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Online Stranger, Sex In A Hotel Room

This is Faraz 39 male from Lahore Pakistan. I am a bi-sexual from school days and had many sex encounters with men till the time I got married. For the last 8 years or so I have had cybersex experience however was longing for a real hardcore experience.

Being married and a respectable executive working in Lahore city I had to be careful ensuring privacy. Have these conditions as prerequisite it’s indeed very hard to find a partner. The urge was getting intense with each passing month.

First let me describe myself. I am a bit over weight. Fair skinned which is very smooth and soft to touch. I’ve very little hair on my body; that too I remove using creams on a regular basis. I have a very curvy nice ass. The salient features of my body are my breasts. Yes breasts. If you see close up picture of my breasts and nipples you will mistake them for a woman’s breast. The nipples are big and can be pulled out like a female nipple. I have large areolas.

All my partners have always worshiped my breasts. I like to cross dressing. Whenever I have privacy or am traveling I take lingerie and cross dress and cybersex within the confines of my hotel room.

Coming back to the problem of finding a suitable partner in Lahore; while browsing one day I found a classified website where there was a separate section of erotic ad of gays and prostitutes etc. I made an e mail account of GMAIL and posted an ad with picture of my breast laying down my requirements for a partner. Within 24 hours of my posting the ad I started receiving responses. I was disappointed with most of them. I was looking for educated and a well cultured gentleman rather that young not so educated free lancers. Moreover most of them backed off when I insisted on communicating for a while through mail followed by a couple of cyber sessions before we actually meet.

After about a week’s time I got a mail from a gentleman called Zafar aged 49, married like me. Living in a posh locality and very educated. His primary condition was being discrete. We exchanged mails and pictures of our assets of course faceless pictures. He instantly fell in love with my body and at first could not believe that I am male after looking at my breasts and ass pictures. He loved my liking for cross dressing. About Zafar, he had a very strong body, muscular and heavy. Lot of hair on arms, legs, chest and stomach; I love hairy men. The best part was his manhood. 6 inches long and very thick with veins visible along the length; the cock head was fairly large.

We exchanged sex stories and erotic material including how he would make love to me. This went on for 2-3 weeks. I had to go to Karachi hence we decided on a time for cyber session. On the second night of my stay in Karachi we had a cybersex session both video and voice but without showing our faces.

I was really turned on by Zafar’s physic; a real strong and hairy man. His cock was beautiful; I instantly fell in love with it. Zafar was mesmerized with my body’s smoothness, especially my breasts and my lovely ass. I was dressed in sexy lingerie and did striptease for him while he was lying on his bed in nude jerking his magnificent cock. I made him go crazy and finally cum all over his stomach when I fucked myself with a rather thick cucumber. We signed off Yahoo making a promise to have a hardcore session physically soon.

I was all in for Zafar. We both liked each other; he was decent and had all the qualities I was looking for. I guess he found in me all that he was looking for. We both started waiting for a chance, an opportunity to make our dream come true.

So it happened. I had to go to Islamabad for a business trip; I mailed to Zafar if he could also make the trip to Islamabad during the same days. He agreed and we exchanged cell numbers. It was agreed that we will not use the cell numbers for calling or talking but only for sms. I was supposed to stay at pearl continental Rawalpindi. Zafar was to stay with his cousin in Islamabad.

On Monday evening I checked in to PC hotel in RWP. The program was simple but sure. At 1400 hours on Tuesday Zafar would arrive at the hotel. I will communicate the room number to him. He will knock on the door and I will great him dressed in lingerie and full make up and covered in feminine perfume.

I came back from meeting before lunch. Took my lunch in the hotel restaurant and rushed to my room at one in the afternoon. Before coming to the trip I thoroughly removed each and every hair on my body. I again shaved; took a hot bath. Dried myself properly and wore a dark red lace panty and matching bra. Over it came a see through white short nighty with thin shoulder straps. This nighty’s length was barely till where my ass cheeks ended. I admired myself in the mirror. I was looking very sexy and the bra was real good fit.

Actually it made some cleavage too. I was really happy with myself. I preceded with putting foundation on my face followed by matching blush on and lastly some eye shadow and mascara. My eyes alone were looking no less than that of a woman’s eyes. Zafar would be really happy to see me. It was 1:50 pm and I received a message on my cell from Zafar inquiring about my room number and telling me that he has reached the lobby of the hotel. I was excited; I could feel the tingling in my body. I immediately replied to the message “Honey room # 254; can’t wait for you to tear me apart”. Zafar replied “Coming up baby”.

A few minutes later there was a knock on the door. I peeped through the eye hole and there he was. Had not seen his face before; he was pretty good looking. Nice features, clean shave but dark one, very manly. I half opened the door and let him in and immediately locked the door. Zafar turned around to see me and I could see that he went dumb looking at me. He didn’t expect to see me this sexy and beautiful. We hugged and greeted each other. Zafar gave me a soft kiss on my lips.

