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Jothy Aunt Anal Sex Fun In chennai

This is story of my landlord aunt anal sex fun. Hi.. I am from chennai.. its a stroy of my house owner daugher in law. We stayed for rent for a year and i call jothi as aunt bcz i was doing my school and her age was 24 and newly married so i was unable to ger close to her.

Then after a year my dad constructed new house and we moved.. later time passed i did my higher education in some other state and joined job there. After some 6 yeara i again moved chennai and got good job and life was moving smooth.

I used to stay alone in a house in chennai and only week end i go home bcz my home is 70 km away from office. So on one begining i satarted from my home and i saw her in bus stand waiting for bus. I went near and stopped my car and said hi and she to identifies me..

I asked where r u going and she reponded stating going for job in chennai.. oh thats cool i am going chennai so pls come in.. ahe heartedly came in and we started. So she was asked al formal question and said she is happy by seeing me in a good job. I said its ok aunt.. and my eyes are on her boob bcz she became more sexy..

I said i was stating alone and week end i come home.. and requeated her to pls come with me after office so that i drop her.. bcz i dont want to miss her..i got her number

So days paases and every week end and week beging i uses to pick and drop.. in one week end i called her and said i will be late so u go home.. she asked why i said i have to do some shopping so go she said shall i join in u r shopping bcz i said it will get late and we reach hime by 11 . She said its. She many rime go home by 11 by doing over duty .. i was happy and picked her..

I did my shopping and took her to a textile shop i said i want to gift u some time and she said ok.. i was shoked and said ok so what dreas u like take.. she finally took a sarry for 2500 i paid and i saw her mobile is a normal so bought her a android phone she was so happy..

While going i installed whats app and said all.details.. i often she her big boob and she too know but allows me..

I dropped her and went home in mid night i got a whats app msg and its her msg.. she is not good much in english but still said thanks for all amd send a normal pic of her..

I responded her we was texting in nxt week monday morning she wearing new sarry and i picked her.. i praised her lot amd she ia so happy.. i asked her can u put leave for office bcz i want to take her out for a movie so first said no bcz i pleased her and ahe said ok.. we went for movie and lunch dinner and enjoyed lot.. at night while droping i said i am so happy and need u photo she said ok i will send u a pic which bring more happy ness.. i got her green signal..

In mid night i got msg of her pic wearing nighty which is low neck . I was disappointed and said is this is u r surpise pic. She said one more pic by opening one of her nighty button i still.responded with anger smily.. she send one more pic with 2 button open.. again i send anger smily but there is no reply..

Next she called and said sorry i asked why sorry she said i know what u need so tomoro pic me i tell al detail

Next day i picked her and saw a bag in her hand . I asked her whats that she said that she is going for a office tour for three days.. i said ok.. then suddenly she touch my cock and said its the destination of the tour. Oh god i was shocked and stopped car. And by seeing her boob said really.. she said if its not a road then i will show my boob and tel ya ita really..

I got so honey and said we go to our home no one there.. ahe said no v go office today and pick me evening and we wil enoy next three days..

I afternoon in luch she called me and while speaking she is so open.. she said i need wild sex so hope u dont disappoint me.. for next 3 days kill me with u wishes.. and buy drinks also

Evening i bought some good hot drinks and picked her.once i entered home she hugged me from back and said i need u my handsome.. u think that u r lucky to fuck me but the real is i am lucky to get fucked by u..

By hearing this i relaxed and kept al stuff in tabel..

She asked me to get change til that she wil prepare drink and srrange food.. i got fresh and came back and she also went in and got fresh and came in.

We sat on sofa and had 2 round and then ahe said that since ita first time she going habe sez other then her hubby so she feel so shy buy since she need hard core bvz ahe not have sex for more than year.. so to remove al shy ness she had drink. Ahe said she uae to drink while doing colleage..

She then took a cloth and tied on my eyes and gave one more drink and said have it.. i was confused what she doinh then suddenly she took my hand and kept on her boob.. omg she got nude but closed my eyes and said now first feel my full body..

Since she had 3 round drink so i can press her boobs and enjoy whole body with full mood.. i was pressing her boob and kissing her and i felt her boob big and nipples too..

Her nipples got hard and still i was pressing extreamly and she said nalla panu innum ilu nalla..

Ohj god i feel a new experience then she removed my pant and boxer and shaked my penis.. i felt my penis so bih first time.. its grown full length of 7 and so thick.. she said u r penis so strong and big sure her pussy need a good streach or it will tear the hole.. by hearing i was out of control..

She took me to bed room by close eyes and kept my hear on her pussy and asked me eyes.. ohh its a deep pink with small hole and big pussy lips.. i was freezed for few second and started licking as a hungry dog.. she pushed my head as much possible .. i was kissing likking biting her pussy lips and pulling ohh the sexy aroma and wet pussy..

After some 15 minutes i reambered that yet i have not seen her boob.. then i saw her boobs those are big and massive.. i slapped on her boobs and pulled ner nipple.. ahe was in extream mood.

She toom my penis in mouth and sucked i was hitting in deep in her mouth.. she was unable to inhale air but still giving me full support.. she slipt on it and sucked very deep in between took my penis and beated on boob heavly.. she said take me tear me.. damage my boobs and nipple.. so what ever u want..

I has enough forplay.. now its time to fuck.. she said she will suck amd open her pussy wide i have to push my while.penis in one shot.. so that her two year hunger get in to painfull.pleasure

I was scared but still even i was drunked so i said ok let do it..

Now she kept a pillow back side and wided her legs by both hands and i holded my pening and give a full power pack shot

She screamed un high pich .. oh its my best shot till day. Her pussy was tight and graped my complete penis full inside

It was so warn and slippy.. then after few minutes she said its the best and i started fucking

In speed and flown my juice in her pussy i cum too much i thay session

Reallyyy awasom.

Drop me u r reaponse so that i tell next 2 session.. and the hiw itook her ass vergin in day 2 . Few hints of our nezt seasions like 100 quick short with out loosing cum,maximim boob press fuck session,pussy lips pulling extream,clips on pussy and nipple torrure sex.. next story wil be only on demand.. and aunty interested can mai me.. but i wil do al i msg and no meeting pls.

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