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Hot Nude Photo Shoot Of Married Lady

I moved to Hyderabad recently due to my job requirement and was getting bored here like hell as the place was new and I was not much familiar with the city. So I was not going out a lot but soon, the boredom made me get back to my hobbies to pass my time.

I am a photographer by hobby and I love it. Though I was not completely settled in the new place, I still tried to spend some time with my camera to live what I always wanted.

So, on one Saturday, I was getting bored and I thought to do some street photography. I went out in my area, took some shots and was going back to my home. To reach my flat, I had to cross the children play area. While I was doing so, I saw a lot of kids playing around and their smiles just mesmerized me.

I stopped and went to the play area to take some pictures. While I was at it, I noticed a girl of around 5 yrs old who was playing and she was extremely cute. I focused on her without thinking if her parents were around and started taking pics.

5 min after, I had dozens of beautiful shots of the cute girl and I was just going through those when I heard a voice of a lady. “What are you doing”?

I turned to see an average looking lady with heavy boobs standing at my back. She was not very beautiful but was hot by her figure. Approx. 36-30-36, not fair but not dark either, tight dress showing the curves, one that makes u look at her at least twice.

I replied:

I: Sorry, the girl is so cute and she was smiling so could resist clicking her pictures.

Lady: I am her mom and you should not do things like this without the parent’s permission.

I: I am sorry again Ma’am (as I didn’t know her name). I just couldn’t stop myself.

Lady: She is cute, I agree. But I don’t want you to take her pictures. Delete them now.

Being a photographer, I didn’t want them to be deleted.

I: ma’am, I want you to look at these once, if you like them, I will give it to you else will delete them.

She agreed and looked at the pics as I showed her. She was really happy with the results and agreed to keep those. I transferred them to my phone and asked her to turn on the Bluetooth to transfer the pics.

She did the same and I tried to transfer the pics, but somehow I was very slow. I was getting irritated and so was she. Though I was getting time to admire those lovely melons, She said:

Lady: I will take them some other time. We have to go.

I: Okay. If you need them now, you can give me your number and I can send those through whatsapp.

Lady: I don’t use whatsapp.

I: Okay, You can take down my number and call me whenever you need them.

I shared the number and she started going away. She turned back and said:

“I am giving you a missed call. Send them on whatsapp.”

I went to my home and sent the pics to her. She replied with a thanks. I got back to my normal chores and forgot about the instance.

Life became normal after that. I went back to my work and photography. Nothing much happened for 2-3 weeks. I never knew that live was going to change soon.

One day, I got a message from an unknown number.

Unknown: Hi. How are you?

I: Sorry, Didn’t recognize you. Do I know you?

Unknown: Sorry, Didn’t introduce me. This is Sheila.

I: Sheila. Sorry, still couldn’t recognize you.

S: you took some pics of my daughter in the play are. Remember?

I: Oh hi. How are you?

S: I am good. Hope I am not disturbing.

I: Can I message you tomorrow? I am a bit busy.

S: I will wait. Thanks.

Next day, I messaged her but I didn’t receive a reply. I waited for an hour, so I called her.

I: Hi Sheila, this is Manas. how are you?

S: I am good. How are you?

I: All well. You wanted to talk?

S: Yes. Are you free on Sunday?

I: Anything urgent?

S: it’s my daughter’s birthday. I wanted to do a photo shoot her. Just wanted to check if you are available?

I: Me. That’s an honor. I would love to do it.

S: Thanks. I would expect you by noon.

I was excited to get a project like this so I researched a lot. Worked on my skill and was ready by Sunday.

Cutting the story short, I did the shoot. Took almost 3 hours and a lot of effort to it. Once done, I went back. I got a message from Sheila the same night:

S: Thanks for the great pics. I loved them.

I: Thanks for the compliments.

S: you deserve it.

I: Thanks again.

S: What about the payment?

I: I don’t want anything. Please refer my name if anyone wants a shoot to be done.

S: Meet me on Sunday in play area.

On Sunday, I met her. She was looking hot. She was wearing a Patiala salwar suit and suddenly I felt like taking her to my room and fucking her brains out.

