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Hot Moan Of Passionate Lovers

Karan had never seen such an odd expression on her face. She came closer to him, close enough for them to feel their breaths on each other’s face. Her lips parted. She touched her nose with his, before closing her eyes. Karan’s lips parted too. He moved closer to her on the bed and eliminated the little space that remained between them, pressing his lips to hers. Karan moved his lips on hers, sucking her lower lip. She responded with a moan.

He was able to appreciate the meaning of the phrase time paused. He was in the moment, completely lost in her. She was the only thing he saw, even with his closed eyes. He sat up on his knees, pulling her with them. They were facing each other, their heads resting against each other’s, their noses touching, and their breaths mingling, their knees sinking into the plush mattress. She arched her back, and he leaned into her, making her belly nestle softly against his stomach.

Karan’s hands slid up her back and he wrapped his hand in her hair, slowly caressing the nape of her neck. Her skin felt delicate and hot under his fingertips. He saw goosebumps rise on her arms as he traced circles on the skin at the back of her neck with his fingers. Her mouth parted, gasping for air. He teased her like that for a while, enjoying the power he held over her. He tugged on her hair, causing her head to fall back, bent over her and kissed her eyes, which closed at the touch of his lips. Her ragged breathing that matched his own gave him immense satisfaction.

Her hands, which had been on his neck, moved downwards, grazing his collarbone before resting on his chest. He could feel his heart beat beneath her hand, quickening every second. He released her hair and moved his fingers to her cheeks, grazing her lips with his thumb and then pulling her bottom lip down. She sucked at this thumb.
That was the last straw. He was done being gentle. He slid his hand down to her waist and pulled her flush against him; their bodies touching from shoulder to knee. His other hand tilted her face to meet his mouth and his lips descended on hers hungrily, tasting her on his tongue.

She was panting. She tried to free herself from his embrace, but he didn’t let her move even an inch away from him. His mouth assaulted hers, his tongue pushed against the resistance her teeth put up. He could tell exactly how it was affecting her from the way her body moved against his- rising up to meet him and then pulling back.

“Karan…” she managed to exclaim when he let her come up for air. “Too much…too fast…”

“I know” he whispered into her ear, before nipping it with his teeth.

“Ahhh,” Hansika yelped.

Karan licked where he had bitten, to soothe the sting. She shivered against him, her breasts heaving against his chest as she held on to him. He left a trail of kisses along her jaw, before returning to her lips. She tasted sweet and salty and amazing. Like winter air. He could not get enough. No matter how much she pleaded him to go slow, no matter how hard he tried, he could not hold back. She was meant for passion, not tenderness.

He clutched her T shirt in both hands, and whipped it off in one swift motion. He saw the surprise in her eyes, but she didn’t protest. This was Hansika – the girl he had been in love since the first day of college when he saw her. He was now holding her in his arms. The thought sent chills up his spine. He didn’t know what secrets she was keeping, or what tomorrow would bring. But in that moment, she was in his arms and she was in love with him. He had never felt so happy all his life.

She was beautiful. Her skin was soft and supple and glistened in the early morning light steaming into the room through the closed curtains. Her body gleamed with perspiration. The black of her bra against her olive skin offered a contrast that captivated him. He arched her backwards and supported her on one arm. His other hand brushed delicately against her neck, making its way downwards, slowly, cherishing every inch of her skin. He paused at her boobs, then looking into her eyes, teased her, his fingers deliberating between them, before proceeding lower.

Not intending to be left behind, Hansika tugged at his T shirt and slid it up his chest. Karan helped matters along by taking it off and dropping it on the floor. She pulled away from him and looked at his bare upper body in admiration. She leaned into him and kissed his chest, licking softly, running her tongue around in circles. It drove him crazy.

He ran his palms down her back, neck to waist, sliding smoothly over her silken skin. The only obstacle he encountered was the strap of her bra; it took him just a second to dispense with it. His hands moved to her front and held her supple mounds captive. He pushed her back on the bed and followed her down, sucking on her neck, biting her, all the while rubbing his fingers over the sensitive skin of her breasts.

He nibbled on her chin, before running his tongue over it and licking a path downwards. Her fingernails dug into his back and she arched, moaning, as he sucked on her breasts. His lips and his tongue toyed with her like a master, responding to the way Hansika’s body throbbed at his touch. His hand skimmed down her waist to her hips. He pressed her to him, their desire now visible in the way their bodies clung to each other.

Karan looked up at her, his mouth still feasting on her 34D tits. They were shining in the morning sunlight. He has always wanted to suck those biggies and used to share this love of his to his friends. Hansika’s body was quivering under his touch, her lips swollen. He looked into her eyes, hungry with desire and saw her eyes shining with lust.

“Don’t make me wait too much na” Hansika pleased as her melons rubbed his face. He kissed her again and asked her to get into the Doggy mode. It reminded him of Malvika and the time they had spent together, the long hours they used to make love in bed. He remembered how she taught her almost every single thing in sex, the various poses and the numerous ways to satisfy your partner. Doggy position was always her thing. And now he is master in that.

“Aahhh…Aaram se yar.” Hansika pleaded as his 7 inched rod explored the extremes of her vagina. He held her by her waist while she was resting her hands on the bed. The moans filled the atmosphere and it seemed that the lust was flowing in their nerves instead of blood. Her tits were hanging in the air while her nipples pained as they were hard from a long time. He cupped them and increased his speed.

He knew how to give pleasure to a lady. Though Hansika was only 24, much younger compared to Malvika but the art of sex is indefinite. Within minutes, he released his cumload inside her and she didn’t mind him doing that.

“Karan Khanna”

“Hansika Singhal”

“You were awesome.” Hansika complimented him.

“I have loved you from the first day of college.” Karan said.

“Oh really! And I love you too.” Hansika looked satisfied.

“Yes. And finally after 6 years, we are together.” Karan winked at her.

“You should thank Malvika Aunty. I wouldn’t have been here, if not for her.” She spoke.

“I will thank her all my life. She is the reason why I have become this person. She has given me a lot. That’s very generous of her.” He admitted.

Soon they both drifted to sleep in each other’s arms after a long day of tiredness.

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