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Navi Mumbai Sex Starved Married Lady

Hello friends, its Aniket with a brand new experience.

After my story published , i got many mails from boys and women in and around mumbai.

And one of them was the heroine of the story. She is from Washi area, Navi Mumbai.

After our initial introduction through email, we got to know each other.

She was a married woman, an engineer by education, left her job due to family pressure.

so currently she was just a housewife. Her husband was a manager in a MNC firm and a frequent flyer to overseas destination for his official purposes. She was very alone. There was no one who could listen to her.

Most of the Mumbai women are self made marvels, beautiful, hardworking, intelligent,ambitious. They have excelled well in their professional life. But most of them are ignored at home. Their hard work and professional success is not acknowledged appropriately at home. They are most lovable,but not loved well by their husbands.

So coming back to the story, we exchanged our numbers and started chit chatting.We both got to know about our appearances through whats app. She was looking beautiful, as her DP was showing only her face.

But beautiful eyes, pouting rosy lips,straight nose and a cheerful face.

We chatted on phone for almost one week, after she was sure about me and my background, we decided to meetup just for a coffee. As she was from Navi mumbai, we agreed to meet at famous mall in washi. She

asked me to come on wednesday at 11AM. I told her that it is a working day, i will have to take leave from my company. But she told that since it is working day, there will not be too much rush and we can chat freely for long time . I agreed and decided to go to meet her.

On the meeting day i wore a nice body fit T-Shirt with black jeans, nice perfume.I dressed neatly for the occasion and went to meet her.

When i went to meet her, i was astonished to see her beautiful figure.She was 5’6″,tall, flat tummy, nice big,round ,voluptuous buttocks.Firm and round boobs of about 38 size. She was a little healthier but due to her nice height, she was looking extremely sexy. Usually fat women good height tend to look more sexy than short women. She was wearing a nice tight jeans which was revealing her sexy and swinging arse.Her waist was narrowing on upward direction. making the background view very very sexy. Since she was wearing a loose XL T-Shirt, i could not figure out her boobs in our first meeting. When i saw her first in the mall, she was looking around for me. When she spotted me, she immediately became a little nervous. I approached her with full confidence and a smile on face. I greeted her “HI”.

She :- Hi

Me :- I hope i am not too late.

She :- No…. Not at all.

Me :- Let me tell you very frankly, you are looking awesome. Simply beautiful.

She :- please dont flatter me. I am not that good.I have become fat and have put on some excessive weight.

Me :- You are not that fat. And yes you have put on a little weight but at the right places. (winked)

She :- (just smiled) So shall we move to the CCD.

Me :- Sure

Then we both went to the CCD Coffee shop in the mall. The CCD was almost empty. We sat in the corner with a little bit of privacy. We got nice full cup hot coffee for both along with some pastries and rolls.

Me :- So how was my story.

She :- I have already told you about it. I read the stories a lot on the net. But your story was simply awesome.Thats why i mailed you and contacted you.

Me :- Thanks

After that we discussed a lot things regarding her previous job, her hobbies, things she enjoys doing most, her college day crushes etc etc.After sometime we both felt very normal and all the nervousness gone. She seemed very confident after a while. I was having a clear eye-to-eye contact with her. She was a very intelligent woman. Must say “Beauty with brains”.

We were there for almost one hour and it was a great meeting.I went to meet her just to have a good time and making a new friend. Sex was not on my mind at that instat.

As we finished the coffee i said that we should meet again, may be for a coffee again or a movie.

She:- Yes. definitely.

Me :- Just tell me in advance the place and time of meeting.

She :- Are u in hurry?

Me :- Of course not, i have taken leave from company, so i have full day and night for you. Why are you asking,by the way ?

She :- Can you come to my place? Right now ?

Me :- (I was in cloud nine.) Ofcourse. I can.

She :- My husband left for US today morning and inlaws have also went to hometown for a family function. So i was alone for 3 days.

Me :- OK

She :- Lets go to parking lot.

After that we both moved to parking lot where she parked her I20 car. Then we headed for her flat in a super luxurious apartment in a posh area of washi.

As we reached the lift, we both were a little nervous. In the lift also, she didnt said anything.

She welcomed me in her flat. I sat in the drawing room and she brought me some water.

She sat just near me. I drank the water and complemented her flat. She thanked me.

Then i just put my hand on her hand and saw in her eyes. She just shivered and closed her eyes. She was longing for a man’s touch.

We both stood up, holding each others hand in hand, looking in each others eyes. I said, ” You look very beautiful dear.”

She just sighed.She was looking at me with very inviting but desperate eyes.I just brought over her palms and kissed on it.

She just hugged me saying “Ohh Aniket”. She hugged me tightly, her boobs in T-shirt were pressing against my chest.

I hold her face in my both hand just put my lips on her lips. She was not opening up her lips yet. I again looked in her eyes and again kissed her.

This time, i parted her lips and kissed her in french style. My tongue was probing her mouth and exploring her full mouth. Her kiss was very very sweet.

