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Mature Lady From Adult Site Paid Me

Hi readers this is Varun Gopal from chennai posting my real story happened two months back … Hope you like the story feel free to say comment

Here the story begins like this after completing my MBA I was searching for job for more than 5 months after lot of interview I did not find any job so I wanted to do something for my earning. I just came across the the adult site  have seen many ads like men seeking for women I just also posted my id as a male escort from chennai gave my details like my height 180cm average body weight 74kg with good powerful stamina… After three days.

I got a call from unknown number saying that’s saw my ads on the website her voice was so lovely. I just spoke with her and she was so openly asking ever particular details about me I said all and asked for my pic I send it through what’s app. After seeing my pic I did not get any call from her so I thought she did not like me so I just left that topic started to go interview again after a day she called me I was happy she said will be free on this week days on Wednesday.

so asked me are you free I said yes we fixed the place planning to meet at restaurant as planned I went in my car parked was waiting at table she entered and called me I just wave my hand with phone to confirm its me she started walking towards my table what body she has got ..

I guess she must be 35 age with a single piece party wear blue sleeveless dress no extra flesh on her body her waist is just 30 size boobs are awesome round shape covered by her designer bra showing her cleavage covered till 4 inch above her knee I was in so excited to have her today.

She came we just hand Shake I offered her a chair we both ordered some food and while eating we talked a lot as friends she was getting comfortable with me after our food I asked are where are we going now she said to her flats I said ok she took her car It was Mini Cooper three door version wow .

I got into her car went to her flats place and her flat was on 9 th floor only her flat was occupied another was empty as we entered her flat she just locked the door and came jump on me I just cached her like my dick was directly hitting on her vagina above her panty and I started smooching her juicy lips sucking it she was biting my lips so hard my hand was on her ass hold her tightly she was hold my head tightly and kissing for more than 15 min finally .

I lost my balance and fell on the sofa she was sitting above my dick her dress was rolled up to her waist and I can see her red thong panty wow she has got a sexy thigh full milky white colour and we broke the kiss she started to remove my shirt button.

Completely removed my shirt rolling her hands on my chest which made my dick to stand full she removed my pant and boxer my 8 inch thick dick stood in full strength.

She grabbed it her hand and was amazed by my strength of it and kissed my dick said I won’t give you pleasure .. You have to give me . By listening to her words I pulled her up and made stand on the floor removed her dress she was only in her designer bra and matching panty.

Started sucking her vagina above her panty was chewing her vertical lips

Slowly went up kissed on her panty line moved to her navel inserted my tongue into her deep navel kissed licked entire navel she started holding my hair so grip I did it for long time and moved up to her breast which was wonderful round shaped covered by her red designer bra started sucking her upper portion of her breast found her nipple above the bra due to erect bit her nipple she gave ssssshh sound I put my one finger on her mouth she started sucking it and keep changing between the boobs.

I removed her bra wow what a soft boobs with brown large nipples removed her panty she had a clean shave amazing pussy with brown pussy lips we both became nude I hugged her tightly and started to kiss her pull her lips by my teeth even bite hard kissed her ears and sucked it slowly moved to her boobs started sucking and biting it very hard for more than 15 mins gave my finger in her mouth to suck it.After sucking I saw teeth marks on the boobs but there was lustful smile on her face I slowly moved down kissing her navel and.

I saw that she had dripping pussy juices. I began to rub her pussy n lick her cilt by which her moans got louder she made hissing sounds and her body began to shiver she arched her back n moand ” aaahhh ohhhh ohhhh am cumming” her juices were leaking out and I drank it, it was so good.

She got back to her senses and took my dick in her hand and started a lick with the tip of her tongue slowly licked my precum of and gave me a heavenly blowjob!! She licked and sucked from the tip to down the shaft, took half of it in and blew hot air out it was heaven when she did that,a pro at giving blowjob after doing it few times she gagged me in within mins I cum in her mouth and on her boobs she drank fully.

I was lying in bed she came top of me and sit on my dick which her pussy lips touching my dick which was in semi erect state started to massage my dick with her pussy like moving up and down with her pussy that travels above my dick like a train running front and back in the track here track is my dick and train is her pussy what a awesome feel never felt that before she was pro in doing that.

I got full erect my dick stared to in full size by her action I pushed her down and made her legs wide open placed my dick on her vagina pressed slowly my dick head went in she started to feel heaven I withdraw it suddenly to tease her my plan got success she was looking at me with killer face again I inserted my dick did the same

She started to shout fuck me fuck me honey plz by getting this word I went mad just pushed one hard push my entire 7.5 inch dick went in and she asked me to do it fast fuck me fast honey.

I started fucking her at full speed not even giving her time to breath she started shivering I know she got her orgasm still I continued striking inside her pussy full speed she now became like mad started biting my chest and lips .

But still I continue fucking her for more than 45 min finally with my dick and sprayed. My cum on her navel and boobs and slept on the bed she got up started sucking my dick which is mixed of both my and her juice and cleaned my dick we had taken some rest and had 4 more sessions in her home full night in different place and different positions …

In morning I got up she was lying naked in the bed went made coffee and wake up her gave one to her she hold coffee In one hand and hold my dick in another hand and said you have not added milk in my coffee I got her point .

and said If you want milk it out and add as you wish she started stroking my dick and took it in her mouth and gave me wonderful morning blow job as I was about to cum she too the coffee cup I cummed in the coffee she just mixed and drank the coffee said never tasted coffee like this time for me to leave as she had work I got ready she came and gave me hug kiss and handed me one full 1000rs bundle I just kissed her back and said I do it for satisfaction not for money but I also don’t do it for free took one 1000rs note and she drop me back  .. I took my car and went.

Any comments Kindly post..I’m free and interested in all type of relationship just sex with love .. Have a wonderful sex enjoy

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