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Mom Swapping With Online Friend

This story is about mom swapping so anyone who don’t like incest stories, kindly stay away from this story.

I found a matured aunty and we met and had sex and I helped her in seducing his son and swapped. So the story goes this way.

So let me introduce my self Vikrant age 22 6ft. Sporty fit guy.

My mom Vishaka now after sex her size is 36d 32 38

Now aunty Rupa age 44 figure 34d 32 36 5ft 3′

Her son rupesh 19 5’8 .

So the story goes this way

eI met Rupa and we had chat she said she want to meet me so we met as soon as I saw her I got flatter. I thought she is unhappy with husband never expect her to be a mom of 19 yr old.

We met I said you r beautiful she said and thanks and we had coffee where we had few chat and she opened a bit. She said her husband is in merchant navy and comes home for 2 months in a year. And she is not sexually active as earlier she used to use dildo but now she is unable to control.

So to have sex she was not able to believe any one easily so I assur her everything and we thought of meeting this weekend . I went home and fuck my mom thinking of her, mom was surprise “kya hua aaj mast chod rahe ho ”.

Then I thought of giving her surprise later my giving her rupesh . I said “aaj hot lag rhi ho and fucked her”.

On saturday afternoon we went to hotel she came in salwar kameez with tight leggings .

As soon as we went in we jump I remov my t shirt and pant and jump she was fully dress. We kissed each other as I was fucking such old but young lady specially her figure. I removed her salwar she was on black sexy bra and with legging .

She said to” remove her panty and leggings with teeth “. So I did it was difficult but as soon as I remov she was fully engross and breathing heavily. I said ” jaanu abhi th tumhe aur haapna padega ” she said “bht dino baad hai tum jaldi chodo”.

I said “ab tum mera lund chuso”.

Josh mai uthi aur” ghup ghup pira 6′. Le li”

She wad sucking like anything” usko ab chut marwane ki par mai chut chaat raha tha “aur wh chod chod gali dene lagi. Then I didn’t take much time and fuck her like “malai wala chut ” whole room was fill with chap chap chap sound.

After 2 hrs of all activity we became tire and I said next time I will fuck your ass “yeah baby ” ab do do lund ek saath lungi . Ek tera aur mere bete ka .

I help her in seducing her son she was successful in a week I was amaz by her. Then we planned for Mom swapping in her house. It will be surprise for her son rupesh and my mom vishaka.

As per planning I and mom went to their home rupa and rupesh were at home. I introduc them they were not expecting like swap I saw rupesh was looking at my mom. His eyes were glued . I blink to rupa.

While serving dinner my mom and rupa became bit close guess they were praising each other body might be .

I was looking at rupesh he was still busy watching my mom specially her ass while walikng. I ask him ” hot hai na ” he was like ” what” I reply ” garmi hai yaar” he was like ” ohh han han avi ac on karta hu”.

After dinner we plan for a game of cards with adult type my mom then smell some thing fishy and blink me but rupesh became excited .

Now after few rounds of game I and rupesh was in underwear and ladies in bra and panty. Both of us dicks were standing then came turn of mom where vishaka was given task of sucking rupesh dick. She was excited and rupesh was looking at rupa where rupa said go on.

And my mom was expert where he cummed and in no time he removed her bra and was pressing boobs. Now they took charge and were busy I and rupa were sitting and looking at them then rupa said “hum bhi room mai humara we khyal karo”.

Rupesh was instantaneous ” aap vikrant se maze lo” and was slapping my mom ass and said ” mi vishaka ki maarta hu”. Then vishaka said ” baat kam kar chod bhadve ” everyone laughed. They started and he was fucking her ass rupa sucking her pussy and myself fucking her pussy. It went for 1 hr.

Then rupa said “ab do do ek saath lenge hum log hain na vishaka”

Vishaka ” do do ”.

I said ” han maa maza aega ”.

Vishaka ” matlab aaj pura randi banaoege”.

Rupesh shouted ” yeah avhi maza aega”.

Rupa said ” chalo pehle meri maaro vishaka tum itna lind gila kark gusana”.

Vishaka ” han han kyun nai rupa”.

Then we both entered slowly she was moaning heavily ahh ahh ahhh ahhh and we were like chap cgap chap . My mom was excited and after we cummed .

Rupa sucked it and made it stand again and said “vishaka ready ho ”.

Vishaka ” kab se ”.

Then we both stood and went upto her she was bit nervous so we entered slowly her moan increased ahh ahhh.

We didn’t care and rammed both room was fill with noises.

“Chapa chap chapa chap”.

Then after we had cummed all four were in bed to rupesh said you are my best mom this is my best week of my life. Muaahhh.

Then we had some energy drinks in morning and said ” aage aur maze karenge aab kya chupana”.

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