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Masseur Experience With Sexiest Girl

Hello sex story readers this is Vinay aged 25 wit a satisfying tool which all woman like to see. You can mail me to [email protected]

Coming to the story it happened a one month back and the angel of the story is Naina the sex bomb. She was 22 and her structure was just mind blowing being on the fairer side she looked like a sex bomb wit stat 32 28 34 wit pink lips with juices filled in her lower lips, firm breast n a curvy ass. She has a melodious voice her talk itself would tempt any guy.

Lets began the incident which gave me chance of enjoying this hotty. I met her in one of party which was given by my friend and she was my friend’s friend and he introduced me to her after that we had a formal chat for sometime as they was no one else to talk wit either of us. She was just a beautiful gal with good stat but didn’t know she was a lustful angel after sometime we left for dinner and  noticed that she had wore a deep cut top which would reveal her melons.

While having dinner she was bending too much showing her firm breast and tempting to suck those. I expressed my feelings with my friend and he just told me try your luck you can really enjoy her. Later I understood that even she is a horny gal who watch more porn and masturbate a lot but she has been untouched yet. After the party she asked me to drop her and I dropped her. She requested me to have some juice along wit her and leave.. We reached her flat and was shocked to see other two sex bombs in her room they were her friends.

After seeing all these babes I was in heaven they were sex bombs wearing deep cut tops revealing there melons. Other two were also of same structure and I was enjoying watching at there breast. Naina went to change her dress and she came after few min wearing deep cut top without bra her nipples were poking at her top and midi type which were above her knees exposing her legs. Mean while her friends left and we chatted for some time having juice she was showing her melons every now and then. When I was about to leave she gave her contact no and after that I left. Daily we used to have normal chat and meet often.

Every meeting increased my lust for her and I used to masturbate twice or thrice thinking of her lips n melons. One day as usual while chatting she asked me for a help and I said her I would love to help her whatever it is. In reply she asked me I need a sexual massage can u provide me I was shocked seeing her text and was in heaven finally I was going to see her beauty and replied her sure why not anything for such a hottie and she replied with a naughty smile that night I didn’t sleep thinking of her I masturbated a lot even my cock wasn’t tiered.

Next day we meet and she told how she came to know about my masseur skills and all and I was just seeing at her breast which were like bursting out of her tees. On that day she had wore tight fit allowing you to figure out all her curves all men’s eyes at the mall were on her. Guys I forgot to say u I provide sexual masseur service to babes which is free and at the same time secrecy would be maintained.

Coming back she informed me that she will fix the day and time and will inform me. Days passed and we  started to have sexual chats I would love to make gals wet so everyday I would make her literally wet and even she would enjoy it.

Even sometimes she would text moan sounds like aaaa ahhh.. Hmm feels good.. Finally she fixed the date n time it was sunday and a week from the day she informed me I was bit happy because I wasn’t able to wait for 7 more days. As the day is nearing lust for her increased day by day finally the day came and as usual I took bath and got ready wit my tools for providing her a sexual masseur I reached her place at 11 and rang the bell after sometime she opened the door and I was dumbstruck looking at her I witnessed one of sexiest girl of my life

She had just wore top which was till her thighs and it was a tight fit almost her melons were popping out of her top revealing red transparent bra my tool just saluted when I looked at it I was burning hot and was feeling like rapping her but controlled myself. She greeted me with some juice and snacks and while having my eyes were on her boobs ass and thighs u would feel like squeezing all those in between I was trying to see her vertical lips (pussy) love holes.

After half an hour of our meeting she said she was ready for the act and will be waiting in her room. She asked to come soon and join her. I followed her and stood at the entrance of room and was looking at her she was removing all her dress she had wore red transparent lacy inners she removed all and threw it away I just saw her back and her sexy ass I entered the room after 5 min meanwhile I took out my cock and shagged thinking of her ass and melons I entered the room took oil and started pouring it on her back all the time my eyes were on her busty curvy ass. I started massaging her back for sometime and she replied its feeling good.

