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Massage Therapy That Made Awesome Weekend

Hi this is George again from Mumbai. Today I like to share an experience which happened this weekend. So it’s fresh in mind.

I had invited a distant relative of mine to my “office cum second home”, which has all the privacy needed. When there is work load, instead of carrying the work home, I stay overnight at my office to complete the work, which is basically a 1BHK flat.

Since we follow a five day a week work, Saturdays and Sundays are off days. So on these two days my office cum second home turns out to be meditation/relaxation or some activity that help me to unwind. And since I love cooking, at times I invite a friend or two for lunch or dinner.

Saturday (July 09, 2016) I had invited Joy a relative of mine, who is in her late 30s, she is almost BBW in physique. We were always good friends and we use to discuss anything under the sun without any inhibition and we also shared our problems over the phone. She is good in her looks and is separated from her hubby for quite some time. We both never had any sexual inclinations to one another. But she uses to share with me her flings with couple of her male friends.

When she arrived by 11:00 am I was busy preparing the lunch and since it was almost a year we had met in person, we had lots to share. During the course of our conversation, I mentioned my Massage Therapy service and a few of my experiences with females and couples and how they changed from clients to friends.

Joy was very surprised and encouraging me on my new venture because, because I was a person who use to always advise her with all that has to do with moral values and religion. But my decision to undergo a training in Massage Therapy was a surprise to her but she was excited also was encouraging me on the decision I took.

Well now coming to the main story.

During the course of our conversation while we were having lunch she shared about her leg fracture due to her scoot accident and even after the recovery she has pain on her right leg. And she had done Massage therapy with couple of females but no relief.

So after lunch we continued our talk and I found she had problem with her feet as she had swelling. So told I will give her a massage on both her feet.

I made her sit on my computer table chair and kept her feet on a stool and started to massage her right foot and the way I was massing she said none of the massage parlour personnel ever did massage the way I was doing. After half an hour later her swelling almost subsided and I switched over to the left leg.

She was almost dosing off, but I never allow my clients to dose off when I give a massage. I keep them awake so that they are fully involved in the therapy. At the parlours they massage and the client goes into deep sleep and when they are woken up after half an hour session, they feel some relief and soothing feel, they pay and leave.

As I was massaging her I notice she had pain in the right calf muscle too. So I traced the pain up till her hip. Since I didn’t wanted her to feel awkward I asked her to move her leggings up till her knees. She sensed some relief but I know it’s not a localised pain and the source is at the hip level. So I told her, “You will have to lie on your stomach on the cot so it will be more convenient for me to massage” and she agreed to it.

I told her now, “You are under my treatment you have to remove the leggings as I have to apply oil for massaging”. She was okay with it she remove her leggings and I started to massage her calf muscle and moved up to her thighs by now all her inhibition had gone and she was more relaxed and enjoying the massage.

I told her to remove her top too which she was more than willing to do. I continued massaging both her thighs. Since she begin fat, I had to pull down her big panty and she did object to it. It was an awesome sight and a treat to see such a lovely and shapely huge butt.

I moved up and unhooked her bra from the back and gave a nice massage from her neck down her shoulders, back, butt, and thighs right down to her feet. After I finished her back, I pulled up her panty up on her butt. Finally I told her to turn around.

She turned around and I could see she was so happy and she had a smile of satisfaction on her face. She was relaxed she literally wanted the massage to go on.

I started to massage from her feet up her thighs and she was enjoying it. She was closing her eyes and was really enjoying and I could now see her facial expression she was biting her lips and at time a slight moan to could be heard. I parted her legs apart so that I can massage her inner thighs.

My palms were moving slowly and softly over her thighs, since she was fat I was finding it difficult to massage both the thighs on the inner sides. So made her lift both her feet and rest it on my chest. Wow! It was a superb view. I notice her panty was wet with her pussy juice and glad to know she is excited and aroused.

As I was massaging she was moan now and was pulling the bed sheet with her hands. I slowing moved my hand to massage her thighs down her butt and pussy area without touching her pussy. As I continued I could see her panty was literally wet and dripping. I removed her feet from my chest and placed it straight on the cot.

And moved up to her head, I was on my knees with her head between them, I removed her bra which was lying loosely on her boobs. She was just enjoying all the pampering she was getting. She never opened her eyes as she was enjoying the whole session.

Wow! Her boobs are huge I was speechless. I was tempted to suck them but I controlled myself. I started to massage by lifting her boobs up and poured Olive oil on her boobs and some on my palms rubbed my palms to together and started to knead that lovely big boobs.

Wow she gave a big moan I continued massaging it in all possible ways, teased her by only pressing her tits with my thumbs and forefingers, then press one, then moved to the other it went for at least 20 minutes, I sensed that she was now total aroused. I bend down and started to gently nibble her right tits, her full body started to shiver violently.

