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Office Affair With Office Maid

Hello guys and ladies its Vaibhav here come to share my sex experiences with all of you.I am 28 male living in Pune.

This is my first story here. Now lets come to story directly instead of boring you all.

After completing my engineering I joined one design consultancy in pune. The company is not that big so within short time I developed good relations with all my office mates.

After some days I noticed one more silent member of our office and that member is heroine of our story radha. Radha is our office maid cum sweeper. She is 38 years old; dark slim having very small boobs and flat ass in short nothing sexy in her . But she is having most inviting naval I ever seen.

Radha use to clean our office and toilet every morning and evening. She also use to prepare tea and coffee in our pantry as per our requirement. She never talk with anyone in the office and as she looks very ugly our office people also never try to talk with her but she was very good at her work.

One day I came early in the office there is no one in the except radha. She was mopping the floor I just sat at my chair and looking at her she wearing a saree and from side I am seeing her lil side boobs and her naval. I got really excited by seeing it and my monster starts rising slowly inside my pants. While mopping radha came near my chair that made me to stand up. My monster is in full swing making tent she noticed it and start working again. Then she left my place and went out. My monster is not becoming calm and before anyone would come I have to make my monster calm so I went towards washroom.

And fortunately radha is there cleaning washroom. She was bending near the door and cleaning floor. I open the door slightly and start observing radha calmly her naval is amazing deep black and smooth my cock became really hard so I open the door and went in. She was still in bending state while passing her I just brushes my hard cock to her ass. She instantly became straight and look at me, I said sorry to her and went back to my seat my work start but my mind is still in radha . This became routine now whenever I got chance I brush my cock in her ass touch her bare naval as if it all done accidentally. Radha never show any resistance to my act nor she give green signal.

One afternoon after lunch; I went to pantry and ask raadha for a cup of coffee she start preparing coffee and I just looking at her from side she is wearing white blouse and blue saree her small boobs are now inviting me her skin was so smooth she also start observing me from corner of her eyes.

And suddenly she said sir your coffee is ready, she pour coffee in mug and bent to wash vessels I come near her and brush my hand on her ass. She became stiff by my touch . I took coffee mug and stood there and start drinking it. I stand in such a way that my hips are touching radha’s ass. My cock start rising radha was not giving any reaction she stood in the same position; after drinking coffee I turn to give mug to radha for washing in that process my hard and hot cock brush to her ass. She stand straight and took the mug without looking at me.

I also stood in same position my hard cock is brushing her ass. I clearly saw her little boobs start moving up down due to excitement and fear. Her hands were also trembling meanwhile I adjust my cock such a way that it came in her ass crack. As I push my hard cock in her ass crack she moves forward and say sir please go else someone come and we both are in trouble. While saying all she constantly looking the tent in my pant. Her body is shaking she is breathing very fast. Through her white blouse I clearly saw her erect nipple as she not wearing any bra.

I thought that this is the right opportunity and I shouldn’t waste this. I go forward and say looking in her eyes that “ I think no one is there on the offices terrace this time.” by saying this I turn and walk towards the terrace. On the terrace one small room is there where offices unused material is kept. I was eagerly waiting for radha with full of excitement and fear.

After some 5 minutes I saw radha coming towards the store room. As I saw her I went inside and she also follow me inside. I hurriedly lock the door and hug radha very tightly. My hard cock is pressing against her pussy.She push me away and say please sir if anyone came to know all about this we both will be in trouble.

I pull her in my arms again and say ;” don’t worry radha no one will come to know about this; I become mad for you now please don’t stop me” by saying this I keep my lips on radhas lips and start kissing her; but she was still in fear not kissing me back.

I place my hand on her small boob and press it very gently and slowly remove her sari from her boobs. She is standing unmoved closing her eyes. I put her left boob in my mouth entirely with her blouse and start chewing it my other hand is caressing her ass. ” ahh mmm”small moan came from her mouth. I took it as green signal and start unbuttoning her blouse within no time I remove her blouse and she was standing topless in front of me. Radha’s eyes are still close. I laid her on floor and come over her I took her right boob entirely in my mouth and stat sucking it wildly biting it. Her hands are moving in my hairs .

Meanwhile my other hand is busy with lifting her sari up till her stomach. She has very thick bush around her pussy. Her pussy is dripping wet by her love juices. My hand is playing with her pussy. I came up and start kissing her like mad this time she also start kissing me back. I put my tongue in her mouth and start playing with her tongue. Our saliva starts mixing with each other . Now she put her hand on my hard cock she hurriedly open my pant and took my monster out. My cock is hard and hot. She start moving her hand up and down. We kissing each other like mad lovers moving all around the floor.

After we broke kiss she whisper in my ears ; “ sir please fuck me now I can’t take it more. So I came in between her legs and start moving my cock on her hairy wet pussy. She again pleaded me to insert my hot and hard rod in her love hole. I push my cock in her pussy in one shot she screamed loud in pain but I was completely in her now I lean forward and start licking her hairy underarms. The smell of her sweat making me mad.

I gradually increased my speed and same time her moaning also increased so I place my mouth on her mouth and start kissing her.

In excitement she started scratching my back .She wrap her legs around my hips and also start giving thrust from down.My hands start pressing her small boobs fucking her very hard. Suddenly her grip on me tighten so much she became stiff and an orgasm I can feel her love juices on my moving cock. Her orgasm made her pussy lubricated. I increase the speed now she became relax and start kissing me wildly. Squeezing her pussy on my cock. Her this action made me mad and I explode in her pussy.

We slept in same position for some time then again I start kissing her after small smooch she push me away and say;” sir we are in office so get up and lets go back to work.” I stand up and wear my pant. She also wear her blouse and make her sari neat. After all this she come to me and kiss me again and said “u make me full satisfy today thanks” and by saying this she went away from store room. I also came to my work place and start working calmly but my mind can’t move further from last one hour.

This is our first encounter many more things happen later on. That all experiences I will share some other time. But for now do send your experience feeling and comments


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