In the mean time she got hold of my face and she started pulling me over for more intense kiss. Now i dragged my hand from her back to her bottoms. The beautiful, magnificent, round and soft buttocks. I started squeezing her soft buttocks. Initially with very slow speed, but later with full force. Her breath was becoming heavier and hot. Her eyes became red with ecstasy.

I slowly dragged my hands towards her flat tummy. I just pulled over her T-shirt and touched her flat tummy.Ohhh what a touch ! Her skin was very very silky.I just rubbed lightly her tummy and encircled her navel cavity. We both were shivering, but enjoying every moment.Soon i broke the kiss and she led me towards the bed room.

In the bedroom, i again hugged her and started kissing her. She was enjoying every bit of it. We were not in hurry nor were we the novice to finish the act for curiosity.

I just make her sat on the edge of the bed and i sat down with my knee on floor. I took her leg in my hand and started fondling her lower leg,kissed her ankle.

I was looking at her in her eyes and started kissing the edge of her feet. Slowly i kissed her lower side of foot going towards her foot fingers. I literally licked her foot fingers. She was breathing heavily and enjoying my foreplay.

I again stood up , removed my T-shirt and turned to remove my jeans. She stood up and herself started to unbutton my jeans.

So i removed her T-shirt, her petticoat. Now she was in jeans and bra. Her boobs were firm, round and very very soft. They were perfectly round and firm. I just placed my hands over her boobs and started pressing it softly. She lowered my jeans and i was only in my Jockey brief. The shape of my brief was little bulgy with my sculpted thighs. She just exclaimed,”Wow!”

I also unbuttoned her jeans and pulled her down. Now it was my time to exclaim ,”Wow”. Her thighs were so sexy that i have no words to express them. Soft,white,big thighs with big, round, voluptuous buttocks exposed to my eyes and i couldn’t take my eyes off her assets.I just put my hand on her thighs and started massaging it.

Then i moved towards her big arse and again started fondling with full vigour and force. I removed her bra and panty also and laid her on the bed. Then i positioned myself over her and started massaging her whole body.First i massaged her round and soft boobs.I bent over it and took her left boob in mouth and started pressing the other. Similarly i did with the other boob.

Then i kept massaging her body from her tummy to thighs. I slowly came down towards her thighs and lower legs. Then i made her sleep upside down and started massaging her back.I neatly massaged her neck area, which is very sensitive for women. After some time i again came over her buttocks. The view of she being laid like this was making me very very hot due to shape of her buttocks. Very round,voluptuous and protruding buttocks. I again started massaging her arse with full power. She has started breathing heavily.In that position only, i just dragged her buttocks towards me, making her sit in doggy position and made her sit on the edge of the bed.

Now i sat down on the floor and she was above me with her protruding ass in front of me. I parted her ass cheeks and caressed her pussy which was already wet due to my intense foreplay.

I just put my mouth on one of her ass cheek and started eating it with lite bites. She was enjoying my lite bites and started crying like “ummm, aahhhh”

I just kept biting her both ass cheeks like a mad dog. Then i just parted her ass cheeks and put my tongue over her pussy. I just started licking her pussy lips superficially and she started responding with her “ummmm …… aaahhhh, ohhh Aniket, please do it baby, my husband never do it ………. ohhhh”

Then without stopping i put my tongue inside her vagina and started licking her pussy.She was enjoying it fully and me too. She was in doggie position with her buttocks in outward direction over the edge of bed and i had pressed my face in her buttocks to please her womanhood. What an erotic site it was.

Soon she started breathing heavily. I licked every portion of her pussy, the outer lips, inner lips, viginal opening, area near uretral opening. She was enjoying it to the fullest. I have made her free from every tension she had. And soon she was on the verge of her first orgasm. When i was licking her clitoris near her G-Spot, she held tightly my mouth over her pussy,her jaw tightened,teeths pressed tightly, and she was screaming like “ummmmm, ahhhh, ohhhhh, oh oh oh oh” and she came like never before. Her body tightened,her grip over my head tightened. After eruption , she became relaxed and strugling to have some breath. Ohh god what an experience.

Later, after around 20 minutes, she woke up. She saw me and smiled from bottom of her heart. She said that she has never experienced such an orgasm before. I went near her, i was only in my white Jockeys.I

hold her and planted a sweet kiss on her lips.

Me :- “Are u happy ?”

She :- “More than happy”

Me :- “Ready for second round of pleasure ride ?”

She :- “What? I mean you are going to do it again”

Me :- “Yes, but with my manhood”

I raised her from the bed and just hugged her. She was very very calm and relaxed.

She just went to washroom, and came out after cleaning herself with a fresh face.

She directly went to kitchen and made some coffee for us. We had the refreshing coffee there and she just went to keep the cups in the kitchen.I went just behind her and hugged her from back when she was at the kitchen sink.

I pressed her buttocks from behind with my lower area, grabbed her boobs over her nighty and started fondling them gently.

I put my lips over her neck and started gently kissing it. My heavy and hot breath over her neck was making her say “umm ohhhh.”

I just lifted her in my arms and led again to the bedroom.

I was just looking at her beautiful face. She was just smiling.

