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It’s About Mom Son Love At Home

This story is all about mom son love. Hello.. this is santhosh from Bangalore… Native is chennai now working in Bangalore… Now coming to the story, dono how to start and wer to start..same time I can’t give hope to you it really makes you like, I like to share that’s why am posting not for make you guys like…

In my home Dad, mom ,younger Bro and me..we was too hapiee … When I was 4 th class my dad died Bcz of TB.. we shifted to gramdpa’s home..

with the sadness days passed ..,in 9 th class started to watch porn videos in my frnd’s home.. I ll sleep with mom only ,she is hot she have gud structure.. I started to imagine her different way… Me nd mom sleep together only … On that day realized how gorgeous my mom is.. My body getting heat while looking her, slowly kept my hand on her belly … Awesome feel that is really frst tym touching there with that feel… Then slowly moved hand toward boobes..

Tried to touched nacked boobes but my attempt was failed she we Wearing a tight Blouse… She suddenly woke up I kept hand on boobes nd acting like sleeping… She thought am in sleep ,removed my hand she slept… Next day morning am scolding myself while watching mirror becz of yesterday’s act… Feels guilty.. Then also like that did twise after that ..

I tried to control feelings on her.. Days passed when I was 11 th class frnd shows me the sex stories in net before that I don’t know stories will be thre in net ..after that starts to read stories … In that attracted mom son stories I felt its not wrong thing… My affection towards her came out which is I hided these days…

I dont have idea how to get that beauty .. With the story knowledge started to get her closely….

One day made a plan ,I was lying on bed she sat near to my hip ,I covered by bed sheet til my chest i know mom will lay on my stomach ,she do regularly .. I removed my pennies and kept inside bedsheet wch covering my body… It’s fully earected because of my mom’s beauty.. At that tym my grandma also there.. While speaking with my grandma she laied on my belly.. At that tym she suddenly jumped up and then she realised it is my pennies ..without saying gave smile to me…its my frst move.

Then after came from school i saw sexy lady my sexy lady is cooking went suddenly behind her nd hugged her from behind tightly… Really that big ass I felt that physically… She asking me what happen ,I told nothing mom . why I should not hug yu also like I asked… She said not like that you can.. I just asked why suddenly… I continuously doing like the same …

One day I decided to say my feel on her so went home she is in kitchen ,went behind her hugging her smoothly ,she told go and freshup …but I didn’t leave her while hugging I give kiss on her cheeks she got little shock nd standing silently then am smooching on neck from behind …she is in shock ,freeze..I turned her give liplock within 3 sec she brocks that and slaped me on …started to scolding me with tears ,I too went out with tears… I feels guilty … Then stopped to do like that .. Days passed

After three years I was in 3rd year … At that time one incident makes my think ,that’s about my friend’s mom he told about that. . after that I thinks more how my mom being alone these several years without sex … I decided to give pleasure to her. .. Really its the true love turns on her … I like to see her happy and keep her happie.. But that day only I realised she is not hapiee at all…

From that day I fixed in my mind and heart .. This time am not in lust …this tym with full of love to make her hapiee and satisfy… One day fully I was in preparation how to say like proposal lenghly….

Next day went to her when nobody is there…called her naa come nd site on this table she came and sat…

Mom : what da

Me; are you hapiee??

Mom ; yea am too hapiee da,your bro got job and you also studying

Me; say frankly ma are you hapiee in all.

Mom; am hapiee only da. Y suddenly asking..

Me: I feel you are not hapiee

Mom; how you are saying..

Me ; I mean mean

Mom ; sayy

Me; I feel you are not hapiee in your sex life yu lost it totally ..not having satisfied life..

Mom ; what the hell are yu speaking with your mom ( with full of anger)

Me; am jus speaking about fact. I like to satisfy you mom…I like to make you hapiee in all …pls maa don’t say no..

Mom; are you madd .. Shut up …. Then she went to prepare food….

I sitting the same place ..after completed mom came called me to hve food…I not answered .. She came near to me

Mom; don’t take worry about those nd all ,see your mom is happie. .

Me; you not really happie naa..

Then I went to my room nd sleep. . we didn’t spoke 5 days… After that I starts spoke with her casually… Then I asked her what you decided about that maa…

Mom ; noo .. I don’t like to think about that also..

Me; pls mom its common on these days… I can’t to leave my mom sad inside…

She didn’t speak anything stranding silently. I went near to her ,holded her face nd looking in to her eyes…kissed her lipss no response from her then lifted her up kissing…she started to resist but not strong..

So I got green signal. I caary her and make her lay on bed . am top on her smooching whole body she’s resistance is getting less … Now I romoving her saree looking her boobes which is trying to coming from blouse ,I pressing on it she giving sweet moans nd then removed that… Wat a shap nd medium sized perfect boobes. .I asked her about size but she deny to say… Now I cressing one boobes nd sucking another one… She moaning smewat loudly..Then removed her peticot also admiring on her full beauty … Clean shaved pussy nd armpits… Am smooching again whole body… She not looking at me she facing the celling only.

Then I removed my cloths also told her to lay on me nd smooch me or do how you like.. She deny bcz of shy… Then removed my boxer .. Told her to suck that I know she loves it because I saw in old days when my mom did with dad. . she slowely tooks pennies on mouth and sucked it.. She really sucking well…. I ejucted once… Again she sucks it ,its eracted after 10 min ..after I went to near pussy..

Am say little bcz she is not speaking…anyhow I went near her pussy kissed that… Now am trying to push inside to her..its frst tym am not now .. She instructed the way how to then I pussing in its too tight with little pain I pushing in she moning loudly.. With some struggle went inside fully now moving it in and out slowly she moaning like anything tears falling out but with smile on her face ..with smile she looking at me I felt hapipp at that tym nd feel archived in her happiness… She told me to increase speed …

I did with speed ,ejucted within 5 mins.. She told it’s first time na will be like that only.. Complimented on my pennies yu have Nice sized one like your dad…. After that we will do weekly thrise.. In exam tyms she won’t come near to me also.. But that tym really complicated. . anyhow our sex life went good last three years but now she is avoiding me and telling pls you concentrate in future its sin Yu going to get marriage soon like bla bla…. Am not happie …. But am not compel her if its her hapiee means I ll get off my happiness..

Anyhow really I don’t have full hope you all are liked this post …but I thought to share ths, I felt its safe insted of saying with my known fiends…

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