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Neighborhood Bhabhi Fucked On Terrace

Hi . This is the first time am ever writing any story on this site . Am writing with the permission of my neighborhood Bhabhi who was involved with me in this act . Now coming to the story – am an average looking guy Working for a Mnc – shuttling between Bangalore and chennai for work . This story happened 3 years ago when I came down to chennai for my project . I was staying as a pg at a place suggested by my friends dad . It was a decent living space and had all the basic amenities .

Now coming to the story – the house owners were basically into import export business . Two grandparents – one son , his loving wife (my neighborhood Bhabhi) and their doting son . Due to his business nature bhaiya had to keep traveling . As time passed by the grandparents started trusting me with their household works . I had never had any wrong intentions on Anita Bhabhi . She was like a doting Elder sister to me .

So the event occurred when Grandparents had to leave for outstation to attend some family function – Bhabhi was left alone with her son . So , I consciously went everyday to bhabhi’s place to ask if she needs something . She was telling that her birthday is coming up and nobody is with her to celebrate . She sounded sad – I consoled her saying I am there to celebrate with you . She was smiling and told you are a sweet boy . Then I went to my place and decided to get some gifts and cake for Bhabhi – till now no evil intentions were there in my mind .

When I came back with the gifts and cake – I got ready and knocked on bhabhis door – she opened the door and I could not stop staring . She was wearing a red saree and put on nice make up which added to her beauty . She dint look a day more than 20 although she was 31. This was the first time I had some evil intentions for her . She hugged me and called me inside . My heart skipped a beat and I gave her the bouquet and gift . I kept the cake on the table and was awaiting her reaction on seeing the gift . She saw the gift and the conversation went like :

A: So sweet of you to get me this champagne. But you know since my marriage I haven not touched alcohol Gautam. Please take it back

Me:Bhabhi it is your birthday . Two glasses will not make a difference .

A: you have become naughty . Ok let us drink it . But please promise me you will not tell bhaiya .

Me: I promise Bhabhi I will not tell anyone .

Champagne was popped glasses filled . After two rounds Bhabhi started talking up – and she started crying . She was sad that bhaiya was never in town . He always was busy with office . I hugged her- she hugged me tightly . I was consoling her

Me : Bhabhi now stop crying . It is your birthday – let us do something fun . We will dance .

A: as you say naughty boy .

We started with slow numbers – I held her hips and we started moving slowly . I casually remarked : you are really beautiful Bhabhi . Bhaiya is so lucky to have you .

Slowly we had another round of champagne – the alcohol started showing its effect – bhabhis pallu was displaced and her melons were begging to be freed. I slowly approached her and kissed her neck . She moaned and told Gautam :I have been waiting for a mans touched for a long while . Make me yours tonight .

This is all I wanted to hear . Like a beast I tore her blouse and tore her elastic lacy bra . The 34d boobs were pear shaped and I was alternating between the two nipples . She removed my shirt and her hands went to my hard dick . The next thing I remember was Bhabhi was blowing me like a pro .

I started finger fucking her and she started moaning . I had to put my hand in between her mouth to make her silent . I could not control the urge and went behind her and started ramming her doggy style . It lasted for 20 mins and I shot all my semen inside her . We laid down naked next to each other on the sofa . Bhabhi was glowing and happy that she found me .

After half an hour I was feeling hungry and asked Bhabhi to make some food . She went naked and started preparing some pasta. My limp dick stood up again and I went from behind and put my dick in bhabhi’s ass . Bhabhi screamed and begged me to leave her as she had never tried anal . I was not gonna leave this golden opportunity and started pushing in my soldier inside her . Bhabhi was screaming at the top of her voice . I had to put a cloth inside her mouth . Bhabhi cummed in less than five minutes – leaving me unsatisfied.

I told her this was Not fair . She was like let us go to the tub . We got inside the tub and gave each other a soapy massage . I could not control the urge and held bhabhi’s face and made her suck my dick .

After sometime I spat the load inside her mouth and she gulped it inside like a true pornstar. This was certainly a night worth remembering . Later on Bhabhi introduced me to few of her friends and how we enjoyed – will write about it soon . All aunties who want discreet relationships in Bangalore and chennai contact me

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