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Office Receptionist Fucked Hard

Hi I am Akash from pune I stay alone here in pashan. I am an hr in an mnc in hinjewadi. you can reply me so that we can have sex all the way .. you know I am like a crazy for sex guy .. I just love sex in all the different styles and fantasies . I was always a regular reader and tried to have sex but I couldn’t. I had a sexual encounter and enjoyed a bit though. The girl I am speaking about is office receptionist in my office . I am hard ad have to wait in office for more hours.

Meanwhile let me explain about her . She is an office receptionist + admin person who looks after all the admin work and also takes care of front office . We used to talk over what’s app always as because when she joined I did the induction and helped her to know about all. Days went on and she used to mess me in the office and asked me to talk . After office we always used to talk on whats app all night about all useless things.

One day she asked me ” do I have gf?” I said no . I am happy alone.

She:- don’t you like girls?

Me :- no not at all like that . I am dam straight and I just love girls.

She:- then why ?

Me:- I said I am interested in casual relation rather than getting into love and all…

She:- casual means in what sense?

Me :- leave it….

She :- plz plz plz tell me……. She started to give me her swear..

Me :- ok .. Its like having fun . Enjoying with her in all sorts .

She:- be specific….
Me :- sex with all fantasies……

She :- what!!!!!! you like sex??

Me :- yes a lot and I am happy to accept it .Don’t you ??

She :- noooo means yessss means no ..

Me:- oh common .. Tell me as a friend .. Am not going t do any thing ..

She:- if you do then ( agar kiya to??)

Me :- if I do take it casually hahaha( agar kiya to casually le lena ) with a twinkling smile in whats app

She:- ha ha ha

Me :- kyun karna hai kya ? But don’t worry I wont do to you .

She:- you cant . It requires guts.

Me :- oh common .. Don’t challenge me !!!!

She :- challenge…… Do it in office if you have guts……

Me :- ok. But you will have to co-operate.

She :- buddhu …. When I am saying its clear that I want it . Its just like I want it and I want to fulfill my fantasies ……

Me:- fantasies????

She:- yes I have a lot of them

Me :- plz tell me . Plz

She:- do you have them to ??

Me:- yes

She :- plz tell me ..

Me :- yes but on one condition .

She :- what ??

Me :- leave t you cant do it

She:- I can do any thing .. Just tell me

Me :- no leave it you cant

She:- yes I can .. Tell me you have my swear

Me :- you have to do what and how I say

She :- like what ??

Me :- I will tell you but you will have to do it

She :- ok

Then I started to slowly educe her through my talks . We actually started to have phone sex. I asked her to talk her cloths off slowly slowly in my mess.. She was doing so and finally I asked her to be nude in the bed and put a cucumber dipped in chocolate sauce in her wet pussy ….( as it exactly like penis) she did it .

Next day she was just smiling at me and 10 times at least she came to me just for casual talks and was always smiling and biting lips.

She was crazy because of that chat sex 🙂

One day all the people in my office went early as it was weekend.People in pune knows how it works

That was my day and I first approached her and sat beside her. . I had just come and in the mean time I had patted on her back and caught hold of her bra strip knowing it is bra strip I had asked her what is this thing. She ignored but I kept bugging her and she said you shouldn’t ask about it.

I kept asking her and she told it is innerwear which women wear so I kept a hand in her chudi from the back and felt it. When I kept like that she shivered and said me to remove my hand. I asked her what happened she said she felt something bad I asked what she said a strange feeling I asked her let me feel again as it is not bad .She was just getting dam sky and saying no please no some one will see and all …..

At times I even touched her thighs.. Then I came near her and kissed on her cheeks and she was moaning and also amused and didn’t react. She said you are so damn hot and crazy.. you made me crazy that day ..

She laughed and then I attacked her I kept kissing and seeing no resistance I kept a long kiss on her cheeks and then sucked her neck she was uncomfortable and scolded me. I smiled then she moved to the washroom . Before moving she said ” I am going to wash room and no one is in the office. So you please be seated here only ” with that smile and sexy expression I got the point that she want to get fucked in washroom. She went to wash room and I too went in the ladies washroom.

As there was no ladies in the office I was sure no 1 will come there .I entered in there , I came near her and she stood turning her back then I kept kissing her neck and mimicked of fucking her by putting my cock on her ass (without removing dress)

And moved to and fro as it is my first experience I cummed with the mimicking and then kept doing that for 1 min. Then she ran from cabin and I was satisfied with first experience and left her and while going I kept a short kiss on her cheek and said bye this is my first experience. I will tell you more what happened in that evening depending on the feedbacks … Its dam sexy what happened .. Reply me .. And girls in pune I am open for casual sex .. Just it should be filled with fantasies and fun … Sex sex sex …

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