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Mature Married Women From Pune In Hotel

Hi myself rahul working in pune as a software engineer from few years.This story is about how I got lucky with a mature married women and had fantastic sex ..So anyone can feel free to contact and share there thoughts on these story ….

Coming to story I go to gym near to my area in the late evening after work ..There were lot of females but I didnt have any contact but after few months I took personal training there  I met heroine of the story her name was anjali (name changed).

She was around 34 yrs fair ,little chubby and big boobs she also was taking training from same trainer then we use to go around same time and getting trained so we became good friend to my luck one day the personal trainer was on leave so we both were doing exercise together and I was helping her out to do heavy exercise and encouraging her she like my efforts then while doing abs workout I was constantly looking at her boobs which she was ignoring and enjoying with me her workout she too was helping me in my abs after sometime we left the gym.

Than next day we again met then she said hi to me which I replied hello and a smile. She too responded with a smile. then we did our cardio and when we started exercising our trainer was giving instruction and we were following then she told me to that she want to do that heavy exercise which we did yesterday to which I helped her and we were having some personal chat also ..

While leaving she told she is going out tomorrow so will not be coming to gym tomorrow and gave me her number to call her if sunday gym will be open or not due to some festival I told her ok. Then next day in night she whats app me and asked about gym will open or not to which I replied it will be open ..And asked how was your journey to which she replied good ..Than she started asking me few question about gf and all..

Then I replied am looking for one to which she laughed and told dont be lair you look nice you might be having then I told her her am looking for one really. Then she didnt replied then when next day we met in gym she was normal and smiling at me and giving me naughty looks. Since it was sunday the trainer was absent and we were doing on our own so she joined me then she told me thats why you were looking at my boobs that day while doing abs to which I was like mmm I had no words to which she said I dont mind its ok I know you are young guy its your age to do it I was like thank god..

She then said she would like to go out for movie with me in evening as her hubby is not movie freak I told ok lets go out ,than after gym we were talking outside she told me to meet in afternoon ..Then we met each other near gym and she told me to get in her car and told me to park my bike near by..I got into her car she was looking gorgeous wearing a tight t-shirt and skirt I told her you looking beautiful to which she replied you too.

Then we reached a mall and she already had booked a movie ..While watching movie I was touching her constantly she was just smile and looking then some hot scene came up so she looked at me then I hold her back with my right hand and started touching her right boobs then she was coming closer to me and I started kissing her she too responded well.

Then she took my face and put near her boobs which I was enjoying she told me to open my zip and started sucking my cock then break came she told me too go out and have something after few popcorn and drink we were going inside to which she said lets go out I said why she said I will tell you later she took me near parking in her car and started kissing me as no one was there near it I started kissing her.

After then she sucked my cock and I removed her t shirt she was in her bra and I was kissing on her cleavage after few minutes she told lets go to some place to which I said where then she told me to go in a hotel near by when we reached the hotel she booked for 3 hrs it was already 6 pm so we had to hurry as her hubby might called her but she called her hubby and told she may get delay due to her friends forcing her to stay.

Then when we entered hotel she jumped on me and made me lie on bed and she removed my t shirt and kissing me wildly on my chest and removed my pant and started sucking and I too removed her cloths and we both were nude.

Then she told me to insert my cock in her pussy then I was teasing her with my cock rubbing near her pussy to which she started pleading me I kissed her and inserted my cock in her pussy after few strokes she was shouting like aah fuck me hard baby fuck it.

I was getting harder by her sound then she was on me I was fucking her harder she was enjoying she was biting in between then we had sex in different positions after few minutes I cummed on her boobs which she spread all over and tasted few drops..

Again after few minutes we did few strokes of sex and we soon left and she kissed me in her car and told me darling you made my day love to see you often ..Too which I hugged her and gave a smooch …

Hope you all enjoyed my story any comments are welcome any aunties ,girls can contact me.

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