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Hot Nights With My Friend

This incident happened between me and my exgirlfriend. I studied engineering and during college days I had a girlfriend who was beautiful fair in color, little plump curvy, and good structure with right height. Unfortunately we couldn’t get approval from family so she married someone else. We departed life for 4 years without much contact. It was so painful for me and since I never contacted her , never knew what she gone through. Just thought she was happy.

I was working in a small company and life was just as normal dull without taste. And I frequently used to travel different places and come back. I wasn’t interested in any woman nor marriage or anything. Just spending my life just like that. Without any motivation or goal.

While one day I went to railway station to book my ticket. In that Bangalore station I was standing in the queue. I was busy pulling some notes from purse and I got a peck on my shoulders and I see my ex girlfriend. I was so angry for years after the break up. I thought I would never see her again but the situation was so much weird for me whether to smile at her or cry. I just said “Oh hi(sweety) was right in my word. But I said shilpa(name changed). How are you”. She said I just saw you standing in queue and remember you didn’t change much than slight look professional.

She behaved as if she was so happy married. She was little bit same apart from wearing saree and as with few bangles and bit waist bigger, seamed she being fucked really hard all these years. But quickly she directed my thoughts to her work and my work. And her one kid just recently. And she is going to her hometown to see her kid since she left to her parents to take care and her husband shifted to dubai for a year. And he comes after 4 months. She didn’t remembered single thing about our love.

But all the time I was really hit with stone to my heart. I reluctantly shared my number to her and she kept forcing me throughout to talk about my life and work and other stuffs. Which I kept a quite a distance since I didn’t want more heartache.

All the way along she talked about what her husband does and few bits of her young girl kid who is a year old. And her work and old friends. We reached our hometown and I departed and walked to my home feeling a stiff knife stabbed in my heart again. I received a message at night of her reaching home and thanking me for accompanying and just wishes. I didn’t reply to her message just believing not to meet her again.

I just let myself 2 days to ease the thoughts. She kept sending me messages each day about hi and how are you and saw 2 -3issed calls too. But I didn’t reply or message back.

I went back to Bangalore and I didn’t get a response of her for 1 week. Probably she thought that I was avoding her. And I felt better be that.

Just on Saturday I got a unknown call, and it was her. She was bit furious of not picking up the call and replying my messages. I said I was quite busy and didn’t had time. She called me to her home to visit once since she is alone at home today for her in-laws were to some temple down south. And would be coming next Monday and she is bit worried. I reluctantly told her to better call her friends. But she said they were busy this time and she only called me for just for 2 days to be with since from Monday since she working so not to worry. I said I can just come down till evening to accompany her.

I went to her home by evening. And she invited me and in a way showed anger to me on not receiving the call or messages. And told lot of gyan on forgetting old things and move on life and probably many men would have heard. I just said you girls always can do that, not men. I skipped the topic and she showed me her marriage photos and kids photos. And I reluctantly saw it and just concentrated more on watching TV. And we were just talking about movies as she prepared food.

As soon as I had food and I got ready to move towards door. She grabbed me from behind and started crying without stop. She kept saying sorry for what happened and I was asking her to leave me at one. But she kept holding my arms and cried uncontrollably. I said I don’t think of it anymore and consider her just a known person who I help now. She apologized constantly and ask me if I wanted anything which she can give take it now. She removed her saree and dropped it and told me to satisfy my needs so that at least if that makes me happy for what I lost.

I pulled her saree up and told her sorry for that and I don’t want her anymore like this or in anyways. I was so embarrassed as the door was open and she was half naked. I closed the door and said why she behave so bad. And tried to console her. She was uncontrollable and was crying. We sat together as she was crying on my shoulders. She after 10 30 minutes calmed down and relaxed herself. I just said, lets us rest and not to think of past and just relax. She went to her bedroom and I went to guest room and we both in way slept distance but nothing was so much I wanted from her. I was so dishearten and uninterested in her in anyway whatsoever. And though she knew that we didn’t had much discussion next day.

I went to office the next day and we were usual for 1 week. And we didn’t talk much but hi hello and and I didn’t replied as much. I was feeling bit relieved of not getting affected again with bad heart pain if I ever fall in love with her again. I was as usual regular to work and chit chatting with friends and it was just 10 days or so I haven’t talked much with my ex. I had a friend in my office, called Payal(Name changed). She pestered me asking why I was so sad from past few days. And kept constantly troubling me about my bad mood.

Payal was senior to me and was leading another team but we were just good friends since when I joined the company she was my first friend. I took her to KFC and while discussing with her about my past life she got to know about what happened few days. Since she was very lively girl she gave so much suggestions of forgetting old things and moving on. But suddenly Payal said, lets have sex. She said in low voice while telling me to come closer “ I am so depressed of all these sad stories so lets go to my home and have sex”

I was shell shocked. I said are you gone mad. She was like furious, and pulled my hands and told me to put the bill and just come down with her. She dragged me out of KFC and climbed an auto pulled me. She directed to Auto driver to take us to HSR Layout. She got a rented home. Payal is a Gujarati Girl. She is very very fair, she joined my company 3 years earlier to me. And not married due to some family issues. Since her parents were divorced and she was in way left independent.

