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House Owner Daughter Was A Virgin Girl

Hi everyone this is Krish from Hyderabad (Secunderabad), am not a regular reader but I manage some time to spend on it reading some selected stories. i liked this site very much reading the stories. And felt that it’s a medium that we share our experiences. So am here to share my very first experience with my house owner daughter.

Sorry for not mentioning, am 26 years old physically fit with slim and athletic body as am a player and of 5 feet 7 inch height. This was my first experience of passionate love making with a gal. She was my house owner daughter just finished her engineering (may be of 21 r 22 years age). Beautiful, fair and slim gal that I could not point her breasts in the loose tee’s that she used to wear at home and she was a virgin.

As the time passed on I never noticed here and never had any intentions of intimacy with her, until I had seen her wearing a saree for the first time in a function, she was looking a perfect women. I was surprised to see her in such an attire and it was the time that I started to love her and really wanted her to be my girlfriend.

As days passed she was much more developing as a women and that I could not stop my thoughts about her and she was even in my dreams at night. We were not close to each other just used to smile or greet “Hi” while facing and am a very shy guy at ladies department that I never had a good conversation with her. I used to think her beauty but never expected much as I know am very slow in my pace compared to this present situation of love.

And one day I went down to my owner to pay rent I rang the calling bell she opened the door and said hi to which I replied the same with a smile, and asked for her mother (her father a software developer, USA) to which she asked to sit on sofa in the hall and said that her mother went to visit relatives and will be back by evening.

I just said “oh it’s ok take this rent and tell your mother, and asked where is your brother?” While about to leave. She said am all alone bored and asked me whether am free to give her some company. I said ok and had a good conversation for the first time, we chat about our college life for some time and some etc etc’s at last we exchanged our mobile numbers.

Slowly started chatting and that led to a good understanding about each other and started to go out for pani puri’s and one day I dared and asked her for an outing (for a movie). She said not possible to go out as she needed permission from mother. I was disappointed but in the evening she text me that we watch a movie the next day as her mother is visiting her relatives in morning and will be back by noon for lunch.

I was excited and replied “yeah hoooo”. She said don’t be excited not in theater but at home. I asked what? She said we can’t return home by the time her mother returns if we go for a theater.

Any way next day she came to my home as soon as her mother left. I wished and welcomed her in with a smile and she gave me a friendly hug. We sat and had a small chat and a discussion about the movie to watch. I named a beautiful romantic movie to which she agreed and started watching it.

As the movie continue to play she asked me “hey hero y do u want to play a romantic movie” with a naughty smile on her face. I answered a bit naughty too that “as my heroin is beside me it is a wise decision to watch such a movie”. She blushed and started hitting me on my shoulder after a while I started resisting and hold her both hands and asked for a kiss. She said no and I insisted.

For this she continued saying no no no with a blushing smile, I pulled her towards me and hugged her tight and kissed on cheek and released saying “ c I had my kiss”. She slowly in a teasing voice whispered “ is that what you call a kiss?”. I asked her “teach me then” she said no.

I said ok lets watch movie for some time we watched movie I had seen a little bit of excitement on her face as it turned red from white. i intentionally touched her shoulder to shoulder mean while asked her to hug me to which she did this time a passionate long one.

Now I asked her to sit in my lap to watch movie and she did, I hugged her tight in that position and slowly started kissing on her ear n ear lobe then slowly came towards her neck she was quite excited and hold my hands tight. I whispered “I L U “ in her ear. I asked her to turn around on my lap she did and we were facing each other.

I started forcing on her fore head, cheek, chin and all over her face in a very random speed and she reciprocated the same. Till then we never kissed lips and slowly went down her neck started moving my lips and kissing it, I went deep down and kissed on her breast over the tee to which I had seen a quite good expression on her face.

Since it was the starting of the act I was smooth and slow( generally I prefer to be a wild animal on bed and so I am). I gave some kisses on her both breasts over the tee and now I started biting them hard she made a shard sound out of pain n pleasure. And asked me to be gentle as its paining to which I replied her “ I like being wild like an animal in pleasure, don’t u like being wild? ” and asked her to be so with me too.

She said “yes I do” and kissed my lips for the first time it was a strong and tight one( I understood that now she is being wild) . I did biting for some time and in mean while she removed my tee and she started kissing my neck and then my chest (its an awesome feeling that a gal kissing and liking on the chest of a man and I enjoyed a lot) and bit my nipple( I thought she really know some good move at bed).

I enjoyed the act for some time and I became wild and pushed her away and removed her tee and put her entire boob in my mouth( as she had a tiny breasts I totally went in to my mouth and I could see it in red colour and even my teeth marks as bit her hard over the tee) I sucked it licked it and even chewed it for some time both the breasts by placing one boob in mouth and squeezing the other with my hand and pinching the nipple mean while she was giving a swift moans that was a pleasant sound for my ears to hear.

Then I moved to her stomach it was thin but soft and spongy I first licked it with tongue to arouse her and the bite it hardly over her belly button and both the sides which made a tickling sensation in her and I enjoyed it seeing her face in between the act. She too really enjoyed the act of love making and pressed my head on to her boobs and stomach while I was licking and biting her.

