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Losing Virginity To Tuition Madam

This is the story of the most existing sexual part of my life and how I lost my virginity. To give you all a little background on me then… I come from a very traditional family and like all other boys that age I was excited on women and used to masturbate a lot. Some of us close friends used to have a competition at times to see how is the best to come at the last with one guy timing us on a porn movie. However I have never seen a girl naked or thought it would happen in near future. I was 5.5 feet tall well built and had a penis which was 5.5-6 inches long which was the 2nd longest among the group and thickest at 4 inch thickness.

I was in was not good on maths so was sent for a match summer tuition in the locality. The tutor was a lady –sandya madam. She was in her early 30s and some msc in maths. First day I went for tuition I found her to be very friendly and supportive in making me understand the challenges in maths. I kind of liked her friendliness. After few weeks I got used to the tuition and became friendly with madam. Over time I learnt that she is married but her husband works in the Dubai and comes once in 6 months. She was very slim – not thing but slim and tall. Somehow I started feeling her to be in command of the class and felt she is the boss. She used to take no nonsense and expected everyone to do their work on time.

Over time I somehow started fantasizing about her back at home during masturbation. Slowly to get more excited I used to peek into her cleavage, ass, or navel whenever I got a chance but used to very scared while looking. One day while I was looking at her cleavage she saw me…. I was very nervous but she didn’t mention that any further.

After that I somehow I felt scared and didn’t think of her much. Then after the 1st month there was the tuition test where she used to give inputs to the students 1-1 on their score. When my chance came I was in a shorts and t-shirt that day and went for the classes.

In the session I was alone with the teacher and looking at the paper. I didn’t notice at first but looking back now during that session sandya madam started rubbing my thighs slowly as she was explaining the answers to me. I was somehow getting excited but not aware….Then in the next class the same happened and I started getting erect. Being a short pant the erection was showing up clearly. Then something unexpected happened…sandya madam asked me if I enjoy sex…. I was shocked and see smiled. She asked me to focus on the math and continued her work. After the class she asked me to stay back for special tuition. I was little excited and also scared.

After everyone left she asked me to come close to her and sit next to her. As we were learning she slowly rubbed my thighs again and I started shivering. She smiled and put her hand inside my t-shirt. I was scared and told that I want to go but she got angry and threatened me that if I don’t cooperate she will tell everyone that I tried to misbehave with her. I was now very scared and it showed on my face. She was totally in command now. I agreed to her needs.

She then put her hand again in my t-shirt and touched my nipples. I felt a current passing in my body…was scared but also excited. She then pinched them slowly and as I was completely new to sex I let out a ahhh sound and she felt more excited. She took my shirt off and I was bare chested for first time in front of a women. She felt my muscles and smelled my arm pits which I felt were embarrassing.

She later told me that the smell of a man’s sweat is a very big turn on for women. By now I was shivering but also wanted to taste her. I guess she knew that and slowly took of her saree revealing her cleavage which for me was like sweet juicy mango…you know what I mean if you have not had sex and are viewing tight firm breasts……but she did not allow me to touch them and said she will make me ready for sex which I didn’t realize then was a form of torture …..

She then kissed me on my nipples and sucked them…i was heard of these and seen in videos but nothing prepares you for the real thing…it was like a trip to heaven…. I was getting really erect and couldn’t control it in the pants. She started licking my ears and telling how she was fucked for the first time by her boyfriend and how the penis goes deep inside a girl and how she screamed when it went inside fully. Then she told that her husband is not able to satisfy her with such a penis and she asked me will I have the penis to satisfy her and how deep can I push it. I as about to cum but didn’t know what to do but was desperate to lick her boobs…she asked me to take off my pant but not the boxer and I started literally shivering and want to move out but couldn’t control the urge to have sex so removed my pant.

By now she was becoming a hungry cat and removed her blouse and asked me smell her armpits …it was like some amazing taste that I cant describe I just kept licking the armpits and it was tasting salty with the sweat and a nice smell…. I then understood how people really are supposed to get aroused- not the movies but the real smell of a women. I then somehow got mad and pushed her back and squeezed her breasts…she screamed of pain and I felt being a man….She bit me on my shoulder and bit my lips ….

She then said in my ears that she wants a strong man and liked the aggression and that her husband was not strong in sex…. I kissed her deep in the lips and we moved to her sofa.

Then she did something which made me go mad…she asked me to close my eyes and after a minute I felt a finger near my nose…it had a pungent smell but somehow I liked it…she then slowly told me ear that she inserted the finger up her asshole and this is the smell of her soft brown asshole…..I had never seen anal sex or into it till then for masturbation but somehow I went wild and sucked that finger…she started laughing and said I will get my chance to eat the hole itself if I listen to her……she then removed her bra and covered her nipples and told me to come to mama and suck the nipples….I just jumped on her she was laughing as she knew that I am at her command now….

