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Hot Honeymoon With Stranger

Hey guys this is Teena. So now I’ll be telling my experience I had after about 2 months of the first time I had sex with my friends . So now to the story but before going to the story I will tell about me those who have not read my previous stories. I an quiet hot and sexy girl and my stats are 32- 29- 30. My skin tone is milky white and I have milky white breasts and thighs and beautiful pink nipples.

So now the story-

This incident took place during my trip to Goa. I was traveling alone and was planning for a nice weekend in Goa so I landed in Goa and went to my booked hotel . It was a nice 5 star hotel and because I was rich and wanted to live in luxury I booked a honeymoon suite room even though I was alone. Ha-ha.

Till now everything was normal but the adventure begun in the evening when I went to the hotel bar for some drinks. I was wearing a sexy dress not very short but its was very sexy. My milky white thighs were fully exposed and bit of my breast were visible.

Soon I found that a handsome guy was continually staring me. I thought it was normal and I ignored it I was not a girl that would just sleep with any man. So I just ignored him though he was hot and went to my room for some sleep. It was 9 in the night and while watching tv I was thinking of that guy when suddenly someone opened the door of my room I must have left it unlocked. I was shocked to see the guy, it was him. The guy I was thinking about. I was startled and a matter of fact he was too. He didn’t know it was my room and his room was adjacent to mine. He said he just came here to ask me to slow down the volume of my tv a bit as he was getting disturbed. I too realized that the tv was a bit loud so I turned it of and apologized to him and invited him in.

He was a bit confused as it was a honeymoon suite and the bed was all decorated with rose petals on bed and candles and all so he asked me if I was there with my husband for honeymoon. I smiled and told him that I was single and just book this room for luxury. He asked me if he can stay with me for sometime as he was getting bored alone.

I agreed as I was too getting bored. He seemed innocent so I wasn’t thinking wrong about him. Then he suddenly went and closed the door and locked it and threw the keys in his pocket I was scared by this movement of his he then approached me got down to his knees and said the he love me from the first moment he saw me and he just want to make love to me even it was just for once. I was shocked and scared and told him to leave immediately in angry voice but he wasn’t ready to leave. He said I need be scared as he would not do anything against my consent.

I was continually asking him to leave but he was neither leaving nor he was doing anything wrong with me. I gave it a thought for a second and concluded that he is a innocent man otherwise if he wanted he could have easily done it but he was waiting for my permission. This made me a little horny too. And I thought the environment is also set for a great sex as it was honeymoon room. And I thought about his request. By the way I forgot to mention his name. It was Sid .

So in deep I was thinking to have fun but I was also fully not ready to allow a stranger to make love to me even though if he was so hot. So I tried to refuse him politely by saying that I don’t even know you and all but suddenly he leapt over the bed and kept his finger on my lips and said “ just give me one chance I will kiss you and if you are not satisfied with it I will leave”. He was pleading and I just agreed with it thinking that he was just asking for a kiss it’s not a big deal so I told him that ok but only a kiss.

As I gave my consent I grabbed my neck and brought his lips just a few millimeters away from my lips and started breathing on my lips without touching them I was really aroused at this moment sitting on a honeymoon bed with a stranger who was about to kiss me and finally he put his lips on mine and we kissed. He was such a good kisser he was sucking my lower lip and then my upper and then his tongue was trying to enter my mouth. I opened my mouth and allowed his tongue in. He was kissing and sucking my tongue and I was just enjoying it. And became wet down in my pussy but then I had to end this kiss as it was almost 10 minutes since we were kissing.

Now the situation was we both were highly aroused the only difference was that he was showing it and I was hiding it. Seeing the situation and his desperateness I agreed and told him that I have one condition that he can do the love making but he would not enter my pussy at any cost he can kiss and lick and whatever he want other than penetration. He readily agreed and we both smiled and got to the act.

I was wearing a white top and shorts with black bra and panties he started to kiss my neck and m breasts above the top and I was just moaning ahh ahhh….. Making out with a complete stranger in a locked room was very exciting he then removed my top and my shorts and lifted me to bed and gently laid me on bed over the rose petals. It was all very romantic and sensual .He then took off his shirt and jeans and came on bed I was looking hot in my bra and panties with my milky white thighs full exposing. He came above me and started kissing me and fondling my breasts over bra and the kissed between my breasts this made me jump out of pleasure.

Now my panty was fully drenched he slowly moved to my lower body kissing my belly my naval and then my milky white thighs I was just like ohh yes you’re are so good fuck….Ohh yesss it feels so good. He then unclasped by bra hooks and removed my bra and there I was fully naked except my panty before a complete stranger in a honeymoon suite room on a bed full with rose petals I was shy and turned red he smiled and cam all over me and started sucking my left breast while his right hand was fondling my left boob and other hand was down the on my panty rubbing my clit. I was moaning ahh yess yess ohhhh ahha hhh ahhh ahhhh and seeing this he started rubbing my clit even more.

I was about to come and then I came ahh ahhh ahhh my chest was going up and down with my heavy breathing and my white breasts were just moving with my chest and the sweat on my neck and my breast was shining and adding to my beauty. A stranger just made me cum and the thought was really hot.