I: Hi how are you?

S: Good. You say?

I: Good too.

S: Thanks for the shoot. My doll looked adorable. Totally Amazing.

I: Thanks. She is the reason for everything. I just captured it.

The talk went for a few minutes. She handed me an envelope which had 5K in it. I rejected it but she insisted me to keep it as I did the shoot. We had a long talk and I kept it. Then she asked:

S: Do you shoots for kids only?

I: I can shoot for anyone. I just need the perfect style and model for it.

S: What would you suggest for me?

I: To be honest, I don’t want to name it. But if you want, I can do a normal shoot for you.

S: please tell me, I want something special for myself.

I took the chance and said:

I: You should get a BOUDOIR shoot done for you if you want. You would be perfect for it.

S: What is Boudoir?

I: It’s a private shoot, Lesser clothes, More skin.

S: Do you think I will fit for it.

I: I think you would be great.

She smiled and we chatted for some time with details for the shoot. She looked excited but was scared too. I took my time ad explained her the details for it. If any one wants to read about it, please read in,

She was shy and smiling at the same time. But she didn’t say anything. We left with a smile and we didn’t speak for the next 4 days. On Friday morning, I got a message:

S: hey there, how are you?

I: I am good. You say?

S: What’s the plan for tomorrow?

I: Nothing much.

S: My husband is going out for a few days. I want to get my photo shoot done.

I: Okay. I will do it.

S: Would you do a Boudoir for me?

I: It would be my pleasure.

S: what do I need for it?

I: A couple of lingerie and a nighty would be enough.

S: Okay. I will be ready. Please come by 10 at night.

I: okay. But why so late?

S: I want to take my time to it. Plus my doll would sleep by then.

I: Done. I will be there.

As said, I was there on time and she received me on the gate. She was in a night suit. Looking at her curves, I got a hard on. I just wanted to fuck her but it looked like impossible for me to me, as she was keeping her distance for me. I came in and she asked me to wait till her daughter slept.

We had dinner together and she went inside to make her daughter sleep. She came back in 15 min and asked if I was ready. I acknowledged and she asked me to wait till she calls me. She went to the other room and called me in 5 min.

When I went inside, I was awestruck. She was in a black see through nighty, bra, and panty which was visible. I was already hard and went kind of crazy. I wanted to tear her clothes and rape her. But, I tried to be a professional and controlled myself.

I was ready with my camera and started to guide her to pose. I was taking pics while guiding her. After around 30 min, she looked at her pics and was happy. But, she also said, she wanted to look hotter. I told her, that if she wants to look hotter, she would need to show some more skin. She was surprised, but asked me for details.

I told her to be in lingerie only. And we clicked some pics, which she liked. I was really hot looking at her. But, needed some more time to make her naked for the shoot. We were looking at the pics when she asked:

S: Can we make it better?

I: Well, we can. But, you might not want to do that.

S: how?

I: Are you sure you want to do it?

S: Yes.

I: then you have to be naked.

Sheila was thinking for a while and finally said:

S: Will you guide me?

I: sure.

S: Okay.

We started with the shoot where I asked her to lie down on the bed with her cleavage tight and neck hanging.

Then I asked her to show her one tit in the open. She did the same. I wanted to suck the melon in view but I was clicked her pics. Then I asked her to spread her leg. I was clicking pics while she was posing the nakedness to me. I asked her to move her panty aside and rub her pussy while she was posing. I was making her Hot and continued to click her.

She was posing and getting her pics clicked. She was getting her wet. Due to the rubbing and all, she was breathing heavily. I was making her hotter by asking her to show her tits and ass in pics. She was totally warmed up. I thought it was the right time for me to strike it.

I went close to her, and made her pose in some ways. In the process, I rubber her tits and ass many times. She was closing her eyes in the pics while I was playing with her.

After for 30 min of shoot, she asked me to show her the pics, I showed her and she was very happy with the results. We spoke:

S: I never knew, I could look so sexy.

I: well you are.

S: thanks for making me feel so. I never felt so till now.

Sheila started dressing up, while I didn’t want that. I said:

I: I can make you feel much hotter.

