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Hema My Maid’s Widow Daughter

Hi I am a 24 year old guy working in Bangalore. I stay in a 2 bhk flat with another guy working in the same company with me. Our apartment is a regular building and not a society of sorts. An old lady used to work here – cleaning and cooking. But recently she broke her leg while falling from the stairs and is thus sending her younger daughter to work.

The daughter – hema is around 25-26 years old (not quite sure though – she looks 25). She has a decent figure with average breasts and ass. Nothing out of the world. Her husband died last year in a factory mishap in andhra and she was thus thrown out by her inlaws. She stays with her mother now.

My roommate – Rahul works in an IT company like me. But he is in a development project unlike me. I work for a support project, but its just that I had switched job and joined the client itself and so my pay is double that of my roommate. Nevertheless my job timings were shit. Rotating every week – morning, afternoon and night. But I was made the lead of the new testing team and my timings changed to 3pm – 2am. I used to return home usually by 3.30/4 am and leave for work again by 1pm.

Now here comes the story –

Now hema started working for us since july 2015 when jaya broke her leg. She comes twice a day once in the morning to cook breakfast and lunch and wash clothes and then again at night to cook dinner. Since my timings changed I asked her to come late in the day 10 am instead of 8 am so that my sleep wont get ruined.

Everyday she used to come at 10am and do the regular household chores. In the morning ours was the last house where she used to work and thus used to spend a lot of time here. Mostly because she had access to tv. She used to sit in the main room which had the tv and used to cut vegetables and do other work.

In September it was my colleagues birthday, we drank after office hours and came home late. What i didnt realise was that I went to sleep without wearing anything. In the morning hema came as usual and started sweeping the floors.

She entered my room and switched off the fan. I was still in deep sleep and i just turned on the other side showing my naked ass to her. It was not until an hour later when i woke up that i realised i was sleeping naked and that hema has probably seen me naked. When i walked out of the room few moments later she looked at me and smiled. But the smile was different and I got the idea she saw me naked. We never discussed it.

In october we had planned for a trip to hoggenakal. We were leaving early at around 7am. I was not aware that my flatmate has asked hema to come early to cook breakfast. Rahul had gone out to pick up two of our friends and i went to take a bath. I came out of the bathroom wearing nothing, just had a towel in my hand. And hema was standing right there with a broom.

I covered myself as fast as i could, but she got enough time to get a glimpse. She started smiling and went out. After i got dressed i apologised to her and explained ki i expected that flat to be empty, to which she replied rahul had asked me to come early and cook breakfast for 5-6 people. She said it was ok. It was just an accident.

Since then i used to feel shy in front of her. I became very careful. But as fate may have it. During dussera I came home late , totally drunk and went on to sleep in my roommates room as he was out of town. Morning i woke up when hema came to clean the room and switched of the fan. I went to the bathroom and bammmm.. I slipped on my own puke and fell. I had injured my hip girdle which I had fractured in a bike accident last year.

I was lying naked in the bathroom unable to get up. Hema heard the bang and she started knocking on the door and started asking if i was ok. I cudnt get up. I waited for a few minutes lying on the floor. The pain was unbearable. I washed the puke and then got up putting the entire body weight on the left side.

In the meantime hema got scared and used the keys kept in our drawers to open the bathroom door. And she got in and found me standing naked on one feet. She helped me get to the bed and helped me wear a pair of shorts.

I was lying on the bed and applying volini when she came in with a cloth full of ice. Without even bothering to ask me she lowered my pants and started to apply it. I lay down for 15-20 minutes while she applied the ice. After an hour or so I got dressed and went to a doctor and fortunately there was no fracture. The doctor advised me to rest for 2-3 days and gave me a few painkillers and paracetamol tablets.

Hema came in the evening and stated inquiring about the injury. I told what the doctor told me and that there was no fracture. Doctor had also advised to apply hot and cold to that area alternatively thrice a fay for a week. Hema told me that it has to be done and that she will do it. Although she has seen me naked it was quite uncomfortable for me. She told me she is like my nurse now. She was there by my side for the next 2-3 days helping me out with everything.

Though there was no pain after the 2nd day i pretended to act as if pain was there till my roommate returned from home. 4-5 days after the incident, one morning while i was lying on the bed and she was applying voveran gel on my bum i turned towards her and said thank you . What i didnt realise was my dick was staring right at her face.

She slowly moved towards my face and kissed me on my lips. As she started to pull away a got hold of her hands and started kissing her. She got up on the bed and started kissing me very passionately. and before we knew it we were both naked kissing and fondling each other.

And then i started fucking her. She was having sex after a year or so and her pussy was tight as hell. I was having sex after 3 months and so both of us were literally starved. We made love for two hours straight. Kissing and fondling and cuddling.

Since then and now we probably had sex 10-12 times. Almost everyday in the morning after my roommate leaves for work she comes home to work. She usually wakes me up with a handjob or a blowjob and things are really happening now.

I know its wrong to cheat on my gf and this physical thing which i have with my maid wont last forever but i want to enjoy it as long as it lasts.

PS – I had sex today morning and it was great.

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