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Lovely Aunt From Office Was Alone

Hey all!! I am Amey(Name changed) from Bangalore. Basically i’m great follower of sex stories(especially Lovely Aunt & neighbour stories)

This is my first story on any site and its a privilege to write on here. Apology for any Typo/Grammar.

Myself Amey of 27 single, i’m about 5.7’ft maintain athlete physic with good shaft(6 inch to be honest) having interest in Women beyond my age. I believe in “Old is Gold” concept that may be the reason to attract to older women.

Let me start with my story, My lust after my college which i could say love to my angel Sushma(30) was married with a kid, the name itself give eroticism in me.I was tied up with IT firm in bangalore and was moved to pune for few months coz of project and there i saw the mail regards to her joining the company in bangalore felt a crush on her which made me flew back to bangalore to see her beautiful face.

Our initial conversation was bit formal and routine with smiles. once we accidentally met at signal after our ofc which was catalyst to the story. I ask her about her whereabouts and to the surprise she lives near my house and exchanged numbers. As it was weekend i formally greeted her and sent few frwd messages and trust me replies were prompt, so our conversations continued further.

Couple of days later for my hard luck it was Rakhi bandhan and i couldn’t able to chat with her coz of my work and at the EOD around 11pm got a beep n i surprised to see her msg saying ‘Hey u didn’t chat with me coz i would tie a knot to u!!’ then i replied “No not at all, im glad u texted me” and so on she started to pull my leg to the counter i said “I dont tie band’s from beautiful and lovely ladies” and she blushed n the day was off.

From then she started to seduce me at office and hang out for coffee after office. Soon we reached to the stage that we used have sex chats and used to fantasize each other, used to meet everyday at our parking lobby n slowly i got courage to touch her and kiss on her checks and this was the daily routine. This used to make my shaft as Hercules sword.

One day for my luck she took a day off to take care of her child as her husband was out of town on some work. This where the story begins… She texted me as usual and after few conversations she said she feels lonely and initially thought she must had bit argued with her husband last nite so might have felt that and to console her i called her then came to know that she was alone with kid. Till the conversation ends i was at her door steps and asked her to see who is at the door who is knocking continuous, When she opened the door she was awe struck and was in shock to see me.

After few minutes asked me to come in, and sat on sofa n was talking casually went of kitchen to get me coffee and me being romantic immediately hold her waist from behind and planted kiss on her neck for that she started moaning. She immediately responded with smooch knowing kid was asleep and continued smooching for 10 mins and playing with each others tongue. Then she guide me to her bed room as this was the first i been to her house.

We continued the smooch for about 10 mins n bit my lip as she as the habit of doing so, which made me more romantic n lust and slow started to undress each other and with in no time we were naked and was shock to see her nude and trust me she as such a lovely shape with milky skin tone n nipples pink which turning me like a mad jackal.

Then started kissing all over her body and to be honest the most wonderful part which i fell for her is her armpits(which i like the most) which turns me erotic and licked it as no other day left n did for about 15 mins and parallely rubbing her tits which was big enough to cover my face off. She started mounning loudly oouhh… ahha… ouchh…. as i started to bit her neck back and kissing her below neck.

Then slowly i came down for her big round navel and bit hairy pussy with her erotic pussy smell made me suck her pussy like hell which made her juices flow and i drank them all, this continued and then turned her and started to spankle her which she deliberately said so for which her ass became red for this return i asked to suck my shaft which she didn’t do with her husband ever and didn’t want to suck mine too coz she doesn’t like it.

So i gave a tip to use chocolate syrup/honey and instantly she got a bottle of choco syrup an applied on my penis and started to suck slowly then gradually speed increased and i came in her month which she took it all, and thanked me for the idea which she missed in her life.

It was my turn to screw her on bed so i randomly applied syrup on her n my body and we had a game that who completes to lick first on others body which turned funny and made to lick each other ass hole which was amazing experience and then slowly i started to insert my shaft into her and it was so tight that literally tearing each other with pain n lust and later came to know that she didnt had sex with her husband since an yr this made me more exotic and was stroking furiously for which she was shouting with pain and enjoying also her juices started flowing all over my shaft inside her warm pussy.

Then we changed to 69 and also made in doggy style and then i told her was about to come then she guided to make her on top of me an fuck her more in mean time we both came n i flooded my load into her pussy and collapsed on her still for 15 mins and again she started seducing stroking my shaft for next repeated the session and again fucked her in various positions and later both took bath together and did one more time.

This continued for about 6 months and her husband started to doubt her so we mutually stopped and continued with our lifes and changed the company as well. This lady is the most memorial able part in my life and i stil shagg thinking of her. Please do comment your views on my xperince and any unsatisfied Ladies/Women in bangalore who wants the secret relation/pleasure do drop me.

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