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My Mom Sister Getting Fucked By Others

Hi friends this Aravind from Erode, Tamil Nadu. My age is 21 and studying final year. My family consist of 3 members. Mom Sister and me. My dad died when we were kids. Amd My mom is employee. My mom name is Revathi. She is of age 41.

Her stats are 40-36-42. My sister name is Kalyani. She is 19 years old. She had white complexion. Her stats are 32-32-38. Now entering into story.

My sister and me will always fight each other. I had no any bad intentions on her. When i was in 3-2, i came to my home my mom is not in house. I went into my room my sister just came from bath i opened the door and seen her naked. After seeing me she took her towel and covered herself. My dick raised by it.

From that day my intentions changed on her.

My mom sleep in her room while me and sister sleeps in other. My sister sleeps in Nighty. One night i woke in middle i have seen that nighty is moved upto her thighs. I slowly kept hand on her stomach and slowly moved them to boobs. Then I kissed her boobs over her Nighty. I pressed them very gently. I dare not to go any further. Days passing but n further improvement.

After some days, My aunt Padma and my cousin Siva came for pongal. At night mom told aunt and she will sleep in one room and asked us 3 to sleep in other. Next day my mom and aunt went for shopping. I went to my friend house for playing. I came back early as my friend is not in his house.

When i return i found door is locked. I used Duplicate key to open it. Then I went inside and found no one in home. I went near my mom room i found some sounds in it. It was locked inside. I got doubt and went to see through window.

I find siva is watching tv. Then i thought why did he locked the door. Suddenly my sister came from bathroom. She ran towards him and kissed him. Siva kissed her lips. They kissed for 5 minutes.

Then they exchanged saliva and kissing passionately. My sister opened his shirt and kissed him on his chest. They both became nake and hugging each other. Siva pressed her boob and kissing her.

I find that my dick was raised and enjoyed their play. Siva took her onto bed and licking her body from top to bottom. My sister laid down and siva sat on bed and started to lick his dick. I shocked to see this and she was licking his dick and put into her mouth till the balls reached her lips.

She sucked his dick for 10 mins and after that she licked all his sperm. Siva put his fingers into her pussy and started finger fucking. Later She sat on bed and siva licked her boobs and bited her nipples.

They both forget this world and enjoying deeply in their sex. After some time my mom and aunt came back from shopping. I went to house later.

After some days my aunt and siva went. While in night i got dare and in middle of sleep i put my hand on her boobs. I started pressing them and no movement from her. I played like that and don’t know when i slept. Next day i didn’t go to college.

I told my mom i am going to movie. Then I went to movie and came back to house at 2.30. I found a car outside and went in. My mom was in conversation with her colleague. We had lunch and chit chatting in hall.

My mom introduced me and he told his name was Selvan. He had age of 32. He is always looking her boobs, navel area and ass. I got doubt on him.

I had seen my mom phone and just playing with it. Later i opened her chat in Whatsapp. Selvan sent many 18+ jokes and trying to seduce with his messages.

I told my mom i am going out and will come back evening and left away. I entered from backside. Selvan hugging my mom from back and kissing her neck.

He pushed his hands on her stomach and kissing her. Both were kissing each other and selvan pulled her pallu now my mom was in blouse and langa. She had very large boobs.

He planted a kiss on her navel. He kept one hand on boob and pressing it harder and other hand into her blouse from back. Then he pulled blouse and langa and now mom stood naked in front of him.

He kissed her nipples and playing with them. Selvan removed his dress and thrown them away. Mom started sucking his cock and selvan was enjoying by closing his eyes.

Selvan kissed her body from top to bottom and pressed the boobs harder. Selvan moved his cock towards mom pussy and inserted in her pussy and started fucking.

Mom moaned in pain and shouting loudly fuck me harder ah ah ahhh…… They had 2 more fucking sessions.

In next part I will tell how I fucked both Mom and Sister.

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