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Mumbai ki Barsaat …….(Hindi Sex Story)

My name is Priti, I live in Andheri, Mumbai, behind the Ashok Studio. My husband, Mr. Pawar is a camera man and has very odd working timings. Often he is away on outdoor shooting for several days in a row. I have good figure, with 38C Boobs, slim and tall and fair complexion. We are married for about three years, and our married life including sex life is good and enjoyable. I have one 2years old son and one 1 year old daughter. I never had sex outside our marriage,
though often my husbands friends would indulge in vulgar jokes, and gaze my boobs with hungry eyes. I never felt attracted for extra marital sex not because I am religious or conservative but because I seemed to have my urge and desire fully satisfied by my husband.
I am a qualified Montessori teacher and work in a nearby school.

Our area is an old housing which has rows of single story two bedroom houses built several years ago when ‘Andheri’ was a remote suburb and no one liked to live here. Its location is also very good as it is just a few yards away from the Bus stop and a small shopping area.

This incidence of chudai (fucking) outside my marriage that I am going to narrate happened on a rainy Sunday. My husband was away for four or five days for location shooting and I had to go for the weekly grocery shopping from the nearby market with. I got up early as usual, the weather was clear so I decided to go to the market and complete my shopping. I told my son Dipak that before clouds gathered for another downpour (because it being the rainy season) I want to complete my marketing and return to home early. Until I return from the market you have to take care of your baby sister. If you have any problems call me on my cell phone. After coming from the market I will cook and then we can eat.

I put on a cotton sari, tight low neck, and sleeveless blouse. I did not wear Petticoat and wore hipster sari. Weather was cloudy and quite normal for this part of the year in Mumbai. I tried to complete my shopping hurriedly but failed because of the rush in the market. I completed my shopping and boarded the bus for return before the rains started. Living in Mumbai with rain is normal, but I had shopping load of vegetables etc. and wanted to reach home quickly. The clouds were becoming dark and no sooner than I alighted from the bus that it started heavy downpour with strong winds. My house was hardly few minutes walk from here but it was strong winds which was blowing my saree and I had difficulty in holding two bags in my hand and keeping in place my saree.
I I decided to wait under the shelter of a nearby house for the rain to slow down. Rain was so heavy that in just three or four minutes it fully drenched me. Meri saree meri blouse say chipak gai, meray jism ka sub kuch najar aanay laga. Even under the shade, due to wind, rain water was falling but at least I was able to hold my saree in the wind.

Rain was becoming heavier and clouds darker…. I was becoming restless, unable to decide what to do when the door behind me opened and I heard some one calling “Tum Mrs. Pawar ho ?” With surprise I looked at the gentleman, masculine face, and robust body. He continued, “ Surprise mat ho, I am living here for the last over 20 years and know almost every one in the mohalla. Tum under aajao, is parkar kab tak bhego gi. Baarish ruk jayaee to chali jana, ghar Pawar ko phone
kar dou ki tum idhar ho”.

Main bahut bheg gai thi aur phir he addressed me with my husbands name and was in this Mohalla for long, I had little hesitation and walked inside. Oh what a relief. I was trying to compose myself and loosening saree from my body which had made me almost nude.

He was wearing banyan and pajama, was clean shaved about 45 years very well built and handsome.

ME : Aap ko kasht day rahee hoon, jaisay he barish thora rukti hai main chali jaoongi. I am sorry Aap ka kamra bhi geela ho raha hai.

HE: Oh never mind
ME: aap kay karan geela honay main koi apat naheen hai.
HE: O haan mera naam Kishore hai.
ME: Mera naam Priti hai.

