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Office Team Mate Shown Me Heaven

I am Anurag 23 well build athletic with fair complexion working in an MNC in Hyderabad. This incident is all about an office team mate who had shown me haven with wonderful sex appetite.

This is a real story which happened last month, I was working with her from fast 6 months. We used to go for coffee breaks and lunch together. She always used to tell about her husband and talk to her on mobile , later I got to know that he is in onsite with a different company and comes once in three months and some times even longer. She had requested to take her as well but because of money savings he always left her in India.

Her husband came from onsite two months ago and he had been for one month and some odd days.

We became good friends and one day after her husband has been to onsite she messaged me that she want to talk to her in person the next day. We went out for lunch where she told that , she is feeling very bad that her husband scolds her a lot over the time he has come for non pregnancy.

She asked me to accompany her to an hospital to have a some checkup, later I go to know from the reports that I was a gynic checkup which says that she is fine and normal.

Later day at tea point she was very sad and I asked the reason, she told that her husband always scolds her for the inability to become mother and her re post are fine. I have took courage and asked her sex life.

She said that it was very bad he not at all very much interested in sex he just shags off and sleeps. He is always money oriented and least bother about feeling.

Days went casual , we became best friends and I even stated to flirt, days went on and started chatting late nights and even sexting went on. One day she took courage and asked for a movie on Friday second show. I took her to movie ‘welcome back’ we had a good time I have dropped her at her flat in miyapur at 12 , I was just checking messages and went crazy to see her whats app message.

It was written ‘love u my bestie for wonderful time would like to continue it till Monday morning’. I got a green signal with this. I have parked my bike in parking and went up.

She opened the door with a blush, without any hesitation I have planted a kiss on her forehead and told her that I too like her a lot. We closed the door and went on to sofa .

I was exploring all her upper body with my hands and she was feeling shy. She switched on the tv and I just planted a log smooch. She didn’t respond in the starting and later she started responding and enjoying.

I was biting her boobs softly and she was enjoying to the core. She stopped me and told lets fresh up.

I told her to bath and wear a saree which she agreed. I just took bath at the other bedroom and sat on sofa watching tv. She just came out her bedroom and I was awestruck. She was looking sexy to fuck up right away.

I didn’t wanted to spoil the foreplay so just so complemented her sexy assets and kissed over her lips.

I took her into my arms and took her on to her bed room and closed the door. I have started kissed over her forehead , cheeks and her neck. Slowly removing her saree and smelling her long black hair made me crazy. I have removed my t shirt and track pant. I was just in my boxer with my small tent inside.

She was laughing looking at boxed and small tent. She immediately fell on me and started kissing over my lips cheeks and chest. I have over turned her and kissing wildly and pressing her 34 boobs hard. I have slowed unhooked her jacket and was awe stuck to see her milky white boobs. I started licking them and taking them inside my mouth which made me and her much more wild she was pressing me harder on her boobs.

I have kissed and licked belly which was smooth and sexy and had removed her . She was only in her panty and I have pulled it off and started fingering. Love juices just were flowing and she terribly uncontrollable. I have started licking her pussy lips and tongue fucked her pussy. She just cum in my mouth and I drank all juices.

Now I told her its her turn to show up, she immediately took my tool out of my boxer and gave a awe sum blowjob. She was sucking it like a pro. I was in cloud nine with such a beauty sucking and I have cummed all in my mouth. She drank it all and stoking it hard.

I pulled her up and we started kissing wildly and went mad all over house and made her sleep over the sofa and inserted my tool in her pussy .

She was feeling pain initially with my 6 inch tool but later she was enjoying. I have just increased tv sound and started stroking hard for which she was moaning aaahhh aahhh and I have locked her lips with my lips stroked hard.

I have cummed inside her pussy and she felt so pleasure that she complemented with 6 sessions for next two days in her house.

We have tried doggy and bathed together and did 69 in the hall and many more adventures on the next day.

She thanked me and told that it was the best weekend in my life. She said to keep this adventure as a memory.

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