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Neighbor Aunty Deserved Better

Hi friends, this is my 1st post on this platform.. My name is vicky from mumbai – 28 yr old guy – fair – tall – the incident I am narrating here is 100 % real, the story that am narrating is about my neighbour Aunty , with whom I got attached – she is an awesome person and deserved all the love in life , she is elder to me and I call her didi, , she is a housewife -34 yrs- slim- wheatish- 5.6 ft – with a small baby girl.

She was my neighbour from last 7-8 yrs, she and her husband both lived in a nuclear family, her husband is an entrepreneur and has done gr8 for himself in terms of financial stability as he is a first generation entrepreneur, they both use to go out every weekend n enjoyed life to the fullest. Poonam is very close friend with my mom and called her didi, so use to come over to my place regularly for chit chat, I always had less interaction with her, limited to hi and hellos type, she was a very talkative and open minded lady.

Maybe cos she isnt staying with her inlaws, I was always busy with my studies and friends and also with my girlfriend at that time, time went on and she became much close and connected to my mom, after I finished my graduation I was applying for jobs and going for interview calls regularly, so most of my time was spent at home on computer, and during this time I and poonam started talking and bonding, I use to address her didi, I use to play with her baby whenever she comes at home ,

But lately I had observed that poonam had become a little serious and less talkative, I assumed she has become a little matured after the birth of her baby, she use to sit with my mom for hours whenever her husband was out on tours, both(poonam and mom) of them also use to go to markets and malls together and in the mean time I use to take care of her kid as she was 2 yrs old and did not relied on breast milk anymore and was happy to spend time and play with me.

Her husband (i called him uncle) as he was much elder ( 15 yrs elder atl east) was a serious and ambitious person, quiet a drinker though , he had also come to our house on special occasions like diwali, birthdays etc and vice versa we all family members also use to go to their place for occasions, though the interaction with him was limited as he was a reserved person and mostly busy on his phone for his work..

Slowly and steadily life was going on and like this few more months passed, it was also going good until one day when I overheard a conversation between poonam and mom , she was weeping – she had discovered that her husband has an affair outside marriage…Apparently she had discovered it by checking his mobile inbox.( translating the hindi conversation into english it was something like this)

Mom : dont worry poonam, everything will be alright and manish (her

Husband)will leave that lady

Poonam: I never thought manish will go to other women, I had given him my everything, I dont know from when is he sleeping with her. Why did he do that?? We were so happy together and now we have a small baby to care for also..

Mom was trying to convince her that it must be that girl only who must have trapped her husband as he is such a simple person and consoling her that soon it will all end and do not discuss the matter with her husband as it may spoil their relationship.. And after sometime she left, I was shocked to listen to all of this and felt sad at poonams situation, she had become quiet after that , less smile on her face and less attention and care towards her beautiful daughter, day by day her situation got worse and may be after a couple of months or so manish n poonam started quarreling with each other and sometimes his abuses could be heard to anyone who is passing from their door.

I felt pity on poonam but could not interfere or intervene in their personal matter, mom tried hard but she had come under depression and started taking hard drinks at home. Once when I went to her place in afternoon , uncle was preparing his luggage ,

I asked him where is he planning to go to , he said he is going for some personal work and will be back home in a couple of days, we chatted for sometime and then I left, when I visited again in the evening manish had already left and poonam was having drinks facing the window whereas no one was watching the tv which was switched on , when she saw me she kept her glass aside and I greeted her and sat next to her, this was not new to me as I had seen her drinking many a times and their was no awkwardness as such for drinking in my presence. Her daughter was already sleeping

And so we chatted a little, she has started enjoying my company so did ii.

After sometime I decided to leave but she insisted me to stay as she wanted to spend more time with me, so I stayed – she took her glass back and offered other glass to me which I politely declined, she asked me if I had a gfor not, I did not wanted to tell her the truth as she might confide it to mom so I said no, she said to tell the truth as she wont tell it to anyone as she treats me like a special friend, I again told her that really I dont have a girlfriend so she asked me to show my mobile , for which again I said I can’t show it to you, I was caught….

So I told her that I do have a gf but nothing serious sort of thing, till now she was completely under the influence of alcohol, and did not cared about her clothes , her pallu had dropped down and her big cleavage could be seen, which had given me a hard on and I was trying to hide it, she sensed my un comfortableness and moved and sat close to me and offered a glass with soft drink to give her company, we discussed several topics under the sun that day.

She told me about her personal issues with uncle , may be cos she was a little drunk. Her eyes were wet , she told me that one day she will leave her husband – I consoled her by putting my hands on her shoulders- we were sitting next to each other. I told her that don’t worry I am there with you and will be there always whenever she needs my help. I don’t know what had happened to me but I started having a soft corner for her.

I told her to sleep now as she was totally drunk and in stress, so helped her walk towards her bed and made her lay on bed , in the last few hours I had become more close to her and felt attracted towards her, I caressed her hair for sometime and she dozed off – kissed on her forehead and cheeks and left from there.