With my left palm I was pressing her left boobs; I started sucking alternately from right to left and left to right. I stopped to take a deep breath. And again begun massaging her boobs, she pushed her head up in excitement and it pressed against my hard on cuck which was desperately wanted to come out of the underwear. She could feel the hardness of my cuck on her head. I stopped massaging her breasts and kissed her lips gently she liked it and she responded to my kiss.

I got up moved down and positioned myself between her legs. I slowly removed the panty from the top side; she lifted her hip so that I can remove the panty for the bottom side. I didn’t have to apply oil on my palm as her pussy was very well lubricated with her pussy juice.

She lifted her legs spread her thighs wide open so that I can have full access to her pussy. I inserted my two fingers into her pussy and started to finger fuck her, she started to moan even louder and I could really feel her vagina spasm on my fingers.

Then I put three fingers and within two minutes she orgasm and squirted and my hand was fully soaked and my bed was wet with her juice. She lay there shaking completely and after a couple of minutes she lay there completely exhausted.

I was just watching her sitting next to her without touching her, she slowly opened her eyes gave a smile of satisfaction and whispered a gentle “thank you so much”. After a minute or two she told me to sleep on her and she kissed me.

She spread her thighs so that she could feel my hard on cuck on her pussy. She held me tight between her legs and then she kissed me on my lips, and said, “I never knew you were so good in arousing a woman only by massaging her. No one has massaged me the way you did. I am speechless.

I want you to fuck me now.” I said, “My intention was to only give you a massage and give an experience of how a woman can be brought to orgasm even without having intercourse. All you know was what I spoke to you, but I went one step ahead only to prove and give you an experience of what is sensual massage too.”

Joy looked into my eyes and said, “Since you aroused the woman in me, you are going to fuck me otherwise I am not going home.” I said, “I generally don’t have sex with my clients unless it’s a full body massage session”.

She said, “I am not your client we spoken everything under the sun, I didn’t hid anything from you, and today you saw the real me without my clothes, so remove your clothes, I want to give you a treat.” I removed all my clothes except my underwear.

I pulled my cock out, she said, “wow a lovely long and straight cuck, I went down on my knees between her thighs she caught hold of my cuck, felt it and rubbed it over her pussy and positioned it at the pussy opening and said, “OK dear go in me – it’s yours”.

I went on top of her kissed her pressed and sucked her boobs and teased her by just pushing in just the cuck head until she couldn’t control it anymore, she just jerked her hip up and my whole 7 inch cuck went fully inside her pussy with that one jerk of hers. Wow! OMG it was so smooth and warm.

I slowly started to move my hip to and fro and my penis was going in and out of her pussy and I increased the speed and she was getting aroused, I could feel her pussy pulsing on my cuck within her, I was aroused too and I increased my speed.

She climaxed and my cuck and the surround area were all wet by her Squirting and I too climaxed and filled her pussy with my content. We both were panting and exhausted. After a 2-3 minute I slid down to her right side and lay there with my legs on her thighs, kissing and pressing her boob gently.

Joy said, “Do you know I always wanted you to fuck me, but never had the guts to ask you for it, because you never outwardly showed you were a passionate fellow. I am glad you told me your massage experiences, and I was planning how to go about, that’s when you told, “let me massage your feet and then slowly things happened.”

You are an expert with your fingers and with your cuck too. Wow! I really enjoyed. None of the 2 guys and my hubby gave me an orgasm or aroused me the way you did it. The multiple orgasms, that I had just by massaging been a superb experience – awesome.

I will surely share my experience with my friends Sonu the Punjabi girl and Vinita. I am very sure they will invite you for massage and more.

We got up went in for a shower and enjoyed applying soap on her and massaging her boobs and her big butt.

Joy decided to stay back for the night. We went out for dinner. Returned to my place by 10:00 pm and we chatted till 2 am. We went to sleep after another round of short massage and fun we both slept without any cloth. We woke up by 9:00 am had shower and breakfast and I went to drop her home in Mumbai Central.

On our way to Mumbai Central she got so excited told me to park the car to one side. She got out of the car started to walk on the foot path and I too got out. When I went near her she was laughing and crying at the same time and I asked her, “What happened?” She pointed her hand toward her right leg and said, “My pains gone, I can walk normally no more pain it’s gone”.

I hugged and wiped her tears and held her hand and walked towards our car, we got in and sat in the car and said, “Joy I am glad you came to my office and spend the weekend, I was able to help you with the massage and you are healed, thank God. Joy when we went out for dinner I observed you were walking normally and no complaint of pain after the massage session.

And I was waiting for you to tell me. You were in a different world this weekend with all the massage and fun. That’s why I decided to come and drop you home. Because after a Massage Therapy all the nerves and muscle etc are so relaxed/dilated you feel totally stress free. And it takes some time for the person to realise the actual effect of the Massage Therapy.

Wow! I am glad I came along with you, was happy to see your reaction. Joy took my hand and said, “thank you so much dear, you really took time out and pampered me and this massage was a miracle, I am speechless.”

It was a wonderful experience, and an awesome weekend.

For Massage Therapy or Full Body Massage you can contact me.

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