I watched her face and went to kiss her on lips and placed a big passionate tight one and this time I explored her mouth with my tongue for the first time and took her tongue in my mouth and sucked her saliva and she did the same with me. Then she finished this act and slowly came down my stomach and placed few kisses and moved towards my pant and kissed and bite my tool over it and she did the same what I did to her breasts over the tee.

She slowly unbuttoned and unzipped and kissed that unzipped area and I felt a thunder bolt in me and my dick was suffering to stay in my jockey. After some kisses she slowly pulled my pants and undi down and that made my dick to pop out like a straight iron rod (I have a big black dick of 6 to 7 inches sizing a small scale and thick in diameter which is more than enough to satisfy my lady love).

She was staring it surprised and excited about its size, I asked her take it in her mouth she refused first and I insisted to which she agreed n she was very bad at blow job then I took my lappy and browsed a video of blowjob and asked her to do the same, to my astonishment she was a quick learner and did the same using her mouth and hand.

She said she wanted to see cum shoot in air and continued the blowjob as I was about to shoot I told her she took her head aside and stroked my tool and in few seconds I shoot in air about 30cms (I was shocked to see that scene as I never tried so) it was like lava bursting out from a volcano.

She was smiling seeing it and I felt a little bit shy , she said this is your water gun at its action. And i said “now its time to dig your well deep inside for water”, she blushed. She was wearing a track pant as she generally wears so at home, I went down kissed her pussy over the track and loosened the thread.

I pulled it down a little bit and kissed her private hair as I was seeing a gals hair for the first time and I played with her pulling and kissing the hair with my lips to which she swiftly moved and moaned out of pleasure and was holding my head tight towards her. I wanted to see her in an undi and only remover the track and kissed over undi and the pulled it down making her completely nude.

She covered her face with her hands out of shy and blush. I went up and removed her hands and kissed her to make comfortable and whispered in her ears saying “you gonna love it baby” she replied with a kiss on my cheek.

I wanted to tease her so went down to her feet instead of pussy and started liking and kissing her feet, then slowly moved towards up kissing not even leaving an inch of her legs and came to her inner thighs and started biting and chewing those spongy thighs she was making some sounds and asking me not to bite.

I then placed my hand over her pussy and pinched it tight she shouted slowly, then started kissing gently for some time and increased speed in biting it and liking deep inside her vagina. I was licking in such a way that we as a child used to lick the ice cream cup after finishing the ice cream at each and every corner of it till we get satisfied there is no more cream.

As in my act of biting and licking she hold my head tight inside her pussy and had her first orgasm and squirted her juices in my mouth holding my head still with her hands and legs. I enjoyed it and raised my head and seen her face (oh god I really love to see that happiness over her face again n again).

I cleaned my face and we kissed passionately hugging each other naked for first time. We laid like that kissing for some time and asked her to try 69 position, I explained it and we were in 69 licking as soon I got my erection I told her I want to put my dick deep in her pussy she was feared a little bit as of the size and it was her first time and asked me about the safety.

As I was not having a condom and never went to medic for it I didn’t had it. I asked her whether she was in periods for this week for which she said no, then I said it wont be a problem and also I buy a pill for her (as I don’t want to break this in middle of action).

After requesting some time she agreed (my friend was a doc , he explained me things and that I said her), I went to place mine into her. It was tight (I always thought penetrating through vagina is easy but it is really bit difficult to penetrate through a virgin ) she was afraid of pain.

I slowly slid my head of cock at her entrance and tried she asked to stop, I slowly leaned over her and said how I like her , how I wanted her and then kissed her boobs, lips and suddenly pushed my dick in as she was comfort with my world forgetting the pain.

A lil bit of blood came that I didn’t wanted her to see so was leaning over her, was in that position for some time till she get normal and made a slow to n fro motion in that position( while in this act of love making I asked her “ who are U” to which she replied “ am your wife” I really got turned on and aroused to find such a beautiful gal) and then in a swift stroke entered entire cock inside her she shouted.

I kept that pressure inside her for some time now her pain reduced I asked her, started motion in and out in missionary position and then became wild in time and by kissing her I shoot my entire cum in her and she had the same pleasure.

We kissed each other got exhausted and laid there for some time that she was over me. I went and kept hot water for our bath, meanwhile by the time the water gets hot I asked her to suck my ball and she did it exactly well as like in the video and I got my full satisfaction hugged her went for a bath.

After bath she said let me clean you my husband then she did clean me and I did same with her. The sweetest part is we dressed each other, kissed and hugged. Then we both realized that it was about two hours by time that we were in the act of entire love making. We realized her mother would come at any time and departed with a beautiful kiss and hug. And in the evening I bought a pill for her if she needed.

This was my first n best experience, I tried to make it short but can’t make it as I am not able to forget each and every moment. Thanks for your patience. Forgive me for grammatical mistakes. any girls or women wanted to have good pleasure please contact me.

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