Her skin is so soft even I felt aroused by touching her finished massaging her back and now comes the actual action massaging the ass and her thighs. I poured oil on her ass n exactly on her ass crack she shivered for a moment and let a soft moan started to squeeze her ass chicks and thighs. It was a great feeling in between I was searching for the love holes. For the next 10 min I squeezed her ass and she enjoyed it now I started massaging her thighs I parted her both legs and was aroused seeing at her pink lips neatly shaved pussy she had maintained it nicely and juices were flowing making her pussy shine my tool started gaining it strength slowly massaged her both thighs and even massaged her ass cracks and her pussy lips she started to moan every now and then

I asked her to turn and face her front position as I had completed massaging her back but she asked me to massage her ass and thighs for some more time I continued for some more time and gave her nice pleasure and she was dripping more and more and even her moan became wilder after sometime she asked me to stop and she turned her front portion.

I was amazed by her beauty her boobs were very firm and  her nipples were pointing and were waiting to get sucked seeing at her melons my tool raised even more and she noticed it she gave a wicked smile without waiting I poured oil on her breast and navel and started to massage slowly she closed her eyes and was enjoying the moment slowly I started to squeeze her boobs I was unable to hold her boobs in my single hand. It was so soft and u feel like squeezing it very hard and I did the same now she started to moan louder making me arouse even I squeezed her pink nipples I gave her a nice breast massage and she enjoyed with full pleasure.. Now its time to massage her pink lips (pussy)

I came down parted her legs and was shocked see her pink pussy which was beautiful wit her juices flowing exactly I poured oil on her pussy lips and thighs making her moan louder. I gave her a nice thigh massage making her wait for pussy massage.

After 5 min I started to feel her pussy. I rubbed her entrance wit my finger and she was full hot and shouting with pleasure like “hmm its feeling good babe do it more more n more u r so good at it. Fuck my pussy wit your finger make me come ahhhh hmmm ooooo come on faster faster make me cum more”. But I was patient and was slowly rubbing her clit making her tempt and wait for the really action.

I massaged her pussy for 15 min mean while she caught hold of my cock and she started to massage by moving my skin. Later she asked me to remove my dress I did the same. I made her burst and she released lot of juices and I tasted some. She was fully pleasured and thanked me for that. I asked her to take bath she went and asked me to wait without wear dress. I was waiting for her in her room slowing shagging my cock thinking of her breast and pussy.

Meanwhile she came covering her body with towel and took my tool and started giving me a nice blowjob. She returned me the pleasure in just 15 min and drank all juice but I wanted more and not just blowjob.

All the while I was think as if I am sucking and fucking her. She had a nice juicy lips both up and down. I was enjoying the act closing my eyes suddenly she stopped and she kissed me I was in heaven and reciprocated her kiss and I started to explore her mouth and tongue we had a sexiest kiss for 5 min and she broke but again I kissed her. I love biting lips and sucking them the same thing I did.

Now I broke the kiss as we were not able to breath but she didn’t leave she kissed me again and was enjoying it and even I started pressing her boobs and removed her towels and pinched her pink nipples. She asked me to suck her melons. I sucked them turn by turn and my other hand was fucking her pussy she started to moan louder and louder pressing my face against her breast. She shouted loudly “i am cumin ahhh hmm ahhh its feeling good” and bursted all her juices flowed on my hand.. She took my hand kissed it and tasted her own juices. After this we slept for sometime as we were tiered.

After an hour I was feeling I was feeling pleasure and I woke and saw her sucking my cock look at it my tool started gaining its strength. She gave me a nice blowjob and made me cum in no time. I made her lye on bed and started kissing all over her body played some more time with her melons kissed her pussy lips and sucked it giving her pleasure and making her moan and she bursted after sometime release all her cum on my face.

After this I got ready to enter her love holes for which I was waiting from many days. I took my cock inserted chocolate flavoured condom and started rubbing her entrance teasing her. She was not in a mood to enjoy my tease instead she asked to insert it full and bang her. But I teased her for some more time and her moan became louder making me go crazy.

Now I tried entering her but she was very tight I was unsuccessful in inserted. After sometime I tried to enter but even that time only my one fourth cock entered and she was feeling very pain so I removed out. I didn’t fuck her but I gave her a nice pleasure that day. Whenever she wants I gave her a nice sexual massage and didn’t fuck her yet. As she wants me to fuck n lose her virginity on her birthday.

Signing of sex stories reader. Hope you people enjoyed. Forgive me for the mistakes if any. Your feedback wil encourage me a lot mostly babes feedback will encourage me a lot.. You can leave your feedback to [email protected].

If anyone requires a sexual masseur(only for girls) you people can leave me a message.. Thanks for the patience listening.. See you.. Will be waiting for your valuable feedbacks..

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