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Mature Neighbor Maid Getting Banged

Hi readers, this story happens recently before 2 months in Bangalore with my neighbor maid and then that leads to her owner. My name is Sandeep. Am working in a corporate just 2 years old in Bangalore prior to this I was working in Chennai. Let me tell about the maid. She’s wheatish colour, average body, medium boobs in her 40’s.

She was doing the cleaning and washing stuffs for my neighbor, at least half of her day she’ll be spending at my neighbor house and about my neighbor her name is malathi, from Nellore. I came to know her name when her hubby calls her. They don’t have kids and both are working. Malathi must be in her 35’s.

So this is how it started, the maid used to wash clothes and have to cross my door to dry the clothes in the terrace. Every time when she cross the door I would be staring at her full body and her cleavage will be little visible and my tool will be start erecting and I will masturbate to get relaxed.

Days passes by like this and after seeing her like this for quite a while I couldn’t control it. I want to fuck her badly. So I came up with a plan. Whenever she crosses my door sometimes she’ll have a glimpse inside my house if the door is opened. I started wearing only boxer inside my home.

One day I was looking at her back while drying clothes and started masturbating and cum on my home’s entrance, she noticed that and didn’t give any reaction to it. Next time after 2 days I got more courage I was hanging my 8 inch dick outside and lying in my bed while passing by she looked at it and stunned. Usually when she crossed the door I watch her through the next window to make sure she crossed completely but this time she stopped right after the door.

When I tried to get up she left to dry the clothes again then I followed her the terrace hanging my dick outside. Her pallu was too open today unlike other days. She didn’t notice me but she was touching her pussy several times while drying clothes I was standing behind her in a 10 meters distance and masturbating looking at her, she caught me and I stopped after that she came nearby told me to go home.

I was shocked and came back later after drying the clothes she came to my place and she started sucking my cock as it was hanging outside then I started removing her clothes within minutes she was full nude and she had pubic hairs too and I started fingering her she was moaning aaahhh aaahhhh then I couldn’t control and inserted my dick into her pussy it was so wet and went inside nicely.

I banged her for like 15 mins and took my dick out when cumming and put my sperm on her ass. Then she cleaned up and went away like this it continued for 2 weeks once in every 3 days.

One day her owner Malathi caught me while I was grabbing her maid’s ass in the terrace but she went back without saying nothing but from the next day maid didn’t come. Malathi fired her. Days passes by malathi and her hubby started doing the house hold works. One day it was raining heavily her hubby was not at home.

Malathi went to terrace to take back the dried clothes while coming back she was completely drenched in the rain. She was wearing a nighty and her bra and panty line are clearly visible. She crossed my door I was staring at her and her eyes also looked inside my house.

I got horny and went near her window and tried to peek inside but nothing is visible then I was standing there itself and started masturbating. She saw my shadow through the window and suddenly opened the front door and saw myself masturbating.

Then she started shouting at me “what the hell are you doing at my door step” no voice came out of my mouth. Its was raining too and I said sorry but she was looking at my dick without taking her eyes off then I put it back inside. For that she said you can keep that out.

I didn’t understand first later she told me to go wait in the terrace steps. It was raining and dark in the evening. Then I went there waited near the steps it wasn’t raining there since there it’ll be covered. Malathi closed her house door and came back in the same nighty. She was so hot..

She : how long you been doing this.

Me : just today.

She : ok do it again now.

Then I took my tool out she grabbed it and started giving me a world class blow job I was in heaven I pressed her boobs but she didn’t allow me to remove since we were outside then I told her I wanna insert inside your pussy and then she lifted her nighty and removed her panty.

Its was so tender her pussy, cleanly shaved first I started licking it then I inserted it was so hot and wet and she started moaning aaahhh ahhhaaa put it inside when it came out, do it harder aaaahhhh yessss fucckk me harder. Aaaahhhh again, you’re sooo good. We kissed madly and we fucked for like 20 mins and I come inside her pussy itself.

Then this continued for more than 2 months like weekly thrice when her hubby is away after that I shifted that house since I don’t want her to get caught by her hubby. But we exchanged our numbers. Whenever time permits she come to my place. We had like all kinda of crazy sex activities and everything was very safe and secure.

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