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Hi my name is Mihiran from Sri lanka.This is my first story so excuse me for any mistake that I’m doing. This is a real story which i’m having with my hot sexy mom. Hi girls and guys my family contains four members. My hot sexy mom, dad, my sis who is in 18 yr of age and me.

I’m having a average body like other guys of my age. I am working for a reputed company at sri lanka. My mom is a average body woman with a open mind about anything. She is having a sexy body with a little bumpy tummy which makes her more sexy for me. Her boobs size is 36 according to her bras.

For me her most sexy part is her ass. She never care about her dresses at home because she likes to be very comfortable at home. So she wears nighty or a skinny with a butt shot. We are very close from our small age. She is a teacher by profession.

We change our cloths even in front of our family members. Some times my mom and sis staying with there bra and panty at home and me with my boxers only. We do it with no bad intention. But I have some strange feeling towards my mom so I decided to write my feelings from this site. I have a sexy mind towards my mom and sis. Mostly I like mom. When I get a chance I look her pvt parts.

Sometimes I hug her from behind and keep my cock in her ass. She loves me a lot and she kisses me. She like to have massages a lot. So one day we were cleaning our home. My mom climbed on a stool to clean some lamp shades. When she was cleaning she fell down from that stool. I ran quickly and helped her to stand and she told that she is ok but she was in a pain it was in he eyes.

I told her not to work and go to bed but she refused it. But I pleased her to rest so she went to her room after the work dome I went to her room and she was laying in her bed. I went and asked weather she is ok. She told that her back is paining. I just touched her back bit tight, sh cried in a pain. I told her to apply something. She told ok and I asked her weather is it ok if I apply.

She told me whats wrong you are massaging me always so do it. She was wearing a skinny and short. I told her to turn back and lifted her top to see her injured area. There was a red area. I asked her to have a full body massage and she told ok by laughing at me. I was in the heaven. I told her to change her cloth. Normally she wear only a bra in the body massage with a short. She removed her top and lied in the bed she was wearing a pink bra.

I told her to remove her shot also. She said cant and asked y from me? I told that I cant see any red marks if you don’t remove it. And I told amma (mom in sinhala) only you and me just remove it because i’m your son. She told that she will remove if she were wearing a panty. I asked her shall I bring a panty amma? She told me it’s ok dear dont worry.

She asked my help to stand and asked me to take the blanket. She took it and wrapped in her waist. She was unable to bend so she just loose her short and asked me to remove it woow awesome I just ran my hand under the blanket and remove the pant. When I was removing I purposely touched her pussy. It was great, 1st time I touched my birth place. She didn’t notice it much.

Then I took her to the bed and asked her to lay. I was with my pants and no t-shirt. My cock is dying to come out from my undies. She just lied in the bed by facing the back towards me. I took some cream and applied in her wounded area and rubbed softly. I rubbed it for more than 5 min and ask weather she is ok she said she is better now.

Then I asked her amma shall I make you more comfortable by giving a full body massage she said ok because she haven’t took it for more than one month. I just climbed to her sexy butt and started from top I just massaged her neck hmmm its great. And I came to her shoulders when I was massaging she was very comfortable, so I’m very happy.

When I was massaging her back her bra was troubling me so I told her about it she laughed and said remove it sweety you are my son, and she said that when she goes for the massage to the spa that girl starts the session by removing her bra. I laughed and said that she is so lucky to enjoy your body.

She looked at me and said you are soo naughty. I said that I am your son my amma. When I was massaging I touched her milk jugs from the side it was awesome.Then I came to her butts and started to massage. I felt the warmness of it ohhh hmmm without my knowledge.

Then she told me that hey enough baby my ass wasn’t go any where. I felt shy about that I told her sorry . Mom – its ok baby. Shall I massage your front mom. Mom- ok honey .

I just turn my mom other side and started to massage. Her juicy melons are poking to jump out from the bra I asked my me – amma that spa girl massage your boobs. Mom-ya sweety most of the times.

Me-amma shall I massage your boobs.

Mom –ohh no just do the rest. I asked her again then she said ok and I put my hands on her boobs they are very soft hmmm ammm. I just pressed it hard my mom moaned a lot I was out of control and I removed her bra fully. Hmmm ammm she was closing her eyes I just kept my lips on her and sucked her lips she just kissed me and asked me to stop but I didn’t but she resisted and hugged me tightly and asked me to sleep with her.

The time was 5 o’clock that time and she told me to go away because my dad might come and she told me that not to tell this to any one since they will take it wrong. I kissed my mom again and told I will massage her always and she told me that she likes to take it from me rather than any one.

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