KISHORE ji: Priti, tum aaram say bath jao, main tumharay liya cha lekar aata hoon,
he said and walked towards to the kitchen….halfway he turned back and said, I am sorry, meray ghar main koi aurat naheen hai, but you should not be in these wet clothes, so I will give you my dressing gown tum wo pahan kar apna kapra sukha loo, phir rain ruktay chali jaana. ME: Thankyou, abhi rain ruk jayagi to main chali jaongi, meray kapray ok hain.
KISHORE ji: No no Mrs. Pawar, (I interrupted to say, please call me Priti, that is my name) yes Priti, you should not be in wet clothes, you will catch cold.
He did not sound having any bad intention, and I too did not feel uncomfortable. He then directed me to the bath room, abhi bhi meray kaproon say pani gir raha tha. Kishore ji gave me his gown and a big towel.
KISHORE ji: Yahaan koi naheen aayaga, tum apna badan towel say sukha kay, mera gown pahan lo, phir abhi tumhara kapra electric iron say dry kar dengay phir rain tuktay chali jaana.

As he turned to go towards the kitchen, outline of his long dangling lund (cock) in his pajama was visible….

I was getting strange feeling getting naked in a strangers house and the rains falling…it was very
exotic scenario… uncontrollably I was getting horny and my choot was itching. I took off my Saree, Blouse Bra and Panty. Meri ston vari vari lag rahi thi tab yaad ayaee ghor lot ne ke bad baby ko breastfeed vi karani hai. Dudh jam gayee ston me, isiliya vari vari lagrahi hai.I dried my body with fresh towel. Towel meray jism par chalti to aisa lagta Kishore ji ka haath sparsh kar raha hai.. Strange feeling kay sath sath meri choot geeli geeli ho rahi thi aur ajeeb
sensation ho raha tha. Mainay ajnabi mard kay gown apnay nangay badan par pahna aur band bandha. Main abhi bhi apnay ko nangi mahsoos kar rahee the aur mujhay bahar jaatay sharam a rahi the. Itnay main bahar say kishore ji ki awaj aai
KISHORE ji: Priti, cha tayyar hai…..
ME: “Jee main bhi tayyar hoon…”

Bathroom say kamray main aai, to apnay ko mirror main dekh kar aisa laga jaisay koi mast apsara apnay premi kay paas ja rahee ho. Kishore ji ki bed par clean prink fresh chadar pari the…. Man main aya, yahan let jaoon aur aankhay band karoon………… Kishore ji ka lund
meri choot main ho or mu meri chunchi me…… Apnay man say yeh dhyan nikalnay ki koshish main main dheray dheray , gown sambhaltay dosray kamray main aai to cha aur kuch biscuit maiz
par rakha thay Main unkay samnay kursi par baith gai aur cha ka thankyou kahkar cha peenay lagi.

Meray mun main kiya ho raha tha mujhay naheen maloom, ek taraf to aisa sexy mausam, phir, ajnabi mard kay ghar. Main in sab sooch main aise masjul thi ki, main yeh bhi bhool gai ki meray samnay Kishore ji baithay hain……..aur mujhay bhi kuch bolna chahyay.
ME:Aap bhi kiya film industry main hain ?
KISHORE ji: Naheen , main ek department store me jo ki Churchgate area main hai uha kaam karta hoon.

ME: Aaap nay shadi naheen ki ?

KISHORE ji: Koi tum jaisi sunder mili hi naheen !!

Hum log batain kartay aur cha petay jaa rahy thay…. Barish abhi bhi ho rahee thee.. kabhi kabhi bijlee aur thunder bhi bahut karak ho rahee the. Mausam aur Kishore ji ki baton say main bhool gai ki mera gown samnay say sideways chala gaya hai aur meri pink juicy
choot puri tarah say saaf saaf najar aa rahee hai.

Kishore was keenly watching this, a grand treat for any man, controlling his erection. Noticing his constant gaze, and changing posture I looked down to see my condition…
ME: hai Raam, yeh kaisay hua,
saying this blushing and nervously I lifted the sides to cover myself. In this process, the boobs were fully exposed……. This was perhaps too irresistible for any man…

Seeing my embarrassment, Kishoreji uthay aur meray paas aakar mera gown side say pakar kar mera pura jism cover kiya aur bandh ko bandhnay lagay….. Itnay kareeb, meri aankhay band ho gai aur jab unka haath meri boobs kay upar say touch hua to I could not resist moaning…….

