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My Mom Used To Change Clothes In Front Of Me

This is a true story. My name is rohit and I am from patna this story describes about how my mom use to change clothes in front of me and how I seduced and fucked my mom. My moms name is kavita. She is a bombshell . She is very beautiful and has got really huge and milky tits with nice ass. My father is working in army. He lives at kashmir.

Usually he visits home twice in a year. I am the only son of my parents. We belong to a middle class family so we were living in a 1 bedroom flat. When I was young my father came to patna during vacation. So I along with my mother and father used to sleep in the same room.

They used to thought that I am a child only by that time. So one night after so many days suddenly I heard some moaning sound. My eyes got open and what I saw was really pleasing.

My father was licking mom pussy by lifting her nighty. After that I thought to watch the whole sexual foreplay. After that my father opened my moms nighty now she was in white bra . Really she was looking stunning as she has got huge boobs. In night lamp also her milky boobs were visible.

Now my father started to lick her nipples. I realised my penis was in full erect position. Now after some time my father inserted his 8 inch penis into her pussy and my mother was really enjoying this after 5 months. After that they went into their normal position and slept.

So from that day the whole foreplay picture used to come into my mind every hour. Every time I used to see my mother with wrong intention. Actually my mother was no less. She always used to wear transparent blouse or low cut kameeez.

Whenever she used to do household activities like cleaning the floor she used to bent completely and her huge milky boobs seemed to be bulging out. I used to masturbate by imagining that picture of my sexy and beautiful mom.

After some days my father went to his duty to kashmir. Now my mom was left alone with me. So one day I along with my mother was supposed to go to market. So I was ready and I was watching tv. As we live in 1 bhk room so my mother used to change her dress in front of me only.

As she thought I was child only by then. She was in nighty now she opened her nighty now she was in purple bra. Omg how juicy and milky her boobs was. Then what I saw was her hairy pussy through the little gap of her petticoat. My mother realised that I was checking her out so she turned other side. From that day I made up my mind that I had to fuck my mom.

Days passed by and that dress changing and displaying assets in front of me while doing some work used to be daily activity. One day in summer we had to go to some marriage function so I along with my mother went there and seriously my mom was not looking less than any actress that night.

We came back to our home by 1 am . Again my mom changed her clothes in front of me she opened her saree then she unhooked her blouse. Now she was in purple bra I was out of my mind after seeing that. Then she wore another low-cut old blouse and told me that she will be sleeping in blouse and petticoat as it was too hot in the night .

I was really happy that night as I thought today I will surely fuck her. I was sleeping beside her. My moms half of the boobs and her hot milky thighs were clearly visible . I could not resist myself and placed my hand on her breasts ufff I was in heaven that time. Then I realised that she was in deep sleep so I started caressing her boobs.

After 5 mins of joy suddenly my mom turn back at me and shout and I was really fear that if she will beat me . But she did not and that night passed somehow. After that day she used to sleep in the room and told me to sleep in the hall. But then also she used to display the boobs and change clothes in front of me only.

After 2 years I took admission in engineering college. One night in summer there was no light at all so we had a little backup of inverter power she told me that we will sleep together only I was in seventh heaven by then.

She was in her transparent nighty and her boobs were clearly visible as she didn’t wear bra that night. I took one corner of bed and my mother other corner after some time I realise this is the golden chance so I turn and came near to my mother.

After some time I touched moms ass partition with my erect penis. Then I could not resist myself I placed my hand on her boobs. Again she turned back and started shouting but I kissed her on lips and neck. By that time she was also full of sex as she has not done it in the last 3 months.

I started saying I love you mom and I wanted to fuck you from 14 years old only. Now I got that chance I pulled up her nighty now she was full nude only in her black panty. Her milky boobs were bouncing as I started pressing it. Now I started kissing her from top to bottom. I licked her pussy like anything.

She told how much lust you have for me let it be out today. Now I insert my penis into her hairy and wide pussy. I start fucking her till my sperm eject out and finally I drop my sperm in my birthplace.

Next morning we both got up my mother was full angry that we committed a sin. Somehow I managed her to console by telling that this is natural now a days as nothing comes between sex even blood relationship. From that I used to fuck my mom thrice a week and removed her sex loneliness as my father used to live away from us.

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  1. Hi … nice story … wud ur mom iike to be fucked by me ? after reading your story i have got such a big hard on that i want to fuck your mom badly

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