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I Just Completed My Medical Graduation

Hello friends this is my first story . I am Dr. Dinesh, this story dates back to 2009. i had just completed my medical graduation and was working with well reputed ICU of my town. I had no gf so far although I was Dr, as, in my collage life I was studious student and was always busy with my books and practicals.

But now, I was a free bird, willing to achieve new heights, and I have had achieved a good name by my intelligence and dedication towards patients. Only thing, I felt , lacking in my life was a beautiful girl who would love me.

Once I was traveling to my sisters place located near Aurangabad. I got into bus and sat on seat. A girl wearing scarf entered into a bus… our eyes mate and she came forward and sat beside me, I was happy as heaven, and horny as myself!!! But I didn’t dare talking with her .as I Told ya folks that I am a avid reader, I was peeping into a newspaper of a person sitting right next to me. And this made the girl laugh. This started a conversation between us.

I: I saw something interesting and was trying to read it.

She: yes I saw that, and that made me laugh.

I: I like reading a lot.

She: what do you do?

I : I am a Doctor …. I work in xyz hosp.

She: hum… you drs are geek always reading and reading.

( I`ll narrate Next conversation in short)

I asked her what does she she do

She: D.Ed, but I had taken admission in nursing collage but my father cancelled it.(now started how much she wanted to do nursing and I work in medical field) I said why don’t you take admission in my town, started little beat flirting with her that I know a nursing institution, i`ll manage her admission , a job and residence.. etc and gave her my no.

Meanwhile as the buses are crowded on that route , my right arm was touching her left arm, and making me horny. I tried to touch her boobs but sensing her uncomfort, later stopped. we kept talking until my stop came, until now I had impressed her, aur mere man me khushi ke laddu fut rahe the…when my stop neared I got up and went to door, and looked behind..Man ! she was looking desperately at me , so I gave her a smile.we kept smiling at each other until bus stopped, I gave a bye by my eyes…her eyes to bid farewell, and got down.

Actually I didn’t want to get down, but had to, as I had my timetable fixed for the day. Upon reaching sister`s home I received a call from an unknown no… and to my surprise it was her. I was too much joyous and exited to receive her call so immediately. She had called from her sis mobile.

We talked a bit , and she was also willing to speak lot with me,as if we knew each other since long time. In severe excitation, I proposed her in first call!! and she said: itkya lavkar? (Means so early!!) I said yes itkya lavkar cause liked you. We chated like gf-bf … asked about each others. Hobbies etc…

Then our talking increased on phone, It took me another week to start phone sex with her.. and finally we decided to meet, at a place, none else than her home! He parents and brother were going out of town for two days. and she was going to be alone with her elder sis. she informed me and , I took leave immediately .

I caught an early bus travelled one and half hr and reached to her town, and called her –she gave me her address I got an auto but still had to walk a long distance to reach her home.

Meanwhile she was directing me to her address. Upon reaching home. I saw her first time she had wore Punjabi dress and was looking like sex goddess. Sex was oozing from her eyes. She welcomed me, there was her sis also, who was looking average. we all (me she and her sis) sat Chit-chated for a while and had a tea.

I and she was feeling horny from inside but were not able to do anything because of her sis, so in the name of showing her room she took me into her room. I must describe her now. She was 5’4” , lean and thin 46 kg (figure would be 30-28 Her figure would remind anyone of amrita rao,) Wheatish complexion.. but what was very important at that time was that she was way to much horny !! her body was emitting huge pheromones to make any male aroused!!! After entering her room she showed me her room, room from which she used to call me and have phone sex.

Then I closed door, and we started becoming very intimate, I took her in my arms hugged her for five min… man that was first time when I was hugging a woman body.. I was feeling like I have achieved something which completed me, I was in trance not able to comprehend what was happening with me…

I was just enjoying the female touch, smooth… divine…. Her Fragrance was in air. I kissed her … I even now, don’t know for how long we were kissing.. we were aroused to level of no return.. a level where if someone would intrude we would have killed him. Then I made her sleep on her bed got on her and was kissing her as if world is going end. Pulled up a her Punjabi dress the first time I was seeing boobs of girl (beside patients) this again sent me into trance …

I removed her small white bra which was hiding my treasure and started fondling her boobs like a mad ,as if she was sent on earth by gods just for me , to be enjoyed on this awesome day. I literally forgot not only her sis sitting in hall ,but whole world.

I was kissing her small boobs , my feast, and kissing her on abdomen, naval area, and removed nadi of her pant, to my surprise she was not wearing any underwear, I made her sleep on back … again started kissing her on boobs,on neck, on lips… everywhere on face.

Until now I was in my baniyan and pants .Andow I took of my clothes ..put a pillow below her waist. and came in between her legs. Took my tool and kept on entrance of her pussy…

as I gave swift push my half tool went inside .. and again in next 2-3 pushes I entered her fully.. shewas like cat gone mad… moving her head side to side and enjoying the penetration, and suddenly arched herself upwards in excitation. in another 2-3 minutes. I was like, literally unable to absorb the happiness of blissful sex, and was fucking her in best possible way…

I was so taken by joy of fuck that I even didn’t look at her.. I just kept her pounding… her condition was not different than this, she was also not able to bear happiness of fuck, was moving her whole body in rhythm with me…sometimes moving her head side t side … i was tired like a hell, so was she…

I lied on her for few minutes…she too,was lying below me peacefully,,, then after few min she moved and signaled me to get off her , we soon regained that her sis is sitting in a hall, Man we had fucked without condoms. I was not worried at all , as I thought that probability of woman ovulating on that day was (1/30) (actually 1/26 precisely) . we wore our clothes and went to hall . her sister was sitting there watching tv. We knew that she knew we had fuck.. but that didn’t seem very abnormal to any of us. I’ll write rest story in next part .

This was my first story, so forgive me for my mistakes. Fellas please reply me below so I can write about my another affair with a girl whom I loved seriously but who cheated me. Now ,unfortunately I am married to very unromantic wife and has to curb my sex desire since marriage so any unsatisfied women /divorcee/girl around Aurangabad, beed osmanabad can contact me. I am a Dr so privacy and secrecy is must, and I do respect secrecy of yours too. We can plan and have nice session together.bye will be waiting for your reply.

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