KISHORE: “Agar Bhagwan mujhay bhi aisi sunder larki deta jaisi Pawar ko mili to meray ghar main bhi is waqt mausam ki rangeenay ka pura lutf aata……..…..

Me: “Oh ho aap ko baat karna bahut aata hai, main to koi aisi khoobsurat naheen hoon”

Kishore: “Priti, mainay jitna kuch abhi tak dekha hai, tum kisi apsara say kam naheen….

I was red faced when he mentioned what he had seen……

Me:Magar Kishore ji aap bhi to itnay achay ho aap ko to koi bhi larki NO naheen kah sakti.

Kishore: Really, tum bhi naheen NO kahogai ?????
He had naughty smile and was gazing at my boobs sightly visible from the sides.

Mera dil jore jore say dharak raha tha aur meri choot main cheenti chal rahee thi.. mainay kaha, ME:“Such…………..phir meri taraf say YES hai….
Ye kah kar main Kishore say lapat gai, unka khara hota lund meri choot kay
kareeb hota ja raha tha.

Our eyes staring each other and exchanging all whatever was in our hearts….. he took another step,
came closer and holding my gown, slipped it from the shoulder, exposing me fully naked in front of him.

Mujhay bhi andar say bahut chudanay ki itcha ho rahee thi….. mainay bhi unkay kamar main haath bandh kar unkay payjama ka nara kholnay lagi…

Kishore: Chalo Priti, aaj ki barsaat ka din ham yaadgar din banadein…….
His lund was visibly hard in his pajama and no sooner that we were in the bedroom, he slipped
out of his pajama bringing to my full view his huge thick lund….
ME: Oh Kishore ji kitna acha mausam hai aur kitna acha mauka.

Mai vul gayee ke ghar me mera do bachcha vukha apni ma ke liya wait kar rahi hai.
Kishore: Yessssss meri jaan, Priti, let us make use of every minute……

ab Kishore ka lund puri tarah tan tanna kar tayyar tha, main bhi baychain ho rahee the… bistar par let-tay hi Kishore nay meri choot kay munh par apna lund rakha aur uski tip say halkay halkay clit ko choonay laga………….
ME: “Hai raam kaisa maja aa raha tha, mmmmmmmmm. Kishore ji aaaaahhhhhhhhaaaaaahhhhhhh please mujhay jaldi jaldi chodo”

lund dheray dheray thora under gaya phir Kishore nay kas kas kay Dhaka lagana shuro kiya, kiya
maja dey rah tha, main to swarg main theeeeeeee……
ME: Kishore, kishore pura ek ek inch under kar day aur khoob kas kas kay chod…. Aha ahhhhhhhhh haieeeeeeeeee. main mar gai……… oh hhhhhhhh mmmmmmm

mainay apni tangoon say unki kamar kas kay daba rakhi …. aisa majay ki chudai kabhi naheen ke , oh ho Kishore ji

Bahar barish abhi tak tez ho rahi thi idhar meri choot ki dhulai ho rahi thi……. ‘THUP’ ‘THUP’ ‘THUP’ ‘THUP’ Kishore ji meri vega choot mar raha tha. Tho bachchi nikali thi apni choot se…. thora loose to thi hi meri fuddi……sayad isi liya itna awaj they rahi thi.