Then suddenly he moved to my lover body and started removing my panties I stopped him and said don’t to you remember no fucking. He smiled and replied “ don’t you remember I can kiss and part of your body” I then removed my hand from my panty and let him remove it I was now shy as hell and turned red and as soon as he removed my panty I closes my legs to hide it but soon he spread my legs looking at me smiling and started kissing my inner thighs and as his lips touched my inners thighs I almost jumped with pleasure and was moaning ahhh ahh yesss ohhh fuck I will cum again please stop ahh ahhhh but instead of stopping he moved to my pussy and touched his tongue at my clit and was sucking my pussy hole and clit simultaneously and I could not bear it and came.. With a lout moan ahhh ahh.

Now I was sweating even more and my whole body was feeling the pleasure and I thought the honeymoon room was not intended for honeymoon but now I was here having a honeymoon with a strangers and this me really excited but then I thought that it’s not honeymoon because we are not having sex well exactly not the penetration part and as I thought this he removed his underwear and his cock sprung out it was very big hard and beautiful.

I gave a angry look and said you are not allowed to fuck me he then said that it was paining inside and don’t worry I will not fuck you. I said ok and he again came over me now his cock was touching my pussy and that was making me uncomfortable while he was busy kissing my neck and my breasts and then he whispered in my ears “ honey if I make you cum this time real hard I will have sex with you and if you don’t come then he will do whatever I will say” I thought for it about a minute and whispered in his ears “ ok let’s see what you can do “ as I said this he held my waist put his tip of cock on my clit and started rubbing it and kissing my breasts really hard I was just moaning stop stop ahhh ahh ohhh nooo shitt fuck because I know a great orgasm is building in me and I would cum if he didn’t stop.

But he was not stopping he whispered in my years that we are strangers and having honeymoon and all the sexy things that I am so beautiful and a sexy and my skin is so soft to make me cum and his words were really I was really near to cumming but I was controlling somehow then finally he put his cock at my entrance but did not move it in though he could but he was a good guy and respected my words he just kept it at my entrance held my wait and started to kiss me passionately not letting me moan. Imagine my situation I was lying full naked on a bed full of rose petal under my soft back and a stranger lying over me kissing me and his cock at my entrance

Then he finally kissed my breasts and as he did the all my control was gone I was moaning loudly now ahha hhh ohhh noo yess stop it stop it I am cumming and I came this time really hard and I squirted lots of lots of love juice on his dick he was very happy we both know were fully drenched with sweat and tired. He got over me and slept beside me looking at the ceiling and telling me about how much he loved me and he would not do anything against my will even when he won the bet I was lying beside him and thinking that he is such a nice man and loves me and did not do any wrong to me and made me cum three times I was now full in love with him. I was lying there trying to catch my breath from the last orgasm my breasts were still moving up and down with my breathing and the I thought I could not let this man go without making him cum.

So I just got up from the bed climbed him and sat on his stomach he was confused. I smiled and said “i love you and I am ready to have honeymoon with you right now. He was still confused. I said stupid I am ready to have sex with you and with this I climbed his dick put it at my entrance and looked at him with lust. He was very happy and closed his eyes. I too closed my eyes as what next I was about to do was very pleasurable. I closed my eyes and slowly slipped his complete dick in my pussy until it full filled me and every inch of my pussy was feeling his hard cock he then opened his eyes held my waist and started moving up and down I was just bouncing over his cock and my milky white breasts were following the rhythm and bouncing and I was just moaning ahh ohh yes fuck me hard deeper deeper.

He was hitting my g spot I could not bear and fell over him and let him fuck me according to his ease. He then turned me and we were in missionary position and he was fucking me deeper and deeper and kissing me I was just moaning that I am cumming he was also close to cumming after some time he asked where he should cum. I told him to cum inside me as I loved him and don’t mind even getting pregnant from him

So after 5 minutes with both came I was squirting my juices and bed sheet was all wet and seeing me cum he came inside me spurting loads and loads of cum inside my pussy and filled it to the fullest we both were exhausted and we lived there for some time with his cock still inside my pussy and he was lying over me with his head rested on my breasts we both were panting heavily and slept like that for the whole night with his cock still inside my pussy .

I remember in night almost 5 times his cock became hard inside my pussy and he cam every time in my pussy in the night while we were sleeping. I guess that was natural. In the morning we woke up and my pussy was flooding with his cum. And it was amazing I woke him by kissing and signaled him for one more time sex. He was sleepy so he pulled me over him I was lying on him and I helped him enter his cock in my cunt which was already flooding with his cum as soon as he enter me cum flowed out of my pussy and flowed to my thighs .

Now he was full awake and fucked me hard in that position kissing my lips and my pink nipples and my breasts and I was like ahh ahh yes fuck and he cam again inside my pussy but this time he was not done he turned me in missionary position and was still fucking me after cumming and made me squirt and my squirt did the magic and he came really hard this time and filled my pussy with his fresh cum which was now leaking out we were tied he kissed my lips and rested his head on my breasts and we slept like that for some time with his cock still inside my pussy.

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