She got an average height of 5.6ft and pink lips, and damn hottest structure. She pulled me to kiss me in Auto. We were in a way smooching inside Auto while auto driver just objected not to do it in his auto since Police will trouble him. She pinched and and turned away. And we were silent. She was pulling my legs making her face towards street. She pinched my hands. I was trying to stop her. But she was in a way erotic. We reached her home. It was around 7 night. And as soon as she closed the door. She jumped on me, kissing me.. But I felt like our lips our tongues were just fighting.. I could smell her fragrance. She without no time pulled my shirt, actually she tore my shirt buttons.

We were both not in control of what we were doing. Though we were not lovers, we were just friends, but we were just aiming to have sex that day. She turned around asking me to remove her white bra, and I could see her nipples clearly. I removed it and held her breasts from behind standing squeezing her breasts. She was kissing my cheeks, we were kissing and I was squeezing hard her nipples. She was so sweety as so excited I felt. I was not wearing shirt or she almost torn it apart. And her right hand she was grabbing my hard penis over my pants. She was squeezing very hard on my penis over my pants.

We were kissing and I removed my pants and she slids her legs making her shorts and panties drop down. I can see her complete nude in the dim light. She grabbed my hands towards bed. My penis was so hard at that moment and was wet with it’s tip oozing my semen. We are not kissing or having sex with love. But both were just wnted to enjoy sex intensely. For me it just first time and I wanted feel like taking revenge. And for Payal I don’t know why. We didn’t waste much time in foreplay.. Her mango shaped hanging breasts I grabbed in both hands and bite her nipples. She was in no time jumped on bed spread her legs and pulled me holding my shaft to making me put it inside her quick.

It was my first experience and I Wasn’t sure it was for her or not. Her pussy was oozing with her fluids as my finger touched it. And I didn’t wait much I held her neck in way trying to make her not to miss my sudden thrust. With her hand holding guiding my shaft to her entrance. It was wet. We were looking each other breathing heavly and once trying to kiss and she was smiling, I just without much intimation to her, gave a strong forceful push. Damnn it went half. She scream so loud as Mummyyy ….. It was so hard push, she pulled the bed covers with her right hand biting it’s end with her teeth twisted herself,

She hit my chest few times screaming oohhh maaaaaaa… mummyyy … as such. I wasn’t stopping their and just continued pushing my shaft, she was pushing me to slow down, I wasn’t stopping and it just with like a weird so painful feeling for me, I felt I am fucking my ex shilpa and wanted to punish her and without much thought pushed it more and I felt like so so hard to push inside but one time it went so quickly inside her it was so so tight and warm I was grunting, and she was crying screaming patting on my chest. Slapping me. Crying my name. She just screamed. I think she was virgin as I could see blood stains later in bed. Out of excitement I was so so thrusted deep in her and it was so buring hot both were sweating profusely. Her bed was so in disorder angle due to our body striking each other so intensely..

I just held myself for sometime without pulling my shaft out of her. She was just crying without stop. As If we both wanted to rape. Just I tried to move and she said slow slow for me. I was in way in my heart fucking my ex, but seeing this gorgeous girl without much time lifted her legs over my shoulders and trusted again, she screamed maaaaaaaaa… I gave few more thrusts and she hide her face on my chest hugged me tight crying I feel her nails so hard on my back scratching so hard. I kept giving her thrusts so hard, she slowly moved her hands to my butts and pulled me with my each thrusts. Within no time she was wet and we were sweating and my sweat from forehead was dripping over her breasts neck and face. She was wiping my face and we were once kissing and my shaft was moving inside her so quick like a hardcore porn. She was moaning softly.

I could feel her tight vagina pulling gripping my shaft with each thrust. We were literally romping humping like porn movie. She scartched my back my legs while pulling me to thrust her more. We were grunting moaning so loud and our bodies all covered with sweat and we tightened and had orgasm heavily. I could feel her wetness over shaft. I was already thrusting her more and we were building one more. My phone rang, and I was just fucking her so in verge to fill her womb, tried to slow down and receive it, but she slapped me and took the phone and shouted to the other person , “Call him after 4 hours we are fuckingggg damn bastard.“ And she threw my phone far over the end of the bed and shouted stop playing with phone come inside me faster, Varun.. I later got to know it was my ex’s call and she was trying to reach me and through phone heard our moans.

I was in way shouted in anger slammed my shaft inside Payal and grunted and let a stream of my semen inside her. And held her tight pushing her to the bed wall more to make my cum go deeper insider her womb. She pulled my waist and arms and we both had orgasm so so intense that we were deep breathing grunting trying to hug so hard and easing our breathe.

