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My Illegitimate Children With My Brother In Law

This story is all about Illegitimate Children by BIL. My name is Tricia and I am a thick Italian Puerto Rican woman with a nice thick ass thick size perky size 36 tits with brown nipples . I am currently married to a long dick Indian man named basharr. He is very nasty to me and we perform a cuckold at least once a week with different black man until I fell in love with my white brother-in-law at orange beach Alabama .

I have had a lot of sex with lots of different men mainly dark man black man Negros to be exact. I remember my first fuck in our affluent neighborhood a long dick black man named quinnton wore my tight little pussy out my mother actually called me and my sister fucking the same black guy . As time went on I got married to Well endowed Indian man named Bashaar. He was very wealthy and owned a chain of gas stations.

Me and him married in India in a traditional ceremony in which his father fucked me in the floor and came all in my pussy . It was a disaster is for is a marriage ceremony goes but everybody was drunk on Indian liquer. My sister Lisa has a husband named Chris and I had a thing for him ever since they got married . He was a 6 foot white blonde haired guy was really nice and I actually asked my sister what color Pubic hair he had and she told me it was very blonde in a covered his entire balls and around his 7 inch dick .

I also told my sister Mildred I wanted to fuck Chris at the soonest opportunity. We sing at a family vacation at the beach and Lisa took my father out for a stroll around the town while I was busy fixing Chris breakfast. Are usually don’t talk to white man but he was different is I have heard legendary stories about his sensual fucking . I put on my bikini which was made of a black Lycra satin mix and my breasts and ass were popping this seems almost waiting to get out me and my sister Mildred had very revealing Bikinis on because our husbands were not there and we plan to hook up with two well endowed black man that we had met earlier on the beach .

I decided to just go for the hell of it and ask Chris for some sex so I open the door and saw him start naked putting on his turquoise colored thong. I close the door behind me and before he could pull his tongue up he got An immediate erection almost. I told him I wanted to have sex with him and he said yes and I let my panties slip off and my black bra hit the floor. Chris and me were constantly looking at each other and he looked at my ass all the time he told me to turn around and he played with my ass and licked my asshole.

I laid on the bed and I spread my thighs and Chris grab hold of my ankles and stuck his pretty wife penis in my dark hispanic vagina. He started pumping me so furiously in Savagelike he had never had pussy before in his life. He had a map they can Spanish legs spread and he came in me seven times that afternoon and my sister Mildred Bautista also came in and got a taste of the pure white dick he had offer . We still have a sexual relationship to this day and Chris has fathered four kids age by me and Mildred. All of the kids are blond headed Caucasian Hispanic babies which are very beautiful .

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