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Neighbor Aunty Feels Satisfied

Hello friends, thats my first story, so please excuse for any grammatical mistakes. This story is about my neighbor aunty feels satisfied after getting fucked by me,

I m shanky 27 years old with 7″ menhood from delhi. And the queen of my story is my neighbor aunty Rajni and she has two children.

So dont wasting your time i m coming to the story. The incident took place 6 years back when i was 21 and she is 32. She is residing in 3rd house from mine. She is a beautiful lady with good assets like 36-28-36. I used to starring her from last 10 to 15 days. And she also taking intetrst in me.

Bcz i m a good looking with fair complexion guy. And in between all these i somehow take her no from a mobile recharge shop where she comes to recharge her mobile. I called her whether recharge is successful or not and she replied in a hard voice ho gya.

Then i did’t call her for 10-12 days. One day i received her call and she shouted that why you called me on that day. How you took my no and all that. And i calm down her by consoling her bcz i feel feel that she is little depress.

Then conversation starts – she said i want to meet you, want to make love with you because her husband always drunk. She managed to meet in night and she directs me to come directly in the kitchen. And i reached there by climbing 3 houses and i was like dumbstruck by hearing that her husband is inside the room. Then i neglected her hubby and concentrates on her.

Thn she hugged me for about 1 min. Then i placed my lips on her, they are very soft and juicy. We smooched for 5 to 6 and i pressing her big boobs. In between she put her hand in my lower and hold my dick and stroking. We separated after 5 minutes and i removed her nighty.

She is really a sex goddes and she removed my tshrt. We started to play with each other in standing position. She is licking my whole face and make me totally wet. Then she slowly goes down my licking or kissing on my chest and then she hold my cock and stats blowjob like mad.

I felt that i was about to cum. So i separated her and i starts to lick her love hole. It smells really good she is holding my head and pressing towards her pussy. And moaming aahhh uhhhh aaaahhhhh ehhhhh aaahhhhh chuso ache se kha jao. Then is discharged i drank all juice coming out of her pussy.

Then i come in standing position and i said her i dont have condom. It’s ok dont worry and carry on. Then i put my cock on her pussy and rubbing it over pussy.

She begs me to please daal do na chodo ab pleased please.

Then in one go i put my rock hard cock in her pussy. She screams in pain. I placed my lips over her lips because of her loud voice then i starts to giving strokes. Then she got normal and starts enjoying and said aur tez karo and i increase my speed.
She is enjoying it and moaming aahhhhh ehhhh i love you shanky.

Chodo aur bht mja aarha h aahhhhh uhhhhhhhhhhh please krte rho ehhhhhh uhhhhhhhhhhhh aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

And smooching and pressing her boobbs and nibbling her nipples and i increased my speed more ahhhhhhh uhhhhhhh. In between she discharged once and i also about to cum.

I told her i m about to cum she said dont worry come inside. And i shoot my cum in her pussy then she bend down on her knees and sucking my cum’s every drop. Then she hugged me and kiss me all over my face and said you really satisfied me. Please come frequently whenever i called you. And i leaved for my home.

In next story on the basis of a your reviews and comments friends i will tell how i fucked her when her mom is at home and how she managed to satisfy her friend.

Girls and ladies can contact me any time, i m always ready to give you a real pleasure of sex bye.

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