We were silent easing our breathe for some time. And she was kissing my neck we were so wet. I slow kneel back and pulled her, my penis slipped out of her, and our semen and her wetness mixed fluids dripped down on bed. She hummed and ripped a tissue paper, wiped it and threw it far. I slowly lifted her on top, my penis was bruising over her dripping pussy. She came over me slowly adjusting moving her legs. Her head was easing on my chest and hairs all over my face. She just straightened herself and I could see her breast all wet and heaving like filled with juices.I grabbed them with my left hand, and support myself on my right just moved up again.we were in a way sitting, I was just supporting our weight with my right hand. And we came to lotus position. I was hard within no time and while we were kissing.

I was squeezing her breasts and she took my penis and guided to her pussy. Since it was wet and both already made it intense, I felt it glide inside so easy and wonderful feeling. She grunting when lowered herself. And we were kissing and she slowly started to jump while we kiss sitting. I could feel like my head of penis being pulled when she move up and down. She was slowly increasing the speed of moving herself up and down over my penis and my penis was digging deeper inside each of her thrusts. She was hugging him and I was helping her by lifting her waist reaching to her thrusts. I felt like she was hitting her G spot each time and on verge to her 4 orgasm.

And even my orgasm was closing soon. This position was giving us goosebumps. I could touch my stickly shaft sliding inside her pussy so easily. I felt sudden urge to lift her. And just lifted her making penis be inside. She was shocked what I was doing, and got to know I Was lifting her and trying to stand on floor. My penis slipped. But I made her lean again her back to wall and lifted her both legs making my penis touch her entrance. Than bang entered her.

It went so quick inside her. She grunted. Aaaaaaa …….. I Was literally pushing her and thrusting her in aim and letting her jumping hanging on my arms. Sometimes it felt penis was so edge of her entrance may slip out. But it was making a hard core thrusting sound all over the bed room and our moans were intensifying each movement. I felt our neighbours would hear our cries. We both were in a way thrusting synchronous and grunting like hmmm aaahm she was crying. It was intensifying standing sex. I quickly moved to bed

I dropped her on bed again and made her turn around on her hands and thrusted again from behind. I pulled her hairs while thrusting and she was grunting as her back was arch in shape and our thrusts were more audible to each of us. I came over her squeezing her breast from behind and banged her without mercy incredibly so fast that she was intense in getting her orgasm. We both dropped, she couldn’t hold my weight on her back and so hard thrusts and eased herself on her face. My hands grabbing her breast now held shoulders to stop her moving ahead on the bed in way making my thrusts go deeper. She was screaming and I was no where stopping my thrusts. I could feel her tight pussy so tight and leaking out her orgasm now and in no time I grunted and sprayed inside her again . Both cried of joy at high pitch of our voice.

We were breathing slowly. We were talking. She was humming hmmm easing her breathe and heart. We both could feel our hearts beat so hard calming down and my penis letting last strays of semen inside her. We lays just like that I was on top from her back and she was just sleeping and penis was inside her for sometime. After 10 15 minutes I moved aside and my limp penis came out of her dripping cunt.

She turned around and rested her head on my chest. We were hugging naked. And we slept I don’t know for 6-7 hours. When I woke up she was on sleeping peacefully and I was hugging her from behind. I could feel that she grabbed my hand around her. And my hands were over her breasts. I slowly moved my hand towards her cunt, and she hummed Vaaarrunnn hmm… She was sleeping but in way awake. My shaft which was till now limp was erect within so few seconds and touching her butt crack. She was resting her head on my left shoulder. But she slowly held my shaft with her right hand and lifted her right legs and pulled my shaft to enter her from behind making her leg rest on my right leg in curved way. I could feel her warm buring cunt took my penis half. I slowly bent making my shaft move inside her. She hummed.

My right hand was blocking my shaft from top of her cunt not to slip and I could feel my left of shaft move like so easily inside her. Wowww I feel so soft inside. This was a different experience. I slowly increased my speed and thrusted more. I grabbed her breasts and gave once in a while hard thrusts. We were moaning again. And our beds were shaking hitting the walls. I immediately moved myself over her top lifted one legs over my shoulders and humped her non stop and we were moaning in no time and we climaxed extremely again. We went to shower and just kissed and had bath together. For few minutes we made sex inside shower standing. And we had breakfast and moved to office. All the way we were giggling.

I saw my mobile was off due to low battery. I went to office and recharged my battery and saw few missed calls of friends and my ex and few messages. She replied that she heard our sex episode of mine with some lady. Within no time I got few more messages saying so many things and one message she said, she wanted me the other day and since i’m not with another lady, she just want a baby from me and invited me to come to her home today.

I talked to her on phone immediately about her stupidity and on heat conversations we decided that I would give her my child and went to her home that night and many nights.. I will share that story based on your replies and emails. She is expecting a baby at the moment after that incident. And even payal is expecting a baby since we did continued our sessions without letting her know about my time with my ex. So now both ladies are having my future kids. Mail me your thoughts.

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