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She Was Lying Naked On My Bed

Renuka is my neighbor in the same top floor of my building. She stays with her hubby & couple of his kids. Well looking at her no one is gonna say that she the mother of two. Typical Indian woman.. Ample boobs, appropriate booty..Sexy smile. A figure of 36-30-38..Best part her navel..Super sexy.!! How did I observe all this??? She used to regularly come to the terrace to dry their clothes & the terrace is next to my flat. So from there our story starts..

After that eventful night when renuka seen me making love with kritika,  renuka’s behavior changed towards me. Next day she had come to my home to take sugar,but dropped enough hints that she too is interested in doing something with me. I too started taking interest in her gradually. Used to help in drying her clothes & doing small stuffs..

That got us close. One evening I invited her to join me for tea. Since her hubby was out of station it wasn’t so difficult for her to say yes. At 6pm she rang my bell. I was stunned to see her the moment I opened the door.. Standing in a beautiful black sari tucked below her navel..

R- will you keep staring or allow me in ?? As if seeing me first time!!

A-oh sorry..Please get in..(silence for few secs).. You are worth seeing & admiring!! What can I do!!

R-oh c’mon..

We got to the coffee table and started chatting.

R- soo..You never told me about your gfs…how many do you have..??

A-i don’t have a permanent one..

R- why so..You are good looking..I’m sure you are lying..

A-whats good in me..

She stumbled a couple of times & replied..

R- I got got a good physique strong, tall, dark..&..


R- well..Leave it..(silence)..You look hungry!!!

A-yaaa..That i’m… hungry..

Laughter from both of us while for the first time I felt her skin in touching ..Wow..Smooth as silk!!

We kept flirting till her kids disturbed us and she had to leave, unwillingly though.

Whole night I was thinking of how good she must be on bed and how hungry she must be to tell me so boldly that I look hungry to her.She must not be having enough from her hubby because of which she is showing interest in me…i rued the missed chance..

But next morning was the best chance..At around 11amm she came to dry her cloths on the terrace. Meanwhile I had just came out of my bath & went to the terrace to dry my clothes. I was in just my towels. She was standing there, facing the other side..Her tempting butts & back was there for me to feast. I got a sudden urge to grab & drag her to my room for a passionate lovemaking..& I responded to my urge.. I rushed towards her & grabbed her from behind. She was shocked, surprised yet happy..

R-addiiii….What are you doing..Leave me..We are in the open. Please..

A-don’t say anything renu..I’m mad for you..

R-me too but we are on the terrace..

I kept squeezing her boobs and her whole body for quite sometime.I was rubbing my naked body to hers to get her excited. The towel which I had put had already slipped off and my naked ,hard, erect dick was pushing into her butt crack..Suddenly she turned around & looked into my eyes lustily..I couldn’t control & smooched her there only. She broke the smooch & told me..

R- take me inside and get inside me..Ravage your renuka!!!

I lifted her and took her into my room. We were so lost in each other that we forgot to close the door. Our tongues were playing with each other and I was biting her lips. Meanwhile I was tearing apart her cloths..I literally tore her blouse and petticoat!!..Her hairs were disheveled..Sari coming of her body exposing her sumptuous boobs and white thighs..I removed her clothes like a kid unwrapping his gift.. & yes the gift was fabulous..

She was lying naked on my bed. Lost in the heat ..Eyes closed..Hairs disturbed..Her body writhing in the pain & pleasure of long awaited physical satisfaction!! I behold this sight for a while. Then jump into the valley of love between her thighs.. Started licking her clean shaven pussy like ice cream..& she was leaking already. I moved my hands towards her lovely boobs.. Her nipples resembled a cherry placed on top of an ice cream.. I bit both her boobs and squeezed them to my hearts content..

R- play with my body adi..It needs a lot of attention..

A-ya i’ll..I’ll play with your body whole day..Everyday..Every night..Every moment..

R-fill me..Show me your love making skills..Satisfy me..

I kept playing with her body for long..Playing with her boobs..Spanking her butts..Circling her navel with my tongue..Biting her ears..Licking her neck…all this made her moan non stop.

R-aahhhhh!!!! Adddiiii.. Is this heavevvenss…i’m flyyingg adi…aahahaahh!!! Don’t tease me more..Fill me..

I took my hammer and placed it at the entry of her lovehole..She started breathing faster.. In a single stroke I plunged my hammer inside her. She gave out a loud shout. It was really tight, hubby must not be using it. I waited for her to calm down & started with slow strokes.. With my pace her moans started to grow..Soon I was fucking her with my brute force and she was moaning ..Both out of pleasure and pain..I was riding her in missionary position. I turned her over to doggy position and she started moaning even louder..

R- you know how to fuck and fill a lady..You have fucked to my hearts content adiii..Just fill my hole with your hot lava..

After fucking her for nearly 45 mins I came inside her in a loud grunt..I was totally spent and so was he..We lied on the bed for some half an hour. She got up and got over me, still naked..She looked deep into my eyes and said-

R-i know this was inappropriate but still I loved it..I was dying for this form last 2 years..My hubby hardly doz anything to me..The day I saw you & your girlfriend making out I decided to seduce you.

A-even I too wanted to seduce you..You can take as much pleasure form me as you wish..I’m at your service for ever.

She kissed on my forehead & before leaving ..

R- you don’t know what a secret treasure chest you have unlocked..Just keep yourself ready for more surprises.. Me & renuka still doing it whenever opportunity arises.

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