We parted and proceeded into the room. Zafar seated himself in the chair next to the bed and I seated myself on the bed facing him with my legs crossed like a lady. We both exchanged smiles before Zafar broke the silence. “You look prettier honey than you looked in the pictures and cam”. I blushed and said “you also look more attractive and manly than what I presumed”; “So how would you like to do it?” I inquired. Zafar said “come here baby”. I went over to him and sat on his lap with each leg on one side.

Immediately we were engaged in a deep kiss, Zafar’s tongue entered my mouth and sucking on my sexy lipstick covered lips. His hands were caressing my back and cupping my ass cheeks. We kissed for well over 5 minutes. I could feel his hard tool pressing against my ass and my cock was rock hard and paining as it was tide shut in the panties. We parted and Zafar told me to lie on the bed to which I obliged.

Zafar started removing his clothes. What a gorgeous body; manly and hairy and his 6 inch thick monster standing right out. Zafar told me seductively “come baby suck on your papa”. I proceeded down from the bed like a slut got on all fours sticking my ass out and went to Zafar and held his meat in my hand. What a feeling; it was warm and throbbing. I started inserting the cock in my mouth and giving it a tongue job at the same time. Zafar moaned while moving his hands through my hair.

Now 5 inches of this magnificent manhood was gliding in and out of my mouth; saliva was flowing down my mouth and Zafar was not giving light thrusts and mouth fucking me. At times the head of his cock hit my throat gagging me and gasping for air. Zafar made me stand and we went into a passionate kiss while he started paying attention to my breasts. Pressing them over the bra and tweaking the nipples. I started moaning in please.

He removed the straps of the bra and went down to suck on the left nipple while caressing the other one. He bit my nipple I cried in pain and pleasure. Then he moved to the second nipple and this one also got the same treatment. I was simply in ecstasy.

He then started undressing me and was in no time start naked. Although I am pretty heavy yet he picked me up in his strong arms and put me down on the bed on my stomach with my ass facing the ceiling. Zafar went to the washroom and came back with bottle of lotion. He started applying the lotion on my ass hole and inserted his finger deep inside my hole. I gasped in anticipation.

Then he applied a whole lot of lotion on his cock and placed his cock on the hole and started applying pressure; the head of the cock slid in. He slowly started applying pressure and the whole length of it sank inside of me. Zafar grabbed my boobs and started to play with my nipples while kissing my shoulders. He kept his cock fully penetrated for a few minutes before starting with slow withdrawal and insertion. It was one the best fucks I was getting and enjoying every bit of it. Zafar fucked me in the position for about 4-5 minutes and slowly his thrusts became faster and more powerful.

Zafar then lay down on his back and told me to get on top. I went on top. I love this position of fucking as it gives me a lot of control. I held his shaft at my hole and slowly sat on it getting it inside to the hilt. Zafar was moaning in pleasure “Yeah baby take it all in………….its feels so nice………you have the best ass in the world………..aaah.” His erotic comments and moaning excited me even more. I was not riding his cock with full force.

By hands were resting on his strong hairy chest and his hands were cupping, squeezing and pulling my nipples. I was at the height of pleasure and excitement. I rode him for nice 10 minutes, in between we went into a deep kiss and he also sucked my breasts hard and biting on my nipples giving me intense electric shocks through my body.

Next Zafar made me go on all fours that is doggy position and got back behind me. I knew I will be getting maximum penetration in this position and that too with full force. Usually in this position the top can exert all his force. He slowly and gently entered me and glided his beautiful cock in and out for a couple of minutes before getting down to serious business. He started fucking me hard and fast; I was moaning rather almost yelling in pain and pleasure the hard fuck was bringing to me.

He also started spanking my ass cheeks real hard. What a Fuck! I was simply going crazy. I could now feel Zafar panting and breathing heavily. I could feel is cock swelling; he made two last forceful thrusts before sinking his tool as far as it could go inside my tight hole and started spurting cum inside my ass. He spurted an awful lot as there were at least 6 or 7 spurts.

We then collapsed on the bed with his dick still inside my hole. Zafar kissed me on the back and said that this was one of the best fuck he has had. His cock started going limp and he withdrew; my ass was still full of this cum. He then turned me around and held my small hardly 5 inch cock and started sucking it. After so much excitement and such a good fuck it took only 1-2 two minutes before I came all over my own belly.

We then went in to the washroom; Zafar went and stood under the shower and opened hot water. I sat on the toilet seat and cleared my ass with all his cum. Later I joined Zafar in the shower and both gave each other bath with shower gel caressing all the right parts of each other’s body.

By the time we were finished with the bath while still in the shower I got aroused again and went down on my knees and started giving him a blow job making him hard again. Hot water flowing all over us his s6 inches of meat at my disposal for sucking like a lollypop Mmmm ……………

Zafar was hornier than before he made me stand turned me around and after applying lot of lotion on his cock entered my ass and vigorously started fucking me. He fucked my for 10 minutes and while he was about to cum he withdrew and got me down on my knees and came all over my boobs and nipples. We cleaned ourselves, came out and dressed up. I ordered some sandwiches and coffee. After about 1 hour or so Zafar kissed me good bye.

I hope you guys liked my experience and how it was narrated. We that is Zafar and myself are waiting for another chance to get together.

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