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My New Hot Neighbor Getting Satisfied

Hi All, My name is Dan, I am 27 years old, good looking with an average body and I am here with my adventure, with my new hot neighbor. I moved to Bangalore last month because of a new job and rented a place near my office in Whitefield, and as destiny would have it, got lucky with one of my neighbors.

Her name is Indu, she is 32 and is married for 5 years now, and her husband had gone on a business tour just two weeks before I moved to the house adjacent to theirs, since their only kid had just started going to nursery, Indu had to stay in Bangalore without a choice. I first saw her on the second day of me moving to that house, from a distance she looked very attractive, so my interest peaked and I kept staring at her. After a week or so, I went over to her place to introduce myself.

“Hi. I am Dan and I’m your new neighbor”

We shook hands and I looked at her cute face, she was really hot and I really wanted her in my bed somehow. I came back to senses when she responded.

“Hi. I am Indu, nice to meet you”

Indu was a masterpiece, she had long brown hair, big brown eyes, perfect skin and a smile that seemed to light up her face, she was slender and about five-four; just the perfect height and weight ratio. I couldn’t help but stare at her melons.

“Do you stay alone?” I asked, she replied “Oh, I stay with my family, my husband is out of town for a few weeks on business and I couldn’t accompany him because of Ishaan’s (her child) nursery school”, that’s when I realized she has a kid and that made me more attracted to her because she was so fucking good looking even after giving birth to a child.

We spoke formally for a few minutes, she seemed very friendly and before leaving I mentioned that she could call me if she needed any help, shladly acce gepted my offer and I passed my number onto her and came home. As soon as I reached home, I started fantasizing about her, about running my fingers down her beautiful hair and kiss her soft lips and fuck her till the end of the world, but those urges had to wait till I was sure that I had a chance.

The very next day in the morning (I work night shifts and that day being Monday, I wasn’t even asleep), I got a call from her to help her with few things at her place, she was trying to re-arrange the furnitures and she wanted to someone’s help to move them around, that day I spent most of the morning helping her, staring at her without her knowledge and I enjoyed it thoroughly, once everything was over, she thanked me and asked me to have lunch with her which I did and I came back home. So our friendship started and kept getting stronger and I kept helping her with things whenever she needed something done. And I was very careful to not make any mistakes and spoil everything that had happened in the course of one month.

Last week however, everything changed, as usual I was at her place helping her with something and she was looking sad (I didn’t know the reason, later turned out that she was missing her husband and the sex) and I was as usual getting lost in admiring her beauty whenever she was not looking at me, she suddenly caught me in that state and asked me what I was doing, and the conversation that followed changed everything, it opened up a beautiful world of fantasy for both of us:

“Hey, what happened? What are you looking at?” she asked.

I said sheepishly, “Sorry, I guess I was staring at you..”

She laughed and said, “Yes, you were”

“You are really attractive and I’m afraid I was admiring your good looks a bit too long this time”

“What do you mean this time? So you do it often?” she asked me. I was in a fix then but I somehow managed to respond saying, “Yes, you are too beautiful to not to stare at”

She blushed, which made her even more attractive, and said, “Compliments like that could get both of us in trouble” her glance changed to a seductive one and I got the idea that I had a chance to achieve what I wanted all along.

My heart suddenly skipped a beat and my mind immediately created a fantasy with me on top of her, her legs around my waist and me thrusting into her slowly, she was moaning and holding me tight as we made love in the most passionate way, I knew Indu would be very good in bed.

I smiled and said, “I’ll keep that in mind”

After doing all the work that day, she gave me a quick peck on the cheeks and said, “Thank you for your help. You’re a sweetheart”. But before she could move, I took her by the waist and pulled her towards me. She willingly let me hold her and put her arms on my shoulders. We looked into each other’s eyes for a long time and suddenly our lips met each other, it was the most wonderful kiss I’d ever had in my entire life.

We started kissing more passionately and started grinding our crotches together, when Indu broke the kiss and suggested that we move to the bed room to finish what we started..

Once on the bed, she was breathing heavily, I went on top of her and we again started to kiss, during the kiss I pulled off the t shirt she was wearing and she was now in her bra and the tracks she was wearing, I broke the kiss, removed my clothes and crawled in bed beside her. I lay there for a few seconds just looking at her. She really was a beautiful woman and I was about to fuck her, my cock immediately responded to the thought and in no time was hard and ready.

Then I quickly rolled on top of her, grabbed her by the waist and pulled her tracks and panty down together and started kissing that beautiful, hairless, pink pussy lips of hers, she was by now moaning heavily and she constantly kept asking me to fuck her first and then play with her because she has been missing the act for a few weeks now. So within few minutes I stopped the foreplay as per her command and guided my cock into her. As I pushed deeper into her, she moaned and responded with louder moans.

Once I was all the way in her, I started to thrust and pound on her until she had an orgasm, her pussy was really lubricated and we both were at the top of our acts now.

As we looked into each other’s eyes, I felt my cum building. Then suddenly I couldn’t hold it any longer and I let my cock explode in her, my cum gushed into her body in spurts as I continued to hold her down, she closed her eyes and I could see satisfaction in her face at that moment.

That was just the beginning and we had a lot of fun few times before her husband got back and now we meet secretly whenever we feel like when her husband’s not at home.

I hope you liked the story, as I mentioned, I am new in town and would love to get to know women, girls to talk, to have a casual relationship with or just to chat and spend time with, if you are interested, please contact me Cheers!

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