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I Lost My Virginity On A Dark Rainy Night

Hi guys and girls!!! I am Kamini from Mumbai. I am 24 years old. I am fair and 5’11” having a reasonably sexy figure of 32-26-34. I have been reading stories on this story since long time. Today I am posting my first story.

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This story is about how I lost my virginity to my boyfriend in the 11 standard itself. This incidence dates back to 2005 when I was in my first year junior college in Mumbai. It was 26th July, 2005. It was a nightmare in Mumbai city where the rains had locked the city for more than 24 hours.

I was from a small village in Gujarat. I was staying in Navi Mumbai on shared accommodation basis with a few of my classmates. Our college was in Borivali and had just started in first week of July. I did not know many people around. I joined a small group of 5-6 friends who used to travel to Navi Mumbai. However, there was one boy named Vinay who stayed in Borivali itself.

On the day of rains our college announced that you all can leave as there is a notice of high tide from weather department. By this time it was 5 pm. It was already raining heavily and roads had turned to river. That day from my group only I and Vinay were present. Vinay accompanied me till bus stop. But there were no busses there for almost 2 hours. Then we went to railway station there were no trains as well. It was 8 pm by now. Since there was nothing available Vinay asked me to come to his house. I thought for a while and agreed because waiting on roads is not so good.

I had worn a chiffon top and leggings. Due to rains I was totally wet and my chiffon top had turned to transparent top and by bra was visible clearly and my leggings were also revealing my panty lines. Vinay was also wet. During our walk from railway station to his house (it was 15 minutes) I noticed him staring at my bra and by ass at least 5-6 times. I was not feeling good. But I had no option.

Thus, I went to his house. He stayed there with his friends. But that day no one had returned. I was feeling awkward. But I entered his house. He offered me his towel and asked me to dry myself. But the towel was not enough I was drenching in wet clothes. He said if I don’t mind I can use his short and t-shirt. I was resisting but he insisted. I was also starting to feel cold so I accepted and went to bathroom with his shorts and t shirt. My bra and panty were also completely drenched.

So I removed them also and wore t-shirt and the ¾th shorts. The t-shirt was very loose and since it was light in colour my nipples were seen easily. It covered by pubic area from front and half butt. And the shorts were loose I was holding it with my hands. I came out of bathroom and went to the drawing room. Vinay had arranged for some snacks as dinner was not available. I sat on the sofa and released my hand from the shorts to have food.

We started discussing our childhood and were involved so much we did not realise it was 1 in the night. Then I said that I will clean the plates. So I got up and forgot to catch the short. As soon as I got up the shorts came down and I was in t-shirt only.

Vinay was staring at my ass as I had moved ahead. I was in shock so I just stood there. Suddenly realising the blunder I ran to the kitchen and asked Vinay for the shorts. He said it’s not fair. I saw you without pants. How can I be in my shorts? He removed his shorts and his underwear. I could see his dick. It was rock hard. I felt ashamed and went running in the kitchen.

He followed me and said “look there is no one else in the room and you need not feel shy. We are grownups now and can stay like this if wish to.” I did not react and I was facing the wall. He removed his t-shirt also and came from behind and lifted my t shirt from my ass. He was rock hard and hot. I could feel from the touch of his dick. I was never before in this situation so did not know how to react. He kept his dick on my ass crack and hugged me from behind. He said, “I love you Kamini. I love you from the very first day I saw you.” I did not reply and he continued to say some romantic statements but I was so feared I did not hear those.

Finally he turned me around and kissed me on my lips and pressed my boobs with his hands. I was on 7th cloud by now. I was also aroused. His dick was now touching my pussy. I was very excited but was not able to speak even a word. He tore his t-shirt which I had worn and lifted me and took to his bedroom. I was totally shocked. He made me lie on his bed and started kissing from my forehead, then my eyes, cheeks, chin, nose, ears, neck and then on my boobs. He started sucking them for 5-10 mins he was just sucking my boobs and I was moaning.

Then he went down and kissed my navel and started touching my wet pussy. He inserted one finger inside and started massaging my clit. I was getting higher and higher. Then he kissed on my pussy and started putting his tongue. It was a huge pleasure. I was excited as well as ashamed. He put some spit on my pussy and them kept his dick on my pussy. I said no it will pain a lot. He said don’t worry maximum it will pain for 5-10 mins then you will feel like in heaven. I resisted a bit. But he continued. He slowly started inserting his dick in my pussy. In first stroke it pained a lot so he waited for a while and then he gave another strong jerk. This time it pained a lot and he entered inside.

Since I was about to shout he kissed me. He then started giving me slow strokes and started to give more strong movements. I had started enjoying this and thus I stopped shouting. He stopped kissing and started giving faster strokes. I had started feeling the heat and I had my first orgasm. He realised that and started to give even faster strokes. He fucked me for 15-20 mins and then he also came in my pussy. He was satisfied and so was I. He slept on me with his pussy in me and I also hugged him tightly.

After 3-4 hours about 6 in the morning I got up. It was then that I realised I had lost my virginity and over that I allowed Vinay to cum in me. I got up from bed and started scolding Vinay. He said “relax, you can take a pill and every thing will be alright.” I argued a bit but then kept quiet and sat near the window. We were still naked.

After a while Vinay wore his clothes went out and brought the pills and some food. Then he said that since I am taking the pill can we have one more round? I denied straight away and started going to bathroom. He came from behind took hold of me and touched his dick on my pussy. I was excited again and could not resist. We fucked hard this time for an hour and again Vinay came in me.Then I had food and took the pill. I wore my clothes and went to my house.

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