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Housewife Trapped By Watchman

My name is Lakshmi, I was married before 8 years after four years of my marriage my husband got a job in Dubai and he went there because he got a good salary it will help us to solve our financial problems at first he got a contract of three years. When he came back after three years and solves all our financial problems and then he again got an offer for 3 years to work in Dubai.

But this time I said don’t go to Dubai but he said if he works there for 3 years it will improve our financial status and he convinced me and went to Dubai. Ok let me tell about my self, I was studied and now I am a housewife we have a one daughter she is studying in 5th standard my age is 35 and I was very homely housewife I always like wear saree.

I was in white color and I have very long hair it will be up to my ass and it makes me more beautiful and my husband always say you are look like meena ( Tamil actress ), I was living in a apartment in Chennai there are six portions in our apartment two portions in each apartment and we are living second floor. In the top floor there will be one room it allocated for our apartment watchman.

Now the real story starts. one day after my daughter went to school I was cleaning all the rooms suddenly the bell rings I went and open the door it is our watchman he given one parcel to me said courier for you and replied thanks and closed the door.

I was busy in cleaning so I was not opened the parcel after completion of cleaning and sit in the sofa and saw the parcel there is no from address in the parcel and I opened and found one cd in the parcel there is nothing in the parcel. I insert the cd in to DVD player and switched on the TV and I was shocked to see the video. Someone has taken the video while I was changing the dress after bathI was started crying after seeing the video and thinking that is taken this and when.

After one hour I got msg from unknown number to my mobile. I open the msg it was ‘’ Hi darling r u saw the video’’. After saw that msg I was started crying again and thought someone is going to blackmail me then msg to him our conversations are given below.

Me; who are you?
He: you saw the video are not?
Me: S
He: You looking so beautiful when you are in nude
Me: You rascal tell me who are you otherwise I call police
He: ok call police they will also see the video

Me: please give me the original
He: Ok I will give but obey whatever I will say
Me: Ok
He: What is you Bra and Panty size?
Me: idiot what are you asking.

He: answer what I asked otherwise I publish this video in net.
Me: 36-30-36
He: Your husband is lucky but he is Dubai you are wasting your beauty
Me: please tell me who are you?
He: ok I will message you at 10Pm and say what you want to do.

After this I was msg and calling him continuously but there is no response from him, I was is very tension and I don’t know what to do further now the time was 4PM my daughter will come from school at 4.30, she came and at 8PM we had dinner and she went to bed at 8.30, I was waiting for msg. At 10PM I got the msg.

He: what are you doing?
Me: watching TV.
He: waiting for my msg?
Me: yes, please tell me what you want
He: finally you came to point.
Me: who are you?

He: what you are is wearing now?
Me: saree
He: which color
Me: Pink
He: you have black saree?
Me: yes

He: change you saree, not only saree your bra,panty, jacket all should be in black color
Me: why?
He; you look amazing in black dress
Me: you are coming to my house?
He: Do what I say don’t ask question.

I went to bedroom and my daughter was in deep sleep I changed my dress.
Me: changed my dress
He: Good, come out and lock your house.
Me: Done
He: come to top floor

And I went top floor know one is there, our watchman room is locked and there is no light is glowing I was in very tension and thinking who is this. After 5 mins our watch man door is open I saw the two men’s and I can’t find out who r they because there is no light there. I was assumed definitely one is our watchman and who is the other? They called me to come inside and I went in to the watchman room my heart beats fastly.

They closed the door and switched on the light and I was shocked to see them. I assumed correctly one is our watchman and another is our house owner is he is living in the ground floor. Let me tell about them our watch man name is ramesh and house owner name is raja both of them are black in color and both are more than 50 years old.

I asked them why are u doing this when u taken this video. Raja replied I already told you don’t ask question if you want the video you allow us to fuck you what are you saying I though you like my father please leave me . we are not forcing you if u want video do what I say otherwise go to home and I started crying and begging them but they are in strong in their point.

Ramesh said already half an hour gone don’t waste the time.

I stopped the crying and said if I submit myself then, you then delete the video hearing this both of them very happy and promised they will delete the video. Ramesh said Lakshmi let go to your home I said no my daughter is there raja she already in sleep and there is two bedroom so we go to another bedroom saying they moved.

I opened our door all went to bedroom both of them sit in bed and I was standing in the door, Ramesh told lakshmi close the door and come in I closed the door and went in and I saw both both are watching my boobs and ramesh stand up from bed come close to me and started kissing my lips he was kissed for more than 5 mins and told lakshmi you are so beautiful and go behind me and removed my saree and massaging my both boobs hardly then raja pulled me and sucking me navel.

Meantime ramesh removed my jacket and bra now I was in topless ramesh called raja to see the boobs then both are sucking my boobs in a quick time both are undressed now they are in nude I think ramesh cock was in 5 inch and raja cock was in 6 thick.

They asked me to suck there cock but I refused they forced and raja inserted in cock to my mouth and ask me to suck then I was sucked is cock and ramesh came near to me insert is cock to mouth

I sucked both the cock for about 10 mins. raja told ok lets fuck this bitch ramesh inserted is cock to my pussy at first he slowly insert it and out for three times then he started fast and fucking me fastly for about 10 mins and taken his cock and inserted it in to my mouth and he cummed all his load this is the first time I tasted the cum because I never allowed my husband to do this.

Now Raja came near me and he also fucked me very hardly for about 15 mins I was vey tired and ask him to leave but he was in no mood to leave then after 5 stokes he removed his cock and asking to suck his cock.i was done what he told he also cum all is load in my mouth. All are tired now and fall in to the bed there is a silent in the room for 10 mis then I broken the silence and asked the how u taken the video they both laughed and said. I will explain that in my second part and also I will say how they make me as there whore.

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