I started licking and sucking the nipples I don’t know if that is how it is to be done but at that time I didn’t care….The nipples were pink and the area around were light brown with the breasts white wow I don’t know how much time went but she kept making noises like aaaa yessss suck it boy and I just didn’t want it to end…..I took a break and what I see are two breasts full of saliva …. I felt ashamed but didn’t want to stop but she now asked me to stop and that now it is her turn to enjoy…..

She asked me to lie down and then put something on my eye that I now realize is the eye patch they give you in flight for sleeping…..Then she again told how she was fucked earlier by others and asked me if I am a man enough for her and will I satisfy her in any and all ways…i said yes and she kissed me ….Now I was not able to see…..Then I felt the rear electric current when she put her hand inside my boxer and touched by hot erect 6 inch cock…..It was the first time a women was touching it and I must say to all virgins reading it…it is nothing like how you touch it for masturbation….There is something heavenly in their soft hands……she then asked me to quiet and lie down and that a virgin penis is a fresh banana to be peeled and eaten. She then stripped me of my boxer and that feeling of having a erect penis in front of a girl is amazing….I just wanted to cum….

She slowly rubbed the penis but held the balls tight and later told me that it is to hold off my shooting the load too soon….I started shaking and she laughed that the penis is pretty big for a boy of my age…that somehow made my manhood raise more in pride…..I guess she said that intentionally. Then she suddenly pushed my skin down with tight force…it pained a bit and I sort of screamed…i have never pulled my foreskin to this extent and used to come much before but what she did was awesome….

Then she put a ring around the penis that I now know is a cock ring…..Then it was all new to me and slightly painful as well…she then started rubbing her fingers on the gap/opening at the tip of the penis and it was all hell breaking loose….

She then licked that and told me that the pre cum is very musky and thick and she likes that in men…..Then she spread my ass and rubbed the opening of my asshole. To be honest I don’t clean my self well unless taking bath and that day it was not clean but she somehow liked it dirty and was keeping on rubbing the opening and occasionally inserting it into the asshole. Every time she fingered my hole my cock used to itch and I felt like coming but the ring on my cock was making it difficult to come and it was very painful…

I pleaded with her to let me cum but every time I ask she used to spank my penis…. After few insertions in one go she thrust her whole middle finger up my asshole and I just let out a cry ….I really wanted to cum plss but she didn’t allow and started kissing me on my asshole and licking it like a dog….She then kissed me ad I could feel the smell of my asshole and didn’t really know how she liked it but she did and inserted again…..

Later after many days I realized why she was so mad with me asshole and that is a separate story…for now this was all getting to my head and all I wanted to do was to push her and insert into her…i guess it was the animal instinct in me that time but due to the nervousness I just lied there being fingered and licked. After some time she sat on my face -69 position with her panty off….

I spelled a pussy for first time and just started licking like a dog..I don’t know what I licked was her urine or her juice I was just overjoyed to keep licking. She then spread her ass and asked me to lick her hole and firt time I was kind of shocked as it was dirty too…she forced me to lick it clean and after the first two licks I somehow started liking the act…i felt like a horny animal mating with a female one…..I guess this sounds disgusting for few but trust me when you are in it for first time the animal in you just enjoys it…..

While I was licking her asshole clean she kept sucking my penis and pushing the ring down further which started hurting….I then inserted my finger up her asshole to give back the pain and heard a aaaah sound from her…which I liked. By now her pussy was wet and soft. She then turned facing me and slowly sat on my penis. I was really erect and she just went in like a butter and make noises like aaaah …. I got mad and thrust I deep into her with full force and she screamed which I enjoyed. She then started biting my lips and pushing herself deeper on the penis. It was like she riding a pole.

After few strokes both of us got into a rhythm. Good that she put that ring on my penis that I didn’t cum and enjoyed every bit of the insertion. After some time we got tired and she laid next to me. I kept sucking her nipples and she kept rubbing the penis.

Then she removed the ring from the cock and asked me to release myself deep inside her. It was my first time and I was really looking towards it….So I spread her legs and pushed the cock into her with full force she struggled a bit and screamed but now I was in command so I held her tight and kept pushing …in few minutes I felt her juices around me penis and I was also fully excited. Then she suddenly put her finger inside my hole and asked me to release and I had it…i started releasing my thick sperm into her womb …. I am sure I came a lot as I could feel it and she too said that it was great feeling me release….

I took the penis out after 10 min and could see lot of semen coming out of her. She asked me to lick anything dripping out and I gladly did it and kissed her with my tongue …she said my sperm is tasty and thick and she enjoyed it very well.

That was the first of our many subsequent sex sessions some of they were very exciting with threesomes and group encounters all for the first time…. That for a later time. Let me know if you enjoyed this story.

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