S: how?

I: just don’t stop me.

Sheila was looking at me while I decided to make the move. I pushed her against the wall and ripped her bra off her body. She was shocked but while she could realize, I was on my knees removing her panty. Panty went off and my face was buried in her legs licking her pussy. She tried to push me but soon gave it to the pleasure and was pressing my face in her legs.

I continued till she came and when she did, she almost fell due to the orgasm. I held her and she was breathing heavily. I got up and started smooching her and there was no resistance from her. Soon she started responding. We smooched for at least 10 min and when we broke off, she said:

S: Sab kapde pehen ke karoge.

I removed my clothes in a min and was naked. She held my dick and said “nice, I am going to enjoy it tonight”.

I: yes you are.

I pushed her on the bed, and jumped over her. I kept kissing her for another 10 min before moving over to her awesome boobs. I started licking, sucking and eating her tits. She was moaning and crying due to pain and pleasure. I kept working on her boobs for next 30 min.

Then I got up and asked her to suck my dick. She was quick at it and was sucking my dick like a professional slut. She was moving her head up and down fast. Due to the excitement I started fucking her mouth which led her to deep throating. She was gagging but didn’t stop at all. In next 2 min, I came in her mouth. She drank it all.

I pulled her up and stared kissing her and playing with her tits. She was still holding my dick. She started shaking it and I was hard soon.

As soon as I got hard, I was about to fuck her, she stopped me and said “not without a condom”.

I: Let me do it.

S: I won’t.

I: Sheila, Izzat loot loonga teri. Chodne de.

S: Bhenchod, nahi karne dungi.

I: chut nahi to gaand marne de.

S: nahi, maine kabhi nahi kiya.

I: To aaj kar le raand meri. Bohot mazza aayega.

After a lot of convincing, she agreed. I asked her to get into doggy style and I got some oil from the kitchen and applied on her ass and my dick.

S: Please dheere karna. Pehli baar hai.

I: Randi hai tu, teri to aaj phaad dunga.

She didn’t say anything, but kept lying.

I tried to push my dick in her ass but it wouldn’t go. I put my fingers in her as to make it loose and tried again.

This time, the head of my dick went into her ass. She screamed like anything. I caught her mouth so that she doesn’t shout and kept pushing deeper. She was crying hard. I kept pushing till the entire dick was in her.

Once in her, I removed my hand off her mouth and She said:

S: Nikaal de behenchod, mar gayi main.

I: aaj chodunga tujhe randi.

I slowly started stroking and she was moaning loudly. I didn’t care any more as I was enjoying the tightness of her ass.

In next 5 mins, she started cooperating and enjoying the fuck. Her words were:

S: Chodoiooo…. Aur chodooo.. jor se… paaaadh do meri gaanddd aaaj… Maaain maarrrr gyiiiiii… Aaah aaahhh,,,a aaahhh.. chodooo..

I kept doing her till I came and she came thrice in the mean time. And I fell on her.

I don’t know when I slept. When I woke up. I was lying on her body with my soft dick resting her ass crack.

I got up and lit a cigarette and was in the bed. In some time, she woke up and smiled at me. I smiled and kissed her lips.

She tried to get up but couldn’t due to the pain. I helped her. Took her to the washroom. She pissed and I took her back to the room.

She said,

S: It was the best night.

I: for me tooo…

S: I wont forget it ever.

I: i wont let you.

She smiled and I got up to get dressed. Once Dressed up, took my camera and started to leave.

She got up some how. She hugged me for a great time, handed me another envelop. I denied it but she insisted that it was for the shoot.

I took it and came back to my flat. I was about to sleep when I Got a message from her.

S: will wait for you tonight. Don’t bring condoms, bring Ipill. I want you without cover.

I reached home and slept. I woke up in the afternoon to prepare for the night.

I went there at night with the pills and what happened next. If you wanna know, ask me.

If any girl/ladies/aunties/sexies want a photo shoot done for them, please contact me. Leave your comment at suggestions too.

I can do photo shoots, massage, and special services in Hyderabad.

Please contact me.

Till then, Chao. See ya.. And keep fucking.

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