aisa maja mujhay Pawar say kavi naheen mila tha…. Gunah ka chudai bahut majay ka hota
hai….. main teen bar discharge ho chuki the magar wo ‘gadhay ka lund’ aisa chod raha that jaisay abhi abhi shuroo kiya hoo………….. Usnay mujhay kas kay jakra hua tha aur…..
KISHORE: bassssssssss haaaaaaaa haaaaaa Priti mai aa raha hooon a raha hooooooon ME:………………..ahja Kishore main bhi aa gai phir say………
meri choot Kishore kay paani say bhar gai aur kai minute tuk sukadtay lund ko choot kay
under kiya huay paray rayah……
Main Kishore to khoob piyar karti rahee, phir main baith gai aur uska laura haath main lekar sahlanay lagi………….. jaisay ghoray mi maalish kartay hain.. wo phir halkay halkay tayyar ho
raha tha, mainay usko pakad kar choosnay lagi, itna bara tha ki aadha bhi main naheen lay pa rahee the.

Mainay jeebh say uski safai kari aur phir usnay mujhay ghori bana kar pahlay to gaand main khoob finger ki phir meri choot main dubara lund ghusa diya…
ME: Hi Raam, oh main mari main mari, Kishore tera to so bahut jalim
lund hai …. ……..Magar aaj mujhay maar daal, itna chod ki meri choot Pawar kay kam ki na hoo,,,,,,………………. chod chod, chod mujhay tu kishore. mmmmmmmmm mmmm mmmmmmm ah aha aha hhhhhhh ………

Kishore ka lund phir say meri choot main jore jore under bahar ho raha tha… ……….
KISHORE: Priti kiya sukh mil rahi hai tujhay ?bol kaisa lag raha hai mera lund ? ME:…………..mmmmm bahut acha……….ah hhhhhh …..hai …….
KISHORE: Acha Priti agar aisa acha lund tujhay roj roj milay to chudwai gee…….
ME: Mmmmmm haaannn ………jaroor chudwaooongi Kishore ji, tumnay
mujhay pagal kar diya hai………………
KISHORE: Acha Priti to teri ghar me khon khon hai
ME: mera do bachcha hai or oh log subha se vukha hai lakin mai tumare mast chudai ki anand chorke, tumay chorke nahi ja pa rahi hu meray bachchio ki pass. Oh log subaha se akelay hai. Mera 10 sal ki beta sayad ma ki lotne ke deri dekh ke chintit hai or dar vi gaya hai. Mera munni sayad ma ki dudh na pa kar ro ro ke so gayee hai. Lakin jo vi hogi dekha jayagi, main to tumarey jism ki garme or tumare bistar ki narmi chor ke tumare ghar ki bahar jane ke soch vi nahi pa rahi hun. Tumare aisay mote lund aur aisay mausam say pagal ho gai hoon…. Mat stop karoooooooo
ohhhoooooooo hai …………oh kishore phir eakbar, or eakbar chudo mujhay. Mai tumare pair parti hun. Ui meri ma…………

Meray Kishore ne mujhay kitni baar choda, ek say jada bar kar kar ke maja deta raha.

Barish ruk chuki thi, magar hamara mun abhi naheen bhara tha………. Chaltay chaltay Kishore nay mujhay telephone number diay aur main nay phir chudwanay ka wada karkay apnay ghar wapas aaiyee……..

Beta boli ma tu itni der kaha thi, munni ro ro ke so gayee or mai vi itna der tak vukha raha.
Mai bola baris may fas gayee thi. Or tumlog eak din vukha rahoge to mor nahi jaoge.

Almari se dosray kapray pahan kar or mera beta ko torasa biscuit or kake khilake vgaya apni ghar se. Or phir apni bedroom ki dorwaja band kor ke jo soi to raat ko 10 bajay aankh khuli who
bhi telephone ki awaz say……….
Mere Kishore ji ka phone tha……..
KISHORE: Priti tum boli thi Pawar Pune gaya hai….tum kiya kar raheen ho ?

ME: Yes Kishore ji, mera pati do din baad ayaiga, aur main abhi tak so rahee thi aur swapna main maloom kiya dekh raheen thi ?

