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Neighbor Lady Planned To Seduce Me

The doorbell rang…

Harish dreaded opening the door…he instinctively knew it would be his neighbor lady Hema who would be begging for some sugar , milk , tea , veggies etc… She would never return the stuff that she borrowed ….

What Harish really hated was about her was her timing.. She always rang the bell and interrupted his love making.

He put on a surly face and opened the door. As expected Hema was at the door. Harish rudely informed her that Sheela was not at home. He did not open the second door nor did he ask her what she wanted. Hema stood her ground and refused to budge , she gave him a smile and said at least open the door. Harish was totally taken aback …he opened the door.She stepped in and asked for a cup of tea

Harish cursed under his breath and entered the kitchen. Horror of horrors…Hema followed him..Harish choked and asked her if she wanted anything and she could sit in the living room till the tea was ready.

Hema gave him a seductive smile and said I don’t want Tea , I want you

The water was boiling and Harish was sweating…

Harish picked up the Tea and moved to the Living Room. Hema sat beside him and looked at him in the eye and asked him how he found her. She dropped the Pallu.

The cleavage was awesome and took his breath away. The breasts were big

Hema moved in for the kill.She picked his hand and kissed it..She kissed his forehead and then his lips. She took his head and thrust it between her boobs. Her hands moved over his trousers and yanked the chain down. She gripped his manhood . Harish kissed Hema and removed the blouse buttons. The breasts sprang free. He cupped them in his hands . He squeezed the brown nipples. He first kissed the right nipple and then the left one. Hema’s nipples were becoming hard. She was moaning.

She started stroking him hard. Harish was growing and becoming hard.He made her stand up and removed her saree. He felt her soft ass and played with her pussy. He stopped and removed his clothes. Hema was absolutely ravishing naked. Shewas fair and plump in the right places. Hema kissed his cock and started sucking it like a real pro. Harish stopped her after 5 mins.

He took her to bed and started kissing her. His hands were exploring her body. He started from her neck to her breasts , to her pussy. He stroked her pussy , she was soaking wet. Harish kissed her pussy.

He licked her clitoris and he started fingering her pussy and her ass. The juices were flowing and Hema was turning red. She was sweating a lot and jerking violently in the bed. She grabbed hold of his head and pushed him him deep into her pussy , she told him to go on and not to stop. She was screaming loudly and was now squeezing Harish with her legs . She asked him to do 69. She grabbed his cock and started squeezing his balls . She hungrily licked his cock like an ice cream cone.

She managed to swallow his 5 inch cock completely not once but several times . Harish was really enjoying himself , he had never thought Hema would see hot in bed. His cock was becoming really hard. He wanted to take Viagra and fuck Hema multiple times. He felt the pressure rising in his balls again and he didn’t want to cum in her mouth.

He wanted to empty his sperms in her pussy . His long fantasy was to empty his cock inside her and not in her mouth. Hema was moaning and told Harish she wanted his cock inside him. She pushed him on the bed and sat on top of him

Hema started rocking back and fort and her huge breasts juggled in front of him. Harish caught hold of the breasts and sucked on the nipples. He slapped her ass and Hema laughed loudly. He put his fingers in her ass and Hema gasped loudly. She bent forward and kissed him wildly. Harish grabbed her breasts and bit her nipples. Hema laughed more and asked him to bite all over the body. Their juices were mingling and leaking over the bed and the cock was making thuck thuck sound every time it hit the base of the pussy.

Inspite of the AC both of them were sweating and thanks to the sweat both the bodies were moving easily against each other . She was moaning a lot. She got off and asked Harish to screw her doggy style. Harish entered her from behind and squeezed her breasts. He again put 2 fingers in her ass. Hema was shouting , she wanted more sex. She came loudly and Harish also came. He came in large spurts , Hema loved it. She said you have lot of cum. She slept next to him and gave a nice long wet kiss. She said we need to do this again. Harish agreed…

Harish spread her legs , he was already hard . He took the legs and placed them over his shoulders and took his place and teased her pussy. Hema started saying stop teasing me and put it inside. Harish kept teasing her and placed his cock in front of her ass. He slowly pushed it inside. Hema said no no no…not now…its hurting…no non…do it …do it slowly…please…please slowly…bit by bit Harish entered slowly…he would take it out and re enter again..he started making headway…hema was slowly enjoying it…she started moaning…she grabbed his balls and started squeezing them…

She started thrusting and started meeting his thrusts..after a few strokes Harish was completely inside…he collapsed om Hema. Hema hugged him and kissed him and said that she was loving it…she likes it rough and hard…Harish started humping and pumping her …he felt the pressure rising in his balls and he again came …

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