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New Chemistry in New Chemistry Lab

His guys..I am here with one of my best incident 😉 Let me tell you all about me,m a fun loving,fair n muscular boy,and I have a height around 5’6..and I love hangout around girls;)

Story starts like this…

She was wearing a wide neck pink kurti and a black legging today. As usual she was looking very pretty today.. It was Sunday, and i had to come to school for a practice with my drama team.

Shweta, my best friend’s girl friend, was playing his wife’s role in the play. Both of us being good actors got finish with most of their scenes very early. It still was only 1 pm, and v had to stay in school till 4 pm. So, v took a break and let other team members practice with their guide.

I had always fantasized about Shweta but never expressed as she was my best friend’s gf. Shweta was 5’6″, a good height as per a girl’s standard. 33 29 36 were her body stats and with a “B” cup bra size.. She had a beautiful smile and that made her look really beautiful despite of her glasses. Both of v were in 12th Standard, aged 18.

It was a big school with 4 different academic buildings, and as it was Sunday, there was nearly no one except their drama team. “Lets have a look at the new chemistry lab”, Shweta said. “What a beautiful voice does she have!”, i thought while v were on the way to the lab.

She was one of the best singers in her schools by the way. The chemistry lab was at the top floor of another building and was still under construction. It still didn’t have any doors, but the lab stands were all fix at their place.

“Have been here many times with your friend”, Shweta said,”this is where we had our first kiss.”. I lost in the thoughts of Shweta kissing. My imagination was broke by Shweta when she ask me come and see the sight from the window.

It was a beautiful scenery as their school was surround by mountains. Standing very close to her, i was reallt losing control as her fragrance was attracting me towards her. She started singing “chupke se” song from Saathiya movie.

I was lost in her song and lost control of himself. I put my hands on her shoulders and plant a kiss on the right side of her shoulder near her neck. Shweta immediately turned back but to this surprise, she didn’t slap me.

She smiled seductively, came close to me and said in ma ears, “I always gave you signs, what took you so long?” She then sat on a platform to level her height with me and pulled me close to her. Then She removed her specs and put them on the lab stand and pulled me close to her.

She held my hand and rubbed his fingers around her lips. I had gained enough courage now and kissed her softly on her lips. I rubbed my lips on her lower lips as Shweta too closed her eyes and put her arms around me.

“She should win the best lips award”, i thought and slowly inserted my tongue in her mouth to touch hers.

Shweta responded well and both of us shared a good tongue kiss. “She looks quite experienced”, i thought again as i continued with my deep passionate kiss. Then, i rubbed my way through her lower lip via her chin,i moved to her neck.

I kissed her throat slowly till the part which was visible. Then, moved up till the point where her neck and shoulder met and bit her hard. “ouch” she said in a small whisper and caught my hair tight.

Now i rubbed my lips all over her neck and i saw that she was really enjoying. I could see her playing with her own lips as in kissed her neck back n forth from one side to another.

“She really loves it”, i thought as i now understood the reason why Shweta had some red marks on her neck after the games period. I sucked her neck hard as she was moaning a bit.

She now started licking his ears and bit his ear lobes while i moved my hand into her kurti playing with her waist. Her skin was smooth as butter. Shweta then sucked my neck and bit me.

She moved his hands to her bra inside her kurti. I played with her not so big, but curvy boobs, and pressed them as Shweta opened her top 2 buttons and kissed around her breast and bit her even there. It was a tickling sensation for me as she was kissing n licking my chest too.

Shweta then stood up from the platform and made me sit on the floor, lifted her top a bit and made me kiss her navel. She laughed in a slow fruity voice and i looked back at her naughtily.

I continued to kiss her stomach as Shweta held my hair tightly. She definitely enjoying it as she stretched her neck and bit her lips. I stood up and started kissing Shweta’s neck once again and started rubbing her pussy with his fingers over her legging. It was already wet and i could feel it.

I lift her top but Shweta stop me. “some one might come and it will be difficult”, she reply. “Our lower parts are hidden due to platform and lab stands though”, i said naughtily while he was opening his zip. Shweta understood my intentions and sat on the floor.

As i removed my underwear, Shweta held my dick in her hands and started sucking my balls. Yeah, i loved it when her smooth lips rubbed around my balls. She rubbed my dick as it was very hard and put it in her mouth and rubbed her lips all around.

She then took it out of her mouth and smiled,” I have never been this far.. I am a virgin you know”. “So am I”, i said as i held her pony and put my dick in her mouth. I made it reach her throat as she coughed. Shweta then sucked all over my dick as i held her pony. She spat on it and sucked it again.

Now i pushed her on the floor and pulled of her leggings. Shweta was too arouse to oppose anything now. I removed her panty and and tried putting my dick into her pussy. “Lets save this for your boyfriend”, i said and turned her around to go for her ass.

I pushed my dick slowly into her ass as Shweta tried not to scream with pain. then i tarted fucking her ass slowly. Initially it was painful but then Shweta start to enjoy it. Moaning, she tried hard not to make her voice audible.

Though she shouted quite a few times, but there was no one in that building to hear her. “ohh adii… mmmm, i always wanted dis…. ahhhhhh … yeahhh ….. mmhhh”.

Now i was fucking her hard, his hands into her bra, pressing her boobs. Shweta was loving it, and was moaning hard. It wasn’t a long session as it was first time for me, i cum in her ass.

I touched some of it around her ass and made Shweta taste it. V laid exhausted on the floor drenched in sweat and breathing hard.

We dressed back to leave the lab. Shweta smiled and gave me another deep kiss. I could see a red mark on her neck as i touched it and kissed her there again. Shweta looked at the watch, v had been away for an hour now.

She went to washroom n tried to faint her mark and adjusted her clothes. Then we went back to practice our scene, where Shweta was my wife!

I hope u have enjoyed this stuff…n girls who want more fun to have n wanna have good company can surely be in contact 😉

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