yes and said 60 ml vodka, I ordered waiter for her drink and then the introduction started she was here for birthday celebration of her friend and that birthday girl was the same whom I made her to stand on feet, she told she is doctor in a reputed hospital of Gurgaon.

All of a sudden what strike in my mind I asked her for dance she happily agreed and then within a seconds we were on dance floor. I asked my friend to take care of her drunk friend as she was vomiting. Me and my new gorgeous friend start tapping on bass hunter rock music I grabbed her waist and brought her close to me. I was feeling her warm breath and planted a kiss on her neck, she replied with the same and kissed my cheeks.

After dancing about half an hour we separated and exchanged our cell numbers and at last the curseful time arrived to bid bye to each other, we greeted each other and her group left the pub. Jate jate she will meet soon. After that I consumed more 2-3 pegs of whiskey and left for my home.

Next day as usual boring office and work started at near about 5 pm I received a message on whatsapp and sender was none other then but Dr Anjali. I replied and our conversation started, we were talking about all the stuffs and in a middle I asked wanna meet, she said can’t b possible as she is very tired and her flat is totally messed up.

I said its OK no issues, after 10 mins I got her message quoted tonight at 9 pm my flat, that was like cadbury milk shots adv,’ Mann mei ladoo foot a’. I was on 7th cloud, I signed out from my work n went to my apartment freshened up n messaged her should I bring something ??( as I was about to take wine to her home but later on I came to know last night I asked her for wine in pub n she refused to take saying she don’t like wine),

She replied bring some beers, I went to liquor shop and ordered for 6 beers. At 9 pm I ranged the door bell of the address she provided, girl in black deep neck one piece opened the door, and I was stunned with open mouth, I was woowww what a beauty.

We greeted each other with warm hugs and then she invited me inside her house.

As she was walking ahead of me wowww what an ass she is having moving to and fro feel like to grasp it and fuck her at that instant but I controlled horny manish.

She asked me to sit on couch and went to kitchen for water. I asked her not to bring water as I am not thirsty, but she didn’t arrived for about 10-15 mins about which I came to know afterwards as she was frying dry fruits and was chopping some fruits for us.

She came closer to me and asked me what would you like to have, naughtily I replied i would love to have you, she starts smiling and than she brought two glasses and after sometime we were having beer, she was sitting close to me which made my dick to give standing ovation to that sexy girl.

Then question about personal lyf started , she asked me about my Gf and all , and I said I dont have any, later on I came to know that she is married from last 2 years and her husband works also works in MNC and has gone to UK for some training purposes, and she is here alone from last 3 months and then she started sobbing.

I came closer to her and asked why you are crying ,she said she is all alone and she is afraid of loneliness, I said no need to worry mei hoon naaa.

I planted a kiss on her forehead and hugged her, till then we had already finished three beers, mera to kuch nai hua tha in 2 beers but usko 1 mei hi chhadne lag gai, I asked her is she OK, she nodded her neck with yes.

I felt sorry about her and hugged her tightly again and planted a kiss on her lips , after having one more beer, she opened her hairs , wowwww kya lag rhi thi WO, I grabbed her from waist n start kissing her, she responded very well, I started slowly , and kissed her neck slowly in between I was licking her neck that made her more aroused.

She removed my shirt and starts kissing my chest, she was literally playing with my chest licking my chest n I was galloping her earlobes this all was making her breath more warm. I stopped her and asked would you like to have first night again but in different way , she said she would love too

I said then change your dress and b there in your room only in red bra panty. After 15 mins when I entered her room a milky white gal covered with red transparent saree was sitting in middle of the bed, that made me more horny I uncovered her n starts kissing her all over the body I was squeezing her boobs from one hand and another hand was in her panty, I was finger fucking her n kissing her at the same time, she was moaning heavily, she had grabbed me tightly and was kissing.

We changed our position to 69.

She started giving me blowjob and I was tongue fucking her and was exploring her cunt from my tongue this made her more horny and she was begging me fuck me Manish fuck me.

I said wait baby I will but at right time, I was finger-fucking her, this made her to discharge once.

She than changed her position and sat on my dick, as soon as my dick entered her pussy she screamed out loudly , I said what happened she didn’t replied it and start moving to and fro, I gain some feed that made her to moaning heavily and whole house was echoing from her voice ahhhh ohhhh ehhh araaahh yeeee eeee fuck me manish fuck me.

We remain in that position for about 10 mins then I changed the position took her in arms and made her to stand beside wall took her legs on my waist and started banging her that made her to moan more louder and she was literally shouting I was banging her with great speed and then I told her I m about to discharge she tool my dick in her mouth and asked me discharge in her mouth. I discharged in her mouth and then we came on bed after this fantastic activity effect of my whole beer was gone I asked her to bring more.

She brought one beer from her refrigerator and was looking for glasses in her cupboard but as she bend town to fetch glasses her ass was facing me , I can’t describe what a view it was u can only imagine it milky white ass towards me, I made my way towards her ass and starts banging her from back that made surprised her.

I banged her in that she doggy position for continuous 15 mins and discharged my cum inside her pussy as she asked for ( as she said she will take pills and I always prefer for condom but that situation doesn’t gave me time to do so), we consumed the beer which she had brought from refrigerator and while consuming I was playing with her boobs ,her huge melons with pink nipples.

After half an hour we changed position I started eating her vagina and she was playing with my penis and balls. She gave me best blowjob which I had ever got and drunk my whole semen till last drop, then we had food and slept naked.

Morning when I woke up she was not on bed, I came out from room and saw her naked in kitchen making coffee , I grabbed her from Behind and start fondling and playing with her boobs , kissing her neck and earlobes at the same time that made her aroused, she gave me quickie blow job, morning quickie blow job can you imagine.

Then we had our coffee.

In next story I will tell you how I banged her in shower , in her car of her parking area.

Sorry for spelling or grammatical mistakes as still I am drunk with my story beauty queen on bed.

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