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Hot Mom Love For Everyone In The House

This story is about my hot mom love with everyone including me, my sister, my father and my father clients. If anyone has any objection with incest or sharing I request not to read beyond this.

We are a very happy family, the family members are my parents, my twin sisters and my self.

My name is JOHN. I am 18 yrs old,my twin sisters are one year older than me,my mom is 39 yrs old,one year younger than my dad.

Dad is running his private business. He has a beauty center,my mom is helping dad in his center,they love each other in a very unusual way. They both have open mind about sex.

Every thing was allowed in our place, free to walk naked within our villa, free to swim naked, even free to be naked while you take your meal.

In her work, mom has to wear attractive dresses showing her milky thighs and nice breasts. Dad used to invite his important customers to our place almost every week.

Dad also was travelling to see what is new in the beauty business. While he was travelling I was talking good care about my mom and two sisters. I was not leaving mom alone in her bed.

Mom likes my young cock, the twin sis also like it. They all sucked it many times. I had sex with mom twice a week, and with my sisters almost daily. I never fucked my sisters in their pussies, it was not allowed, as for mom, yes it was allowed.

Dad used to ask mom to treat his guests in hot ways. Mom was always keeping the guests very happy,many agreements and contracts were signed in the bedroom.

My sisters were also helping mom in these deals. When there is a female customer, dad used to get me involved.

I had seen mom setting on laps of guests totally naked, playing with more than one cock, or on her knees sucking two or three cocks at one time, while my sisters are dancing naked.

My dad has one brother living close to our house. He was not married. I used to visit him with my mom. He was always insisting that we must stay in his place for more than one night.

Uncle has a huge bed in the middle of his room. Mom used to sleep between me and my uncle holding our cocks with her hands. Sometimes she prefers to be on top of my uncle while i am on top of her. Her two holes were always filled with two hot cocks. She cannot sleep without a cock in each hole.

One day dad came home with one of his customers. She was a very beautiful woman, her son was with her. He was younger than me.

After we all had dinner,dad asked me to take the young man and show him my room. While he went with mom and the other woman to the bedroom.

I was walking in front of the young man to show him the way,when we were in the room,he said to me”i was looking at your ass movements while you were walking,you have sexy ass,i was going to touch it,but i was afraid that you may be upset.

Why i should be upset,that was my reply,then he came closer to my back saying”you mean i can touch your buttocks”i said”you can do any thing you like”then i pulled down my pants,i was not wearing any under wear,he was on his knees behind me,kissing my buttocks and licking my asshole.

After few minutes,we switched our positions,i was behind his back licking his soft hole,we both lied on bed i was on top of him his ass was facing my cock,i could not resist the softness of his skin,i pushed my cock into the hole,he did not reject,his hole was wet,my cock went so fast.

We fucked each other for almost an hour,while we were fucking,i heard mom steps coming toward my room,door was not closed,she went in and saw us both naked,she smiled and said”i came to tell you that dinner is ready’

Both of us stood up,our two cocks were hard,mom said”i think dinner can wait,let me suck these lovely cocks,she knelt and started to suck our cocks.

Mom pulled out our cocks from her mouth,she wanted us to fuck her together and unload our cum in her two holes,we did what she wanted us to do,both unloaded our cum so deep into her holes.

When we finished,we all went to have our dinner,after this visit me and the young man became very closed friends.

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