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Mumbai Divorcee Lady Was Feeling Alone

I am Nithin from Kerala, 25 years of age. This story is purely from my imagination. So if there is any mistake please forgive and can correct me through commenting. I always love and fantasize about those ladies who are elder than me and those ladies who are having huge and nice boobs and ass. So this story is also about a mature lady.

Now coming to the story. The story starts when I got a mail from priyanka (the heroine of the story) appreciating my story. We gradually start exchanging messages through mail on a daily basis and she was impress by the approach towards her, so she easily got close to me.

First of all the messages were just casual ones, after gaining confidence in me she opened up. She was divorcee as her husband had relations with other girls so she left him. Now she is staying alone in Mumbai and working in an it firm. So from her conversations I got idea that she was interested in me.

But she was finding it difficult to open it up to me. So I directly asked her can we meet up. She gave a positive reply and we fixed a date and place. So I boarded the next available train from Ernakulam to Mumbai.

I reached Mumbai and checked into a hotel and called her that I had reached. She was reallyyy happy on hearing this and anxiously waiting to meet me. So by 11 we met at a near by café.

As she has shown me her photo I know her so it was easy to identify her. When I saw her I was surprised because she was looking younger than that of the photo.

Even though she was not that fair but her body, her curves all made her, her well maintained body and the dress she has worn on that day all made her a goddess. Me and my cock saluted her by standing straight 😉 ……. Her size was 34-28-32.

We were at first a little bit shy to talk to each other as it was first time we were meeting. So I broke the ice between us. Then we talked a lot had a good understanding about each other. She liked me a lot and my company.

We had our lunch and went for a movie in nearby theatre. The theatre was half empty so we took seats where there were no much people. The movie started and I was only looking at her face and not the movie but she was really enjoying the movie.

Once when she saw me looking at her she became shy and immediately turned away from me. So I slowly held her hand and gave a passionate kiss on her hand. She liked it very much. Then she laid her head on my shoulders.

I kissed on her forehead. She liked it very well. Then I put my hand around her shoulder and held her close and tightly.

Then I slowly lowered my hand from her shoulder to her boobs and started to feel her boobs from her side. Her breathing started to increase as she was not been with a man for a while and not experienced these sorts of pleasure.

I kissed her again on her forehead and she hugged me in return. Then we watched the whole movie by hugging and kissing each other.

After the movie was over it was already evening so went directly to her house as she was staying alone. Her house was a nice house well maintained decent house and had a nice view from her balcony.

While I was roaming around her house she came to me after changing to a night gown with two glasses of juice. I drank it kept the glass on the table and directly went and smooched her. The kiss was so passionate and I inserted my tongue into her mouth and played with hers.

While smooching I slowly raised her gown from her back to my surprise she was nude under that. So I removed her gown. I was mesmerized with her perfectly shaped tits and well maintained pussy hair.

Now she came and smooched me and she started to remove my dress. Now we were totally nude we were looking at each other’s body. I couldn’t contain my love for her so went and hugged her tightly and showered her with kisses all over her body.

Now I made her lie on the table and kissed her boobs and started to lick her boobs and crush it. She liked it very well and she was moaning and holding my head and was running her fingers through my hair.

I even bite her nipple and a small mark was there and she was moaning with pleasure and pain while I did this. She was saying,” you are gonna kill me by showing this much love, you are such a great lover and I love the way you treated me mmmm aaahhh. I am fucking wet dear, never in my life I was this wet and was not loved the way you loved me….”.

Then from her boobs I slowly gone down and there she had a very beautiful and deep navel. I kissed her stomach and licked her navel. She was moaning with pleasure by making loud noises likeee aaaahh yesss dearrr likeee thatt I fuckingg loveee uuuuu.

When I was licking her navel I slowly touched her pussy. At that moment she shivered. She was licking and biting her own lips with pleasure and saying, mmmm.

I inserted my index finger and middle finger into her pussy and slowly inserted and then took it out. My fingers were drench in her pussy juice. I licked my fingers and it was really tasty and I was becoming more and more horny.

So I immediately started to lick her pussy and inserted my tongue deep into her pussy…the moment I inserted my tongue she had her first orgasm. She was jumping with pleasure and she held my head and locked my head with her legs.

When she recovered from her orgasm she released me. My face was glistening with her juices. She came and hugged and kissed me a lot for giving the pleasure of her life time. I was so happy by seeing her happy.

Now she made me lie and started to play with my tool. She was an expert in that. Even though mine was average cock she didn’t complaint about it. She gave me also sooo much pleasure and I was moaning and enjoying her.

I was about to cum by the pleasure she gave me and I informed her and I cummed in her mouth. Then we laid there for some time and hugged each other.

After some time I started to smooch her again and play with her boobs and this made my cock to wake up again. So without wasting any time I inserted my cock into her pussy in missionary style.

I was pumping into her with my full energy and she was enjoying it to the core and was moaning. And was looking passionately into my eyes at that time I kissed her.

Then we changed the position that is to her favourite pose doggy style. She really enjoy that pose and so I was pumping into her with my full energy and was going deep into her and I crushed her boobs by pressing both the boobs.

This made her into another orgasm and she like it very much and after this she laid down as she was tire. So I again went into missionary style I pumped really hard into her I climaxed into her in heavy loads.

I rested on her and slowly rolled to her side. We were sweating like hell. We kissed each other and she thanked for making love this passionately.

That was my story. Hope you enjoyed it. Please share your comments and feed back to me.

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