At night I thought about poonam and slept very late, the whole incident and our conversation was rewinded and played back in my head, so the next day when I woke up it was very late , I had earlier decided to go out with my friends which I cancelled at last minute as wanted to spend time with poonam, so after lunch I decided to go to poonam place,

So I went to her flat and rang the bell for 2-3 times but she did not opened the gate, just when I was about to leave I heard the lock opening from the other side of the door and when door was opened I was dumbstruck seeing poonam, she was wrapped in towel, and hurriedly she took me inside, I couldn’t blink my eyes and kept staring at her , she was looking very sexy and hot, but she did not waited and immediately rushed to washroom saying she will be back in 10 mins and to make myself comfortable, my eyes followed her till she entered in bathroom, I was certainly seeing her from another perspective, I noticed I had a small erection in my jeans.!! I sat on there sofa and started watching cricket match but my mind was focused on that incident only and I was kind of day dreaming that time.

In 10 mins , poonam came in hall and served me juice, she was looking very preety in t-shirt and long skirt. I complimented her saying that she was looking very beautiful today and saw her smiling, everything had changed in these last few days, I felt attracted towards her, so she sat next to me with a glass of vodka and asked me for my reason to visit her today- I said was feeling bore at home so that will come over to your place for time pass, she said ok and said let’s watch a movie as her daughter is in school and she has ample of time,

I nodded in yes and she brought a cd and inserted in the player, it was a hollywood romantic flick, she liked hollywood movies – she had already gulped down 2 glasses of vodka in 40-45 mins, and was feeling tipsy, during the movie some romantic scenes were also played, the entire climate in the room was romantic and passionate, lights were off , drinks were on, romantic scene on screen, beautiful lady next to me, I don’t know what happened to me and where did I got the courage from and I placed my hand on her upper thigh over her skirt and started to move my hand and feel her body, she turned her face towards me and asked me what are you doing vicky?? I was silent but stared in her eyes – she was looking the most beautiful girl – I needed her acceptance to move forward further ,

She was also silent and I continued my hands movement on her thighs , in a moment she closed her eyes – that’s it , I believed she had given me a go, I moved forward slowly towards her face and brushed my lips over hers and kissed her, I was tensed and excited and started breathing heavy-

Now I started kissing her neck and my right hand was squeezing her boobs , my dick was full erect in my pants.She had still kept her eyes closed and in the next fraction I moved upwards and started smoothing her she also reciprocated with the same intense and moved her hands on my back, I could smell her body aroma , immediately I removed her t-shirt and bra , I was mesmerized with the view of her boobs I cupped both the boobs and squeezed it to my hearts content, she had also become liberal now and removed my t shirt , she paused for a second and said let’s go in bedroom,

We rushed to bedroom and lied on bed, she was laying on her back , I jumped on her and again started to smooch – this time more passionately with our tongue exploring each other , I started to feel her pussy warmth by rubbing my dick on her pussy over skirt, her boobs were very fair and nipples were erect, I buried my face in her boobs – 1st encircling the tongue around the nipples and than sucking her nipple like a baby and playing & fondling with other boob with my other hand, I got up from that position and laid next to her, started massaging her pussy over her skirt for sometime and a few seconds

Later inserted my hand inside her skirt and in a fraction inside her panty, I was in some other world ecstatic, her pussy was dripping wet by now and I inserted my finger in her pussy and she left out a loud moan, my dick was paining inside so I stopped for a second and removed my pant and brought my dick out, and immediately removed her skirt as well , now we both were completely nude and lost in lust, seeing her full nude I couldn’t wait any longer and pounced on her ,

She guided my penis in her pussy, the entire room was surrounded by thap.. Thap… Sound and our moans, her pussy was tight enough and gripping my dick , in just sometime she cuddled me tight and started moving her ass up and down vigorously, pressure was building inside me as well , in a minute she started moaning aloud and than squeezed my back with her hands and my ass with her legs and came with moaning, my penis felt her pussy walls pulsating we fucked each other in missionary for5-7 mins and I came inside her without telling her.

We both were in that position till my penis became smaller and slipped out, than I got up from her and laid next to her, we both were silent- her eyes were closed and relaxed and I was staring at the ceiling, after sometime she got holding her clothes and went inside washroom, she came out with clothes on and told me that I should clean myself – till that time she will make coffee for us, when I came out of the bathroom she was already in hall sipping coffee from her mug, we both had coffee but did not spoke anything, when she glanced at me I looked away and vice versa, our equations had changed now, and we both were feeling awkward to initiate with this new relationship,

Finally I excused a conversation saying sugar is less in coffee – she stood up saying she will get cubes, I followed her to kitchen , just when she took the sugar jar in her hand I hugged her from behind and kissed her on her shoulder and neck and said that I love you didi, and I always want to be with you- she gasped long breath and turned around and said I love u too vicky and smiled- we were the best friends of each other than one can have, we watched movies, went to restaurants and had few more love making sessions till the time she stayed next to us, now she has moved to another town , though we are in touch but are busy with our personal life, I miss her sometimes but that’s life….

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