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My First Sex Experience With An Aunty

Me and 3 of my friends were staying in our house. We arranged for a maid for cooking and cleaning our house. Next our house one aunty and his son were living. She is around 26 or 27 slim. Figure, fair and she looked homely. We and that aunty have a common area where we use to wash our cloths and take bath.

Aunty name is sita. Me and my friends use to talk about aunty in the night. One day me and my friend bala thought of not going to college and we stayed back in the house. We informed to other two friends to say that we are not well. Gopi and raja left for the collage early. I woke up at 10.30 and saw the maid has already came and prepared idly for us. I went out to wash my face by the time I saw sita aunty was sitting and washing her cloths.

I smiled and washed my face and went to the toilet and came back. That time only I noticed that sita aunty was sitting with her saree was up till her knee. What a legs she got. It was so sexy yellowish in color. And I can see her boobs with blue color jacket, I think she is not wearing anything inside. The underarm part of the jacket is wet because of sweating…. Bala … Bala…. Aunty was waving her hands then only I came to this world… She asked what happened… I said nothing… “not going to college ” me – “no I am not well aunty ” oh ok go and take rest if you want anything call me” I said ok and went inside.

I went inside the house and lying and thinking about aunty… Still bala didn’t woke up. I was simply turning this side that side but I couldn’t sleep so I got an idea, I got up to have some water. We placed our water cane near the window which is just opposite to the washing stone kept outside. I went near the water cane and turned towards the window by that sita finished washing the cloths and tipping the clothes in the bucket with water… Oh my god while she is tipping the cloths I can see her boobs inside the jacket. My bro was raising inside my lungi.

Suddenly aunty saw me and a smile and started doing her work I don’t know whether she is ok that I am watching her then I got little guts and went outside too a bucket kept near her and sat. Sita asked “what bala not getting sleep” I replied ” yes aunty it’s boring there is no tv also” she asked “why don’t you guys have tv?” I said ” we planning to get tv next month only because of budget ” while we are having the chat she is doing is work. Sita told ” it will be really bore without tv” then I asked ” where is uncle” sita ” he is in military and he get leave only in the month of december ” me ” it would be boring for you also without uncle” sita “yes, but I am used to it”. She finished washing and she was putting the cloths in the rope.

I asked do you have tv in your house she told yes and she invited me to her house to watch tv. I said ok. She her bucket and asked to come alone with her and I followed her seeing her back structure… She opened the house and we went inside. She asked do you need anything to drink I asked for coffee. She went to the kitchen to prepare coffee for me. Her house small but it’s neat and clean one hall and one kitchen…Bed, dressing table etc are in the hall. She with the coffee and gave me I taken it and was sipping it by that time she went near the dressing table took a towel and wiping her body..

She removed her upper saree and wiping her stomach with towel I asked “aunty shall I go out” she told “no need I already saw you watching me”. I replied “sorry aunty” she said “it’s ok this is age you need to enjoy… Bala can you close the door” I went and closed the door and turned back by the time she removed her saree and standing in front of the mirror only with jacket and pavadai… I asked “aunty?” sita “bala I know you are interested on me… And I too didn’t had this for long time… I am ok for it if you are ok. I don’t have anything to say and I thought why to loose this opportunity.

Then I started removing my shirt she got my thought and she removed her pavadai now aunty is standing only with jacket and panties… I am with lungi. Sita came near and removed my lungi and touched my cock for this only I was waiting so I started kissing aunty whole face and in the lips my hands are playing with her boobs aunty was stroking my cock I was trying to remove her jacket huke but I couldn’t and I was in peak so I simply tore it…

The two mangoes came outside – yes she is not wearing bra inside. I started pressing it and I moved my face down to her books and started biting her nipple and squeezing other boobs sita started mooning saying bala bala…  Hearing I got too much and bite her nipple roughly suddenly she took my face from her boobs and started kissing my lips.

She went down took my tool and started suckling her tongue was playing in my tools hole I can’t control it and I was scolding her suck me birch suck me… This is first I am getting sucked…. So I was in heaven and words coming from my was really bad ” idiot suck my balls ” she obeyed my words and started suckling my balls..  Oh god its so awesome….

Suddenly I stood and I went down and started licking  her vagina…. I couldn’t put my full tongue so I pushed in the bed split her legs and started licking her hole this is the first time I am seeing the vagina and licking it…. I was in full mood I put my tongue fully and licking it sita was mooning “bala bala lick it nicely my hubby will do it.It’s really nice do it bala do it”..After hearing this who will stop doing it while licking her I started fingerings….

While licking something hit my tongue… It was round… I asked aunty “aunty what it is” she said “this called paruppu please bite it” I started biting it she was mooning “ah ah ah….” while doing a liquid was coming out I tasted it it was bit salty… I asked what it is she told that’s “mathananeer”… She moaning “put your cock inside” then I stood and started teasing her hole with my cock then I slightly put my cock in hole and pushed it.

It went inside fully wow my first fuck started I gave nice and heavy stroke then I got an idea to take my cock outside fully and pushed it again it was awesome….I was fucking her for 15 mins then I was about to cum. She asked to cum in her mouth I took my cock outside and put my cock in her mouth and fucked her in the mouth… And I cum out in the mouth itself…She swollen my entire cum…

Then I lied near her and asked how was it she said its very nice after a long time… I asked “what was liquid which came outside from her.” she told “it’s like what you filled on my mouth” then I understood…

After sometime she gave coffee and I said I am leaving now else my friend will search for me… She said “ok but let’s have it weekly twice. Please” happily I replied “why not sure we do it”. Then I left her home and came to my house dressed up even by that time also that idiot was sleeping… I thought thank you da if you have woken up I would have missed the good chance sleep well my dear.

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