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Hot Girl Getting Fucked By Friends Boyfriend

Hello guys, this is real life experience about how it feel to have sex with a hot girl other than my girlfriend. I work in a BPO in Pune and while I was undergoing training. There was a very pretty hot girl in my training batch, who later became my girlfriend.

But this story is not about my girl friend but her best friend. Her name is Priya and is 2 years smaller than me. As my and my girlfriend’s relation grew stronger so did my and priya’s relation.

As we started talking everyday, our bonding increased. Now whenever my GF and me met, Priya used to be there. There was nothing between us till the day my gf decided to induce such a bad thought in my mind. Till this day Priya was just a good friend and I almost consider her my sister.

But then my Gf started becoming possessive and one day out of nothing she told me break all contacts with Priya. Which was impossible for me. I tried to convince her to not take this step as there was nothing between us. She didn’t listen and was being very adamant, finally she told me that its me or priya, you decide now. I had no option but to break all contacts with her.

Whereas Priya had no clue about all this till it happened. She was devastated when she got to know that I had stopped talking with her. She had just started dating a guy who was harassing her and she needed my help the most. Which I probably couldn’t provide.

After a few months of no contact I gathered up enough courage to call her one day. What I got to know was she had broke up. I didn’t realize whether I should have be sad for her loss or happy for my clear road. With all the courage I just told I like her a lot. And we talked for almost 3-4 hours in the night that night. Next day we decided to meet up at my place and solve the problem my mutual understanding.

Accordingly I bunked my office for that day. She came to my house, dressed in a denim and a random t-shirt. I welcomed her warmly and I gave a nice big hug. She relaxed and threw in her hug too. Then we sat on the sofa in the living room and started discussing the topic.

She told why liking her was wrong and why I should not like her. She started finding out reasons to stop me from liking her. Then I suddenly realised that she was doing this because she was just very curious to find out how much like her.

I just held her hand and said, Priya, nothing can stop me from liking. No matter how many reasons you find out and I know I cannot be in relation with you. Then why don’t be just get intimate. Lets just fuck each other so hard that no one ever had fucked.

This just shocked her and she looked at me with her mouth all open. I moved my hand over hers and then held her by her neck and said consider it, we can just fulfill our fantasies, our desires with each other, what we cannot do with our other halves.

She was still awestruck when I just came closer and kissed her on her upper lip. She closed her eyes and I got the signal that she liked it. I started her kissing her slowly and my hand moving over her neck which slowly went down to her waist. We started becoming wild with every passing second, and started kissing like wild goons on my sofa.

Curtains of my living room were still open, if someone just peeped out of their window could see this passionate and wild love making. As we grew wilder, I held her boob with my left hand and just squeezed it real hard, and gave a loud cry. I tore off her shirt and sucked on her boob, and there she was telling me to take her to my bed and just fuck her hard. I lifted her pushed her against the wall and started kissing and holding her boobs which were perfectly fitting in my hand.

As I reached my bed I put her on the bed, removed her clothes and mine, and approached her like a wild dog. She held my dick, moved her hand around it for sometime while I was kissing her, and she told me to fuck her real hard.

I did not have a condom with me but I did not care, and just slowly placed my penis on her vagina. Started moving it over her clit and then tried inserting her vagina. Fuck! Her vagina, so tight and wet.

I just put in my dick, it pained and she yelled but I guess she liked it and so she went wilder. I kept going in n out on her tight vagina.

Then I just realised, it was time for my parents to come home and so I told her this. She was not ready to stop and told me take this party somewhere else. I suggest her 2 places, terrace of my building or the fire exit. She was like take me anywhere but just fuck me.

We went to the fire exit. Now I couldn’t remove her clothes all the way as there were points from where people could see. I had lost my erection so I just told her to go down and suck on it.

Here she was on her knees and my pant down, sucking my cock. She just did it amazingly and I was glad I had found a fuck partner. I was hard again, all ready to nail her down. I held her by her arms and told her to rise, pushed her against the wall, both hands on her boobs.

She was wearing the shirt which I hard tore off. This was the best moment of my life when I turned her around, her face against the wall and ass facing. That was one of the sexiest ass I have ever seen. I couldn’t resist any more, so removed her denims.

Pulled her ass towards me, and slowly inserted my penis inside of her. This went of for the next 10 mins and she couldn’t resist but make many noise which I guess must have attracted many people’s attention. I was about to ejaculate and thud, the fire exit door opened up there it was my gf.

I couldn’t resist and came inside her vagina. My full hot cum inside the vagina of my gfs best friend. She just saw that.. didn’t say a word and returned where as I didn’t bother to say anything and just kept kissing priya.

That was the end of my relation with my Gf and new relation with priya, base on sex, which I enjoy, even today.

Anyone girl who is interested in real friendship contact me and any one with queries can mail me.

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