I put her down, made her naked and started kissing her all over.

She started to feel the heat. She again grabbed me by my shoulder and started pulling me for a passionate kiss.

I was enjoying her kiss, her lower lip was very very delicate and luscious.I sucked it to the fullest.

My hand was just holding her by her beautiful tummy and i was rolling my hand over her soft and white tummy and our lips were locked.

Soon she broke the kiss and looked at me , i again laid her down on the bed and took her leg and raised it in upward direction.

Started kissing and licking her leg. Slowly i came down towards the thighs,licked those soft,fleshy, white thighs.Cuddled it and bite it at some places very softly making her cry “ohhhhh …….

ummmm ….. offfff …”

I literally licked both her legs and made her thighs totally wet with my saliva. I folded her legs making her knees touch her boobs, put my mouth at pussy and licked her pussy for some time. I was just making her remember her previous orgasm.She was breathing heavily. She just sat up and said “i need your tool now”.

I just removed my Jockey and my rock hard, 8.5″ solid lund with a pink forehead sprang up infront of her. Her lips immediately formed a “O” in exclamation.

She was so happy with the size and shape of my lund that she was just fumbling her hands here and there not knowing what to do. She then just hold the aching lund and smiled. She just started stroking it

very very gently in to and fro motion. Then with her fingers , she just cuddled its pink forehead. She just directed it towards the roof and observed its lower part , stretched and hardened lower nerves, small egg-like my testicles.

I told her to take it in her mouth. She just brought her face towards it. Just a centimeter away from the pink head. Slowly put her lips on to it. ohhhh !!!!!!!!!! what a feeling!!

Slowly she took the forehead of lund in her mouth and immediately removed it. She just tasted it for the first time.

Later she told that she has seen it in the porn movies but never done this before. Her husband is very very conservative in this regard. I told her do it whatever she want to do it as it is all her. She can suck it, lick it, or rub it.

She once again started, took it in her mouth and started a steady to and from motion with her mouth. Her wet tough was touching my lunds lower side and it was an awesome feeling. I was in heaven.

She was removing the lund from her mouth and looking at it in astonishment. She was holding the lund from its base and again taking it in her mouth. She was trying hard to accommodate it but she couldn’t.

Her luscious lips and her wet tongue was creating magic for my lund. I had hold back my ejaculation with a lot of efforts.

After sometime i asked her to remove the lund from her mouth and lets fuck finally.

I positioned her in missionary style, spread her legs and inserted my big, thick lund in her pussy. It slide down effortlessly as her pussy was already very very wet.

My lund went in completely , my base of lund was touching her pussy. I started kissing her and started rubbing my whole body with her.In the process my lund started a to and fro motion in her wet pussy.

Her boobs was being rubbed by my manly chest, her soft and bulky thighs were being rubbed by my thighs.We both had closed our eyes and enjoying the every moment of this sexy session.

Soon i changed this regular position and took her legs on my shoulder and started ramming her pussy with some mighty thrusts.She was enjoying each of my thrust with her response

“Ummmmm ……. aaahhhhh ……… ohhhhhhh ……… fuck me ……….  fuck me hard ……..”.

After 10 minutes i positioned her in doggie, my favorite, position. She was on her knees,with her beautiful, round,white,fleshy ass cheeks protruding outwards and inviting me to fuck her hard.

She was bent a little in her back making her posture very very sexy and attractive. I positioned myself behind her, put my pink head of lund on her vaginal opening, and gave a gentle thrust.

My lund went in immediately and effortlessly. She immediately ached “ummmmm”. I started giving slow and steady thrusts.She was enjoying it. More than her, i was enjoying the process of banging her beautiful, big, soft, fleshy , voluptuous arse with my groin area.Soon my lund started rubbing her G spot and she started begging me for a fast and constant jerks.

Still i was in no hurry and maintained my slow and steady thrusts. I had already taken her to the 7th heaven, but she wanted to cumm and enjoy the already postponed orgasm.
She was begging me to fuck her fast.

So without any more delay, i positioned myself correctly , hold her round butts by my both hands. Massaged it and started banging it with my lund. I increased my speed and started giving her big thrusts.

My lund was rubbing her G spot with full force, my thighs were slapping her thighs. The whole bedroom was filled up by our voices, screaming and thigh slapping voices.

She was about to cum, she has clutched the pillow in her hand and i can sense her cumming sensation in her pussy through my lund.

I kept ramming her without holding back my ejaculation.

And soon i lost control over my ejaculation. The long hold cum from my testicles erupted ( of course in the condom) i still kept banging with my thick harness and soon she also started screaming

“Ahhh ……. ohhhh ……… oh ….. oh …”

We both were satisfied. She said that she had never experienced such a stormy sex before. She thanked me by a long kiss.

Then we both got up and dressed well and i prepared myself to leave.

She again hugged me and thanked me for a wonderful experience. I left her home with a promise to meet again.

Hope you enjoyed reading my experience.

Any married but unsatisfied or single or widowed decent women from mumbai or pune want to enjoy a decent company with full security and anonymity please contact me

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