KISHORE: Acha main teray liya khana lekar aa raha hoon… Phir
tera sapna bhi sacha kar daingay…… raat bhar chondongay humlog tera pati ki bistar me, keon theek hai na ?
ME: mai bola ha kishore ji jaldi jaldi ajao.
Mai munni ki thora dudh pilake sula di. Bas thora sa hi pilayi usay kiu ke mai aj mera kishore ji ke liya vi kuch bachake rakhni chati thi. Rat may 11 bajey kishore ah gaya. Mera beta dipak so gaya tha. Hum dono ne khana khaya, fir mai kishore ko lay ke apni bedroom me ghus gaya.
Mai apni blouse khol ke Kishore ko boli “ao meri jan meri ston me eakbar mu lagake to dekho tumare liya kitni mithai banake rakhi hu idhar.
Kishore pagolo ki tara meri ston pi raha tha. Os ki chusi se ‘CHUK’ ‘CHUK’ ‘CHUK’ ‘CHUK’ kar ke itna jor ka sound hua ,ke mera beta Deepak jo pas bali khat me so raha tha jag gayee. Ghar me andhera tha……….. beta bola ma kaya ho raha hai? Mai hustey hua bola koi teri ma ki chunchi se dudh pi raha hai.
Ghar ki andheray me kuch saf saf dikhi nahi de rahi thi. Beta pucha….
BETA: kun itna jor jor pi rahi hai ma, meri bahan?
ME: Nahi ray eak lutera hai
BETA: “Teray sath Yea letera kon hai ma?”
ME: mai bola yeah lutera teri ma ki yarr hai beta. Subha se teri ma ki jawani lutrahi hai isne.
Beta ko kuch samaj nahi ayaa. Beta mera bahut sidha sada tha. Lakin oh phir pucha…….
BETA: Achcha ma yeah lutera itna bora ho ke vi meri bahan ki tara kiu teri dudh pi raha hai
Me: Beta teri ma ko sukh dene kay liya pi raha hai beta .
Kishore ji bole ‘Preti’ apni beta ko kishi or room me vejo na
Mai bola choro na kishore eak to ghar me pura andhera chaya hua hai or is umar me usko kaya samaj ayaga.
Kishore bola kisi bachcha ki samne uski ma ko chudne me mujhe saram ho raha hai.
ME: Mai to aj subha se hi meri Laj or saram tumhe sop deya hai ab tum vi tumara saram mujhay sop do.
Kishore bola thik hai or phir meri dudh pina chor ke apni mota lund eak jhat ke may meri choot me ghusa dia.
Mai chillai “Ui ma mai mor gayee……………….”
Kishore ji jor jhor chud raha tha or mai UH……AH…… Mai mar gayee……kar rahi thi.
Beta bola “ma tu itna chilla kiu rahi hai.”
Mai boli kuch nahi beta is taraf dhan mat de idhar teri ma ki chudi ho rahi hai.
Beta bola “ma chudai me dard hota hai kaya or yeah kab tak chalega”
“Lagti hai aj sara rat meri chudai hogi beta. Tu ab so ja or is luteray ko meri lutne de. Subha tak yea teri ma ki jawani or laj dono hi lutke chala jayega. Tu chinta mat kar or so ja”.
“Achcha ma” bolke beta so gaya.
Haum log sara rat gappe maray or jamke har do ghante me eakbar kar ke chudai ki.
Sara rat kishore se chudwane ke bad subha mai boli kishore ji mai tumaray liya chai bana du kaya.
Kishore boli nahi meri jan, jane ke pahalay teri chunchi ka garam garam dudh pina chahata hoom.
Adha ghanta tak meri kishore meri do chunchi chus chus ke pura dudh pi liya or phir chala ghaya.

Subah mera beta humko bola ma oh lutera teri lutke chala gaya. Mai boli “Kon sa lutera beta? tu pagal to nahi ho gaya. Ha sayad tuney koi bura sapna dekha.” Mai socha yeah Mumbai ki barais hum ko eak hi din me